International eCommerce Website Case Studies and Examples

The following are three examples of Clarity's expertise in international eCommerce website development or multilingual website development:

Multilingual eCommerce Website Example - Walt Disney World

multilingual website example – walt disneyWalt Disney World Florida came to Clarity with a need for a website that would appeal to both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking local residents. Within a two month time frame, Clarity delivered a website that easily switches between Spanish and English. The entire site is fully translated.

It’s also mobile friendly, to appeal to residents not just in their own languages, but also on their own browser. We combined all of this with Disney’s winning branding for a multilingual site that can’t be beat.


International eCommerce Website Example – Orange Octopus

global e-commerce sales portal development for enterprise websiteOrange Octopus Co. needed a backend eCommerce system to integrate with its clients' online stores. Orange Octopus helps domestic companies sell their products internationally, which requires many detailed shopping cart options.

OOC approached Clarity, a leading custom eCommerce provider, who delivered a streamlined and integrated backend system that now powers Orange Octopus clients' international sales online.

Clarity programmed a custom DotNetNuke framework with ASP.Net and MSSQL R2 2008, which allowed OOC to gain all of the advantages of a customized Microsoft-based eCommerce system.


International eCommerce Website Example – LDR

international e-commerce website development examples LDR provides cutting-edge technology globally for a wide variety of spinal procedures. Their target markets speak English, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, and French.

Clarity designed a separate website for each country, fully translated. Each site also accounts for the highly-specific laws and regulations that govern the healthcare practices in each country (like the FDA regulations in the states). Visitors can quickly navigate between sites or switch translations.


International eCommerce Website Example – Tedopres

international e-commerce website development examples for b2bTedopres provides technical documentation for many industries, from aerospace to pharmaceutical. They deal with 500 multinational corporations and operate in over 50 languages. As such, they needed an extensive multi-portal and multilingual website; when they approached Clarity, they especially needed to translate between English and the Netherlands.

Clarity provided a fully translated site along with a .nl suffix on the URL, to comply with Netherlands best practices. This lends the site credibility and helps it show up in local search results.


MultiLingual eCommerce Website Example – Best-Way Rent to Own

multilingual ecommerce website development exampleClarity took a 1/2 complete, failed project and built Bestway Rent To Own a custom, multi-lingual eCommerce platform with conversion centered design and features that attract and engage website visitors.

The new site is built on WordPress CMS, which is a PHP platform. Additional technologies are used for targeted marketing, social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, Google analytics and Google maps. Technologies include JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and more.