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Improve Your Enterprise eCommerce Sales

Clarity | Salesforce eCommerce Software IntegrationA/B testing has always been the indisputable mantra of internet marketing and eCommerce. Many enterprise B2B and B2C companies use Salesforce's cloud-based software for its suite of business development tools that provides those companies with invaluable data. Yet when it comes to melding online and offline sales and marketing data together, the process becomes lethargic and absolutely redundant.

Fortunately, Salesforce eCommerce integration allows a sales or marketing team to acquire both online and offline data in the same place without any extra work. A successful integration of your Salesforce software with your online shopping cart will automate many unproductive and time-consuming processes.


Advantages of Software for Salesforce eCommerce

  • Real time customer and purchase data availability
  • More productive employees
  • Enhanced marketing and business intelligence
  • Automated sales & marketing processes
  • Customer tracking and maximizing spend by tailoring experience
  • Operational efficiency, no more data entry!
  • Improved Online Sales Funnel

What Your Salesforce Web Commerce Integration Needs

Clarity | Salesforce softwawre ecommerce integration solution web store salesforce platform A modular solution will work with your existing enterprise processes, whether you're building an entirely new online B2B shopping cart of adding to your existing one. It goes without saying that the integration should work across the entire Salesforce platform suite, yet some "solutions" tend to work well with only a few parts of the software.

The business world is currently one where companies with the most data hold a competitive advantage. Therefore, your Salesforce Ecommerce software integration solution should be able to pull in as much data as possible. This includes account data, behavior flows, historic action behaviors, retargeting opportunities, and other qualifying information that are important metrics for your organization to measure.

This not only makes your sales team more efficient and productive, the Ecommerce integration with Salesforce also gives them the ammunition they need to refine their sales pitch and the selling process as a whole in order to bring in more sales and revenue.


Custom Salesforce eCommerce Platform

When it comes to Salesforce integration solutions for your enterprise eCommerce website, Clarity's track record of providing custom platforms for enterprise level companies is one of the industry's best. We've delivered on over 700 projects with both fortune 500 companies and startups alike.

Clarity's success can be attributed to our refusal to accept or offer "one size fits all" solutions. We have an intensive research and requirements process that ensures your product is versatile and brings the most amount of value to your organization as possible. 
To learn more, please visit our Salesforce eCommerce Integration Resource Center.