Clarity Connect™ Integration Platform

Connecting Apps, ERPs, CRMs, EHRs, EDI, Databases...

Clarity Connect was conceived with the knowledge that the value of integration lies in the power to access data at the right points, making it available in ways that can improve and automate business processes. The platform handles all the communication and connectivity between Clarity eCommerce, your applications, websites, vendors and more.

Connect is an agnostic middleware layer capable of speaking the many different languages and protocols required to seamlessly and securely connect your business systems. The ability to create events or trigger actions from any data point in any end point makes it an almost infinitely scalable and powerful platform that can revolutionize your business with endless workflow possibilities.

Put your data to work.


Connecting your eCommerce platform to your other business systems,
like ERP or CRM, is all about making your business run more smoothly.

Save time by automating processes

Reduce unnecessary human error

Empower your customers to serve themselves

Improve the digital experience

Persistant queuing



Pricing for any scenario