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Improving Your eCommerce Checkout User Interface for Enrollment 

Enrolling and paying for classes online should be easy as 1, 2, 3

Online LearningAs eCommerce continues to grow in popularity, it has started to effect almost every area of our lives. From being able to order baby’s first pictures online to signing up for a dating website, eCommerce has become ingrained in every occasion of our lives, from the special to the mundane. One such area that has not been left out of the eCommerce craze is education. Course or enrollment eCommerce allows people to easily enroll and pay for training or classes, whether they are taught online or in person. And customers expect to be able to enroll in their courses as easily as they are able to buy a sweater, which is where the user interface (UI) comes in. The checkout user interface for enrollment needs to be informative yet simple and easy to use.

Selecting Courses 

The first step for customers in enrollment eCommerce is selecting the course or courses that they will be enrolling in. Your classes on your site need to be well organized to make it easy for customers to find the classes they are looking for. Your site also needs to have an intuitive search tool that allows customers to use a keyword or two to help them find they classes that they are interested in. If there are multiple classes for the same course, they should be arranged so that customers can easily see the differences and select which one will work best for them. Below is an example of Clarity client, New Horizons’, course schedule with all of the basic information plus enroll buttons for each class that directs customers to the next step. 

New Horizon's Course Schedule

Standard Information 

As with any eCommerce setup, you should have a simple, step by step process for customers to easily follow. Having tabs that show customers how many steps there are, and highlighting which step they are on, helps customers know ahead of time what is expected from them and how long it will take to buy their item or in this case, enroll for their class or classes. Below is an example of New Horizon’s easy to follow step by step process to enroll in one of their courses.

 NH Checkout Setup

Allowing for Different Situations 

When dealing with course or enrollment eCommerce, things aren’t always as black and white as buying a sweater. Your customers can be in different situations that you need to be able to allot for and accommodate. For example, if you are dealing with sales training workshops, a customer may be enrolling and paying for their entire sales team, not just an individual. Including special fields or adding something as simple as a comment box with instructions that tell customers what to do in specific situations will help you and your customers handle special situations and cases. New Horizon’s uses an Enrollment Comment box to allow customers to enroll multiple students or explain their specific situations.

NH Comment Box

Clarity Can Help 

For nearly a decade, Clarity has been providing our clients with innovative tools and solutions to help their businesses succeed. We help our clients keep their businesses up to date with the latest trends, such as eLearning and easy online enrollment. Our team of experts has helped clients create and improve their enrollment eCommerce sites and checkout UIs. To find out more about enrollment eCommerce or to speak with an expert about improving your checkout user interface, call or click to contact us today!