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If you're looking for a payments hub that is clear and easy to use, look no further than Clarity Payment Hub. Let's take a look at all the tools an online hub can provide.

A payments platform connects to financial institutions to improve cash flow

Process Payments Better with ERP Integration

Because many payment processing providers don't connect to ERPs, companies must batch-capture credit card payments on the day items ship rather than when clients place their orders.

Payment portals, which can be both a merchant portal and buying portal, can process wholesale rates and qualify for Level III PCI data, but companies need to process transactions from other sources too (e.g., POS, events, donations, online bill pay, etc.).

That's why we built Clarity Payment Hub™. The payments hub can integrate with any ERP and payment source and can capture funds from any orders, bills, or invoices that need processing.

Key Takeaways
  • A payments hub is a centralized payment platform or system that consolidates and manages various payment channels and methods for businesses. It serves as a hub or focal point for processing and controlling payments from different sources, such as online channels, point-of-sale (POS) systems, mobile devices, and other payment interfaces.
  • Payment hubs facilitate the integration and management of multiple payment service providers and different channels (PSPs) for incoming and outgoing payments, and support various payment types, currencies, and transaction methods.
  • By providing a unified view of payment transactions, payment hubs enable businesses to streamline their payment operations, reduce complexity, and enhance financial control.
  • A payments hub helps businesses optimize payment processing for all types of payment (including international payments), improve efficiency, and gain better visibility into their overall payment performance. A centralized hub also allows for easier integration with new payment technologies and the flexibility to adapt to changing customer preferences and market trends.

Product Features

Payment data accompanies outgoing payments
Improve the payment rails to a financial institution
A clearing house can be part of an ACH network
Financial institutions are a vita part of a payment rails
The finance team will work with a financial institution
Financial institutions can work as a clearing house

Product Features


Immediate Payments – Prefer to pay with a card right away? Customers can register for expressPay services and quicken cash flow and improve overall cash management with real-time payments.

Track Orders – Customers can track an order's progress via payment hubs with automatic updates to your ERP.

Secure Wallet – Clarity's payment hub solution provides a PCI-compliant wallet for secure credit card registration.


Pay Invoices – Invoices are pulled from the ERP and posted in the customer portal so clients can easily find, view, and pay invoices online.

Autopay – Have reoccurring payments or bills? Customers can register for autopay to make things easier.

Notifications – The payment hub can send customers notifications if they have an invoice ready for payment, so they never miss a bill.

Capture Funds

Batch Capture Anytime – Our payment hub can batch-capture credit card payments on any schedule. Batch jobs can be automatically pulled from your ERP or triggered in real time.

Regular Processing – You can set up a regular schedule for batch-capturing funds to ensure all orders are processed in a timely and efficient manner, which improves customer satisfaction.

Reduce Errors – This is especially useful if your business receives a large volume of credit card orders, as it reduces the risk of missing or delayed orders.


On-Premises or Cloud – Clarity Payment Hub can be hosted on the internet or behind a firewall, depending on security features and whether your ERP is on-premises or cloud-based.

Hundreds of Connectors – Clarity Connect™ and Clarity eCommerce Framework™ modules are at the core of the Payment Hub solution. This allows us to “borrow” any of the connectors from the hundreds of applications from financial institutions that we’ve integrated.

Integrate Any System – You can add connections to a POS system, an inventory or warehouse management system, and so much more to meet your business requirements.

Tokenize Card Details – The portal provides a PCI DSS-compliant interface or digital wallet for your customers to store their credit card details as a token for autopay, allowing you to batch-process their orders.

Virtual Terminal Gateway

Manual Processing – Clarity's payment hub has an admin virtual terminal to allow your customer service reps to manually process payments, empowering them to be more hands-on with the payment workflow and closely monitor individual customer accounts.

Focus on What Matters – With our B2B payment gateway, employees can direct their efforts efficiently rather than being overwhelmed with other responsibilities while handling day-to-day operations in the organization.


virtual terminal dashboard for a payment hub market


Finteq Payment Hub for better payment acceptance.

Error Handling

A payment hub can improve cash management

Secure Transactions

payment hub security from payment hub vendors like Finteq Payments Hub

Secure Transactions

PCI DSS Compliance

Tokens – Clarity's payment hub wallet is PCI compliant. When customers save their credit card information, the payments hub speaks to the PCI provider and gets a token to store for that card.

Auto-Process – This way, your company isn't storing credit card data during or after the payment process. Instead, you have the token, which allows you to automatically batch process orders on your customer's card when you ship their order.

