Clarity Connect™
Extensible Integration Platform

Whether you're using API, EDI, or web services, Clarity Connect™ integrates all your ERP, CRM, EMR-EHR, shipping, payment and inventory applications. Cloud-based or on-premises, batched or real-time, we get you connected!

Benefits of True Integration

Does it really have to take a year and over $50,000 for a custom integration? Not with Clarity. Not only are our integrations more affordable, but we can get them up and running faster than most developers out there. We can also do it without sacrificing security.

Clarity integration boosts revenue. How? With automation and business process optimization, we shorten the time required for automated drop-shipping, fulfillment, data validation, perpetual inventory updates, orders, invoice processing, and more. This drastically improves the efficiency of your business and the satisfaction of your customers. What we provide is proven to increase sales.

Product Features


Product Features

  • Extensible Connectors

    Our eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce Framework™, is natively integrated with our Connect™ platform, allowing us to easily perform any CRM, ERP, or EMR integrations. This allows us to improve and automate many of your business processes and workflows.

  • Data Optimization

    Using both master data management and back-office application integrations, our platform allows both your staff and customers to enter and control their own data. This eliminates duplicate data and typos, and ensures that your customers can keep their personal contact information up to date.

  • Real Time and Batch

    Our integration platform allows both scheduled and real-time jobs, improving customer experience. As a user logs in, we can check the ERP in real-time to see the type of customer they are, what prices they should be paying, and whether their account is on hold.

  • Queuing

    Our integration platform has its own queuing mechanism which ensures that data is protected during transfer between applications. If any application is offline - or communication is interrupted - data is queued and retried instead of being lost. No one wants to lose a $10,000 deal because of a server reboot.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Our modular architecture allows you to pay only for the modules and solutions needed. We offer one-time (CAPEX) and SaaS-based (OPEX) payment options. We have also partnered with a technology finance company for those looking for financing solutions.

  • Monitoring

    For all SaaS-based customers hosting with Clarity, we set up 24/7 website monitoring to immediately alert us if anything goes wrong with your site. Automated alerts are also set up for integration issues.


Clarity Connect™ comes with an Administrative UI that provides access to the processing queues, logs, summary dashboard, server status, and error-handling screens. This allows you to see how and when your data is transferring between your integrated applications.


dashboard image


logging image

Error Handling

error handling image


Clarity Connect™ is designed by developers, for developers. Written in C# using Visual Studio, you can easily load the connectors into your Repo to customize and extend the functionality of each integration.

visual studio image


Clarity Connect™ is designed by developers, for developers. Written in C# using Visual Studio, you can easily load the connectors into your Repo to customize and extend the functionality of each integration.


Each connector is well laid out, allowing you to customize and adjust your data sets collected and forwarded.


No matter the format (e.g., database, API, HL7, etc.) or protocol (e.g., REST, SOAP, JSON, etc.), Clarity Connect™ has a connector that can integrate your endpoints.


The dashboard provides an error-handling interface to help diagnose and address issues.

Powerful Integrations Into Your Business

All our integration solutions can be customized to work alongside back-office infrastructure. Click the options below to explore all the benefits.

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Popular Questions & Answers

  • What is an EDI or XML integration?

    XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. Each integration that uses XML utilizes a Document Type Definition (DTD) to map the inconsistent field names between applications.

    Basically, it’s a way for non-integrated companies to send files back and forth in an automated way between the two entities (e.g., in connection with the vendors in your supply chain). In 1999, Ariba defined a standard set of field names that could drastically reduce integration costs if put into wide use.

    This is called cXML or Commerce XML. Its purpose is to help different entities within a supply chain and share standardized documents to improve communication.

  • How are the integrations priced?

    Currently we have two models: A Capital Expense model (CAPEX) and an Operating Expense (OPEX) model. The Capital Expense model is where you pay for the software platform (including any connectors) against your capital expenses. You'd also pay for time and materials if any customization work, installations, or QA testing are needed. In this model, you’d be getting the entire package we have to offer.

    With the Operating Expense model, you have the option of financing individual connectors. Your integration might only require two or three things, and you can have those for say, $200 or $300 a month forever. In this case, the only additional cost would be for our integration platform. We’ll still do customizations and integrations, but instead of paying a capital expenditure expense, you’ll just pay a monthly fee.

  • What is an EMR or EHR integration?

    Integrating Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems with a HIPAA complaint website opens up many possibilities. With a patient portal, patients can schedule their own appointments, view lab results and medical records, get prescription information, request medication refills, ask their doctor questions, and pay their bills online.

    This integration allows for better patient care, cost savings, increased efficiency, better coordination between medical service providers, and greater patient participation in their own care. If you’ve come here to learn about EHR and EMR integration, you’re on the right track to fundamentally changing your business—and even the lives of your customers—for the better.

  • Where is Clarity Connect™ installed?

    Clarity Connect™ is built to make data available in ways that improve and automate business processes. Connect™ handles all the connections between Clarity eCommerce Framework™, your applications, websites, vendors, and more.

    Clarity Connect™ is an agnostic middleware layer that seamlessly and securely connects your business systems. You can create events or set up automated workflows from any data point in any endpoint. This means Connect™ is infinitely scalable, so you can revolutionize your business with endless workflow possibilities.

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