Discover Web Solutions With ASP.NET, C#, DotNet programming, web developmentASP.NET (sometimes called DotNet programming) is Clarity’s development code of choice, providing for an array of options while ensuring that development will be as quick and cost-efficient as possible for our clients. And when it comes to ASP.Net, Clarity has a team of experts with over 300 years of combined .Net programming experience. From eCommerce websites to custom web applications, ASP.NET can serve as the quickest path to your website and integration solutions.

Form Meets Functionality With ASP.NET

Why do we prefer ASP.NET? Because the language is the perfect combination of form and functionality, combining the beauty of front-end design with the power of back-end function. It will not just build a beautiful website; it will also integrate seamlessly with a multitude of other platforms, so that you can always maximize the capabilities of your website. This powerful coding language bridges the gap between design and functionality, all while keeping development time – and therefore costs – as low as possible.
As a Microsoft Partner, we can also help you discover the specific results your company needs from your ASP.NET developer. The resources below will help you understand the various ways in which DotNet programming can help your company.


ASP.NET Can Take Your Website to the Next Level.


ASP.NET Web Application Development

One of the reasons Clarity prefers to code in ASP.NET is its easy integration with other web applications, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our development team can listen to your needs and work to build a custom ASP.NET web application that will be perfectly suited for your goals. We are adept at building even the most advanced custom applications, like multi-lingual/multi-currency support, real-time order tracking, and automatic shipping label generation.


ASP.NET for eCommerce

As eCommerce sites grow more popular, the execution of the websites must be smoother and more finely-tuned than ever. This can often lead to worry by cost-sensitive businesses. Because of its high performance ability and its speedy, cost-effective development, Clarity chooses ASP.NET for programming. From traditional to B2B eCommerce, we can help you arrive at the solutions you seek while keeping development productive and costs manageable.


ASP.NET for Membership Portals

If you’re a nonprofit or another membership organization, then you understand the need for well-developed membership portals. We use ASP.NET to design and customize high-performing membership portals, allowing for features such as communication between members, calendars and events scheduling, custom sections for different membership levels, and more. See a sample of Clarity's non-profit clients.


ASP.NET Design and Development

Clarity often uses the versatile, powerful ASP.NET coding language to address our clients’ needs. By implementing the Microsoft .Net functionality, we can help you implement a wide array of web development solutions. Some of the benefits of ASP.NET development include: a speedy development process, reliability, security, and easy application development. This translates to you, the customer, via cost effectiveness, security, and user-friendly functions. Sites that our clients are getting 3-year development estimates on are taking Clarity typically 9-15 months.


ASP.NET Consulting

If you’re not sure where to begin, rest assured that Clarity Ventures is a Microsoft Partner. This means our staff has extensive experience with ASP.NET and a wide range of Microsoft products (Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP), and we know how to pinpoint and build the functionality that your website requires. A Clarity ASP.NET consultant can engage you in an ongoing conversation about where your business is going, what it needs, and what we can do to help you maximize the impact of your website.