ExpressPay Registration

Register Cards – Signing up for expressPay allows your customers to register their credit cards, which store the token so you can batch real-time payments for them as soon as their order ships.

Manual vs Automatic – Without registration, you won't have their card or token on file and will have to manually call them to process any credit card payments.

Data Accuracy

Up-to-Date Info – Since your customers will register for expressPay and have access to their invoices, they will be able to keep their contact information accurate on their profile, lowering typos and payments data issues when they deposit data within your ERP. It also lets you quickly view sales volume so that you can make better buying decisions.

Improve Your Payment Process with Clarity

Clarity is here to help you make the most of your ERP with the most advanced payment systems around to help streamline payments and avoid payment fraud. We can help you integrate payment platforms into your existing workflows and get you complete visibility of every sale.

We offer a no-pressure, complimentary discovery process that sets us apart from other payment hub vendors. Get in touch today with your questions and we'll help you create a plan for the way you accept payments.

Powerful Integrations Into Your Business

All our integration solutions can be customized to work alongside back-office infrastructure. Click the options below to explore all the benefits.

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Switching to a wholesale payment hub can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every month. Clarity Payment Hub™ has the ability to integrate disparate systems with any ERP, CRM, or EMR, which all have different integration requirements. This means that the time required to install, configure, and potentially customize your integration will vary.

To schedule a demo or get an accurate estimate of cost savings with payment hub providers costs—and how much it can potentially save your company each month—please click "Ask A Question" to the right and fill out the appropriate (short) form. We'll help you find the best solution on the payment systems market and how you can implement continuous improvement for payment processing.


Our payment hub ensures that customer information is protected with encryption and PCI compliance, the highest standard for security and data protection for local payments, global payments, and corporate payments from one financial institution to the next.

PCI DSS compliance is a merchant account requirement that companies cannot store credit card numbers. To process credit card payments, companies integrate with a PCI provider, which verifies the card entered and hands a token back to the store, which refers to a specific card for all future purchases. This acts as another way to reduce payment fraud.

In order for the payment hubs to automatically batch-process orders for individual or corporate payments, the tokens for the cards linked to those orders need to be on file during payment initiation.


Clarity Payment Hub™ can be an on-premises or cloud-based modular payment solution, whatever works best for your business. With either option, you get all the functionality and opportunity of fully integrated payment systems for your business and facilitate real-time payments (near-instant payments). Depending on the size of your business, it could take just one API to connect to bank accounts and other institutions.


Clarity Ventures has been in the eCommerce and integration business for nearly 20 years, delivering over 1,300 sites and 3,000 integrations with eCommerce, CRM, and EMR solutions. Clarity provides a unique opportunity with all connection and transaction capabilities to any website, CRM, or ERP, for near-instant payments to improve payment rails.


The first benefit of an enterprise payment hub is that it provides a centralized platform for managing multiple payment channels with financial institutions, enabling businesses improve cash management and reduce complexity. It also allows for the consolidation of various payment types, currencies, and payment service providers (PSPs), simplifying the integration and management processes. It's also an excellent way to help prevent payment fraud.

Offerings on the payment hub market offer a unified view of all payment transactions, facilitating better visibility and control over financial data. This helps businesses deposit data to improve reconciliation processes, make payment processing more efficient, track real-time payments, receive instant payments, and gain insights into their overall payment performance with financial institutions.


A payment gateway is a technology that acts as a bridge between an online merchant and the financial institutions involved in processing transactions. Payment solutions help businesses securely transmit transaction data—such as instant payments—from the merchant's website or application to acquiring bank accounts, payment processors, or other institutions.

A payment platform ensures the encryption of sensitive data, verify transaction details, and facilitate the authorization and settlement processes. It enables businesses to accept various payment types, such as credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets, and other payment types, all while helping streamline the payment rail. This can be done for local, regional, and global payments while working with multiple banking institutions.

On the other hand, payment systems are centralized platforms or systems that consolidate multiple payment channels and provide a unified view and management of various payment types. It serves as a hub for processing and managing payments from different sources, such as online channels, point-of-sale (POS) systems, mobile devices, and other payment interfaces.

A payments hub allows businesses to handle diverse payment methods, currencies, and payment service providers (PSPs) through a single interface. It often includes features like transaction routing, reconciliation, reporting, and fraud management.

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Take Control of Your Payments

The Clarity Payment Hub can integrate with any ERP, CRM, eCommerce platform, and/or treasury management systems so that you can make the most of your payment process.

International payments need a solid payment workflow