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A Built for Performance .Net eCommerce Platform

At Clarity, we deliver high-quality solutions in a timely fashion. Please connect to discover how we deliver a custom-tailored eCommerce platform that's designed specifically for your business goals.


Never settle for an out-of-the-box solution again. Clarity eCommerce™ is a high performance, scalable platform built for integration and customization with your company’s unique needs. After years of developing websites for large and small eCommerce sites alike, we saw a need for an eCommerce platform without limitations. Components of our robust solution include built-in platform independence, complete administrative tools, native SEO tools and architecture, business intelligence and analytics capabalities, and back-end integration of global shipping and tax options. Clarity eCommerce™ can also be integrated directly with your ERP and CRM systems for maximum automation and data continuity. Flexible and extensible .NET framework allows the platform to grow with you and your customers. With Clarity as a partner, your B2B or B2C enterprise can take full advantage of the power of integrated eCommerce.



Our clients have diverse needs but one thing in common: accessible  B2B eCommerce Solutions that drive results. Our proven workflow engine brings users to your eCommerce website via savvy marketing tools and ensures a seamless customer experience, from navigating your product catalog to purchase to shipment. By delivering viable long-term solutions specifically tailored to their pain points, our clients have experienced rapid improvement in their perceived online credibility, internal business processes, and overall, a more favorable bottom line.



Developer & Partner Friendly

Clarity eCommerce’s™ provides deep functionality in an extensible manner. Due to the architectural choices the enterprise eCommerce framework delivers on the ability to implement robust functionality without requiring a .Net, PHP or Java specific platform for the user interface layer. In addition by bringing a highly customizable templating engine to bear the eCommerce solution is a full solution with the ability to adapt to any CMS system, and any workflow or specific business workflow requirement required.

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Shipping Support

For Brick Packaging, shipping makes or breaks their business. So when they needed to integrate a variety of shipping options including UPS, FedEx, DayTon Freight, ABF, YRC, R&L, Conway, and Super Regional, they chose Clarity eCommerce™ with Clarity Connect™ because it is built to handle this integral part of their business. However much your business depends on shipping, you can rest assured knowing Clarity eCommerce™ is the platform of choice for the businesses that depend on it the most.

Helpful Demo Videos, Resources and Case Studies as you get to know Clarity eCommerce™

We’ve carefully constructed our platform with growth in mind. Built on a flexible foundation with the most agile frameworks, Clarity eCommerce is made to last as long as your business and grow with it. See below for demos showcasing specific capabilities of the platform, resources and detailed case studies and reference materials.

eCommerce Demo Videos

It’s time to stop wasting your resources on the “one size fits all” approach and invest in a platform that will support your current and future business needs properly. The Clarity eCommerce platform takes you where the other stores can’t go. It allows full customization of integrations, reporting, styling, tracking, inventory...the list goes on.


Clarity eCommerce™ Product Catalog

This short video will walk you through the Clarity eCommerce product catalog. This video will show you how Clarity eCommerce displays your products using categories, attributes, filters, etc. It will show you multiple viewing options, pagination, the product comparison engine and more. If you'd like to see a live demo, please schedule a demo.


Clarity eCommerce™ Product Details

This short video will walk you through the Clarity eCommerce product details page. This video will show you how Clarity eCommerce displays your product, including image galleries, image zooming, videos, brochures, product specifications and attributes, as well as associated product lists (Related Products, etc.), adding items to the cart, wishlist or shopping list. It also shows you how you can optimize each individual product page for the search engines (SEO) to help drive site traffic. If you'd like to see a live demo, please schedule a demo.


Clarity eCommerce™ Store Locator

This short video will walk you through the Clarity eCommerce Store Locator. This video will show you a few of the store locator possibilities. Store locators can have many different looks and capabilities, including live integration with Google maps, setting a default store to your account, using mileage ranges to search by zip code, purchasing online and having it shipped to a store for pickup and much more. If you'd like to see a live demo, please schedule a demo.


Clarity eCommerce™ Multi-cart Options

This short video will walk you through the Clarity eCommerce multi-cart options, from shopping, mini, micro and sample carts. Customization of a cart for different customer types is also possible. Additional B2B and B2C functionality is added to the cart and can be customized per customer or partner type. If you'd like to see a live demo, please schedule a demo.


Clarity eCommerce™ My Account

This short video will walk you through the Clarity eCommerce user dashboard, or My Account. It covers reviewing sales orders, a PCI DSS wallet, shipping & billing address book, wish lists, shopping lists, invoices, re-ordering and custom in-stock alerts for products you've asked to be notified that were out of stock. If you'd like to see a live demo, please schedule a demo.


Clarity eCommerce™ Sales Orders

This short video will walk you through order management. Search, find and manage all orders, which provide custom B2B re-ordering. Quