Tracking and Reporting on eCommerce Websites

Visitor Tracking for Enterprise eCommerce

eCommerce visitor tracking

With an enterprise business-to-business eCommerce website or any other type of eCommerce website for that matter, tracking your visits and conversions is essential to understanding how your business is performing online. At Clarity we can show you the most effective ways to track your performance so that you can get back to business and make necessary adjustments to increase productivity.

DNN Modules for eCommerce Website Visitor Tracking

On DotNetNuke, you can add select modules to your site to track growth and show your site visitors, repeat visitors, areas in the world where people are visiting your site, bounce rates, and much more. These free reports offered by Google Analytics will track the performance of your eCommerce website each and every day to give you up to the minute reporting based on how well your site is doing and how many visitors are converting to customers.

Reasons to Consider Adding Google Analytics and DNN Modules to Your eCommerce Website

If you find that people are leaving your site after visiting a certain page, that indicates that you need to revamp some of your content

For business-to-business eCommerce, incorporating Google Analytics into your DotNetNuke platform will help you accurately determine which areas of your site are most effective and which are least effective. If you find that people are leaving your site after visiting a certain page, that indicates that you need to revamp some of your content or make the page more user friendly so that your customers know where to go next to find what they are looking for.

How can Clarity eCommerce Help with DNN Modules for Google Analytics?

With Google Analytics on your DNN platform, you can also measure how well your marketing strategies are working and decide how best to increase productivity based on the numerous stats that you will receive once you sign up for the program.

Clarity specializes in helping businesses create professional, dynamic websites, and we also can show you how to add Google Analytics with a DNN module directly to your site. This allows you to easily access current reports and analyze your progress so that you can make your business-to-business eCommerce website better and attract more repeat visitors.

When you add new modules to the DNN platform, you may encounter some obstacles, but we can take care of the process for you so that you do not have to worry with it. You can simply gain all of the valuable information on your enterprise eCommerce website that you need to continue increasing sales while we incorporate the newest and latest technologies into your website to help you understand your business website performance.

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