DNN vs. SharePoint

SharePoint or DNN: Which CMS is Right for Your Business? 

How do two of the most versatile management systems compare? 

Content Management SystemChoosing the Right CMS 

When establishing your eCommerce business, you need to choose a content management system (CMS) that will fit your company’s needs both now and down the road. DNN and SharePoint are both viable options to consider. DNN (formerly DotNukeNet) is, at its core, a CMS, while SharePoint was originally intended to be used as a document management system. However, some have successfully used SharePoint as a CMS by customizing and developing it to fit their CMS needs.

SharePoint CMSSharePoint

SharePoint, created by Microsoft, has been improved upon over the years and has become capable of handling numerous functions, including content management. One of the best features of SharePoint is that it integrates well with CRM or ERP systems, especially with Microsoft’s, and it is easy to use for those already familiar with the Microsoft interface. SharePoint is also great for document sharing and team collaboration. SharePoint may require more time and effort to be customized into a CMS than systems like DNN that were originally designed as content management systems. SharePoint can also be more expensive to use than DNN, but if your business is an enterprise, it could definitely be worth the investment. With the right expert developers, like our team at Clarity, SharePoint can be customized to suit your business’s CMS needs.


DNN is an open source CMS, which means that the source code is accessible to developers, allowing them to constantly improve upon and expand the system. Though some open source content management systems are free, DNN’s Evoq content solutions do require a commercial license. Unlike SharePoint, DNN is specifically meant for web based content management, making it much easier and more straightforward to develop, in some cases. DNN is both developer and non-developer friendly and can be very easy to customize with built-in modules and skins. Its user interface is viewed as simple to use and very intuitive. DNN is designed to be capable of handling websites of any size, from very small to large enterprise eCommerce sites.

DNN or SharePoint: Which Should You Choose? 

Both DNN and SharePoint are capable of being excellent content management systems. If your company already uses SharePoint, it may be a more convenient CMS option, despite potential added time for development and customization. On the other hand, DNN is a very robust, customizable CMS that is easy to use for developers and non-developers alike. Both DNN and SharePoint have excellent features that can help your business succeed. In the end, the most important item to remember when choosing a content management system is your business’s needs and goals.

Clarity Can Help 

Whether you have chosen to use DNN, SharePoint, or need some advice on other content management system options, our team at Clarity can assist you. Clarity eCommerce™ is CMS-independent; you can use it with the CMS of your choice, or it can run independently of a CMS and still seamlessly integrate with your website. Clarity is also the nation’s top DNN partner and has created hundreds of websites using DNN. Our expert developers also have extensive experience customizing SharePoint to meet unique business needs. To find out more about how Clarity can help your company, call or click for a quote today!

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