A/B Testing | Turning a 24% Loss Into a 141% Increase in Conversion Rates

“Often times the hardest part of A/B testing is determining what to test in the first place.”– Robin Johnson. With this article, you won’t need to worry about what to test, you are provided with the resources which guide you through the A/B testing process. By utilizing these concepts, you can see similar increases in your leads generated, conversions, and revenue as Majestic Wine, Server Density, Taylor Gift, and other businesses, just like you.


Successful businesses all have at least one thing in common, adaptability. As the world around us changes, so do we. Peoples’ opinions and preferences change. In order to be successful, a company needs to continue to bring in more consumers, but they also need to retain the ones they already have. By A/B testing, a marketing team is able to test different variations of their website (or any aspect of their business) to discover a more optimal solution than the one they are currently utilizing. The objective of this article is to provide you, the reader, with multiple tools and resources you can utilize for optimizing you A/B testing efforts and improving your website’s conversion rates.


Having issues deciding on what your A/B test hypothesis should be? Smriti Chawla, a publisher on KissMetrics, has provided their readers with a detailed article on the process of finding a successful A/B test hypothesis and how to go about testing your hypothesis. For this article and more on analytics, marketing and testing, KissMetrics hosts a library full of resources accessible to the public.

Developing a quick, low-budget A/B test to boost your conversion ratings past that next benchmark? Within Neil Patel’s article, you are provided with 7 simple and unique A/B testing solutions which can increase your conversions by 10 % of more.

Are inefficient or poorly designed A/B tests lowering your conversion rates? See how a 24% loss turned into a 141% increase in conversion rates with this resource from MarektingExperiments.

Squeeze the last bit of profit out your dollars put towards A/B testing with these 11 low-cost solutions. In Neil Patel’s article, each unique solution is supported by an experiment or case study. Each study reports it's findings and results, affirming the success of the provided solutions.



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