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microsoft dyanmics with manufacturing ecommerce, integration for online store

All manufacturing companies need the ability to manage their business via business applications and systems. Many choose to do so via Microsoft Dynamics because of the power, stability, and security of those programs.

Now, being able to sell products and managing via Dynamics is not enough. The integration of these things can bring efficiency and leverage to a company like never before. The following are some areas that can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics:

Microsoft Dynamics Features for eCommerce

  • Sales: Spark your sales teams to run smarter and in sync.
  • Retail: Give customers omni-channel solutions, how, when, and where they shop.
  • Marketing: Deliver innovation through multichannel marketing automation and analytics.
  • Services: Manage client projects better than ever by ensuring your teams are on the same page.
  • Customer Service: Exceed customer expectations by equipping customer service teams with the best insights and tools.

Benefits of Manufacturing eCommerce with Dynamics

  • New orders are automatically generated and recorded in your Microsoft business applications
  • Existing accounts build historical records within CRM
  • CRM's marketing tools and tracking integration
  • Customer record accuracy across all systems

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