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e-Commerce & Catalogs

e-Commerce & Catalogs


Clarity | eCommerce product catalogsAs web applications and internet technology become more pervasive, more and more customers are demanding the option to purchase online. As a result, many of our Clients are either working to or have already implemented an enterprise level eCommerce system to provide a seamless extension of their existing sales and fulfillment systems. Typical requirements include one or more of the following:

  • Secure integrated payment processing
  • Intelligent product categories and subcategories
  • Price-breaks, customer specific pricing
  • Immersive, intuitive presentation and navigation
  • Integrated taxes, shipping, and order status system
  • Automated account creation, and e-mail notification systems
  • Securely integrating and updating internal inventory level and price data
  • More…

Although some out of the box eCommerce systems meet a handful of these specific needs, few if any out of the box systems address all of the needs above.



Clarity designs and delivers custom eCommerce product catalogsAs web Clarity Ventures addresses the needs shown above through our eCommerce System (ECS). Due to the ever increasing demand for immersive, robust, and easily modifiable eCommerce systems our development team has constantly updated our proven ECS system with the latest technology. The result is a custom, enterprise eCommerce solution at a fraction of the cost. This cost reduction applies both on the front end with an effective initial implementation, as well as on the back-end with our proven data and client management solutions.

In addition to meeting the needs shown above in the “Problem” section, Clarity ECS also offers the following:
  • Immersive AJAX based product configurator
  • Advanced presentation layer with unlimited product images and detailed zoom
  • English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Danish, Greek, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, and Dutch language packs and currency conversion tools
  • Intuitive functionality: e-mail to a friend, request for quote, print to PDF, etc.
  • Product reviews, related items, popular items, wish lists, etc.
  • Bulk data import and export
  • More…
In addition to our ECS’s capabilities, Clarity Ventures delivers decades of experience in consulting with small, medium, and large enterprises alike. With our depth of experience and vast resources, Clarity Ventures offers a complete solution. Doesn’t it make sense to back your business with an enterprise level solution to meet your customer’s needs at a fraction of the cost?

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