Improve Inventory Management with Dynamics GP Integration



One of the challenges of B2B eCommerce is learning how to improve inventory management with Dynamics GP integration. Inventory management is critical to B2B business success. Overstocking dead or slow-moving inventory can tie up capital and reduce cash flow better spent on fast-moving items. Letting inventory run out causes companies to lose orders and annoy clients. One of the biggest reasons that companies fail is poor inventory management. About 7 percent of companies don't track inventory, and 15 percent keep written records. Another 24 percent use a spreadsheet program. Only 33 percent use an automated inventory management system, and these are often siloed applications. [1]

Automate Inventory Management with GP Integration

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software delivers great tools for managing inventory across sales channels, outside sales staff efforts and brick-and-mortar locations. One of the biggest benefits of the software is that companies can automate inventory management with GP integration. Centralized data enables companies to automate recurring business tasks such as reordering efficiently for just-in-time restocking.

Unfortunately, some Dynamics GP users express frustration that the point-to-point integration of the software doesn't deliver better inventory control options. The system does reduce the manual time spent on ordering and planning inventory strategy. Dynamics GP also offers tools for forecasting sales and reducing overstocked and understocked items. However, a custom integration can add valuable data from CRM software, business intelligence resources and other applications to refine inventory strategies.

The Benefits of a Custom Dynamics GP eCommerce Integration

The benefits of a Dynamics GP eCommerce integration right out-of-the-box are limited. Distributors need more advanced capabilities, and B2B companies have their own needs based on the number of sales channels, warehouses and brick-and-mortar operations. However, it's easy to add technology tools in a custom integration, which can give companies greater control over warehouse management. The benefits of a custom Dynamics GP ERP integration include:

Mobile Connections

  • Companies can integrate third-party connections such as staff mobile devices. Warehouse staff can use these devices to receive step-by-step guidance, enter inventory figures using barcode scanners and validate data in real-time for the fastest updates. [2]

Better Organization

  • Companies can use a system of bins to consolidate orders in inbound and outbound processes. A unique identifier number is assigned to each bin, and the products are assigned to the number to speed picking and processing. Companies can track bins, create and track license plates on pallets and track containers.

Meet Compliance Demands

  • Compliance is a big issue in B2B eCommerce, and the demands can change in different jurisdictions. Keeping track of this information and ensuring compliance are easy within an integrated system.

Minimal Integration Complexity for New Technologies

  • Technology evolves rapidly, and it's likely that any company will need to add software and applications to remain competitive. Dynamics GP comes with pre-built connectors that simplify adding new technology. Clarity Connect is one such technology that delivers the benefits of a dedicated and real-time integration with GP. [3] The technology can reduce inventory by 10 percent to 30 percent while reducing stockouts, increasing productivity and building revenue and profits.

Greater Visibility

  • Authorized staff enjoy operational visibility across sales channels, manufacturing operations and even the operations of business associates involved in manufacturing, shipping logistics and the supply chain. It's critical to schedule production to meet product demand. Delays on the production line, however, can be very expensive. Visibility and automation enable companies to schedule precisely timed production runs for maximum labor efficiency.

Barcoding Technology Efficiencies

  • Integrated systems can disseminate data directly from barcode scanners in a company's preferred format. Workers can perform counts and spot checks more often to reduce instances of theft, miscommunications and outdated information.

Integrated Product Information

  • Having all product information in a central location makes it easier to pick products, create invoices, update inventory figures, track supplies and avoid shortages.

Managing inventory seems simple but rarely turns out that way--especially in B2B companies that handle thousands of products and big orders that are regularly going out to buyers. Other companies have the same problems managing inventory as shown by the fact that inventories increased by 1 percent in the United States between 2015 and 2016 while sales declined by 2.9 percent. [1]

Your Integration Strategy

Microsoft Dynamics GP software can provide the inventory management tools you need for a successful just-in-time inventory strategy. However, you need a modular, custom integration to take full advantage of your existing business applications and software features. Clarity has the skills to simplify your integration, reduce costs and build your system in a modular fashion to suit your needs, budget and staff's IT skill level. Our Dynamics Certified team and out-of-the-box GP integrations with both eConnect and Web Services can get you integrated fast and affordably.


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