Improve Sales & Customer Satisfaction with a NetSuite Integration



The disparity of siloed information limits company growth. B2B companies often expand in an uncontrolled way as they incorporate new software and applications into their sales platforms. As operations expand, these companies tend to run eCommerce software solutions, financial management software, customer relationship software, finance and accounting, as well as other applications. However, unconnected systems can slow down operating speeds and cause errors because of manual-entry mistakes. That's why NetSuite eCommerce integration is so important.

Integration enables automation, seamless data-sharing and customer-centric self-service features that lead to higher customer satisfaction rates. The major benefits of NetSuite integration include the following four areas of B2B business:

Improve the Customer Experience with an Integration

Manual processing generates errors, introducing “dirty data” and slows down sales and orders processing. This increases the staff time it takes to manage processes that can be done automatically and error-free with integration. One thing is clear--B2B buyers have more complex needs than B2C customers. B2B companies need to focus on their customer experiences. One company found that improving the customer experience enabled it to compete better with low-cost players by providing better customer service and ordering convenience.[1]

Integration improves the customer experience in two key ways. It prevents errors while speeding customer operations on the website, and it frees staff time to concentrate on providing better customer service. Some of the more specific features that improve the customer experience with an integration include:

Easier Expansions

  • Businesses that stand still are actually losing ground in today's competitive markets. Companies need to expand into new markets, sell their products on multiple sales channels and connect with customers through multiple online touchpoints. Integrated systems make it easy to expand, add new software, incorporate more customer self-service features and adjust to evolving market demands.

Improved Sales

  • B2B companies can improve sales with NetSuite integration. NetSuite comes with powerful sales tools such as Sales Force Automation, marketing automation, sales performance management, business partner management and customer service and support applications.

Automated Incentives

  • B2B companies can use integration to automate buying incentives for customers based on each buyer's profile and preferences. These incentives can be designed holistically with flexible commission schedules and other criteria that join together automation and sales staff efforts.

Suite of Customer Services

Integration provides a suite of customer-facing features that include:

  • Automated calculations of taxes and duties, local taxes, incentive offers and shipping costs
  • Onsite integrations with shipping carriers for real-time estimates
  • Currency conversions
  • Specialized ordering catalogs
  • Custom product displays and customer-specific product recommendations
  • Product research resources, Q&As and expanded customer service options

Customer Journey Transparency

  • Automation enables companies to provide greater transparency throughout the customer journey so that buyers always know where they stand, what they've ordered, when products will be delivered and when out-of-stock products will be replenished.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with an Integration

Centralized management speeds every business process and enables the features that B2B customers increasingly demand. Customers can find most answers to their questions using self-service applications such as Live Chat, Chatbots and connections to third-party business associates such as carriers and companies in the supply chain.

Automated triggers can be set to contact a staff member under certain circumstances to prevent customers from getting frustrated. For example, a customer entering multiple queries phrased in different ways might trigger staff assistance. Less than 1 percent of companies accurately measure customer engagement, but 97 percent of buyers are investing in omnichannel marketing. [2] Integration empowers automated measurements of sales channel performance and customer engagement levels.

Automate Increased Efficiencies and Improve Data Quality

NetSuite software offers many efficiencies for B2B companies such as providing a 360-degree customer view, automating and verifying data collection and supporting routing and tracking applications.

The benefits of NetSuite eCommerce integration for internal processes include:

  • Better staff training
  • The ability to build real-time staff, stakeholder and customer dashboards
  • Reporting efficiencies such as resolution monitoring, renewal data, status tracking and detailed analytics
  • Detailed sales-performance measurement
  • Customer satisfaction measurements
  • Real-time incorporation of data using automated data-verification processes
  • Activity management for staff such as assigning sales calls, managing leads and incorporating calendar events into daily schedules

Gather Information from Multiple Sources for Better Insights into Customers

One of the greatest benefits of NetSuite eCommerce integration is the holistic view of customers that it provides. Data is never lost, and each website visit increases the database of customer browsing and purchasing behavior. More insights into customer attitudes and buying behaviors help to target customers for marketing campaigns, product recommendations and incentives.

Targeting customers based on their specific profiles can improve Sales with NetSuite integration. Automation never misses a trick and captures even customer micro-interactions such as browsing products, reading a catalog description or quickly abandoning an area that holds no interest.

Enlisting a Team of Development Professionals

The right development team can help to increase customer satisfaction with an integration. Skilled teams with experience in B2B sales understand your concerns and work with your IT staff to incorporate your suggestions and build your platform at your preferred pace. Clarity has developed Enterprise-class B2B platforms for companies of all sizes and specializes in collaboration, training and testing. The company employs many money-saving applications that speed integration and ensure seamless customer security and satisfaction through SSL-secured payments, transactions, ordering, shipping and fulfillment services. Call for a free consultation and project estimate.



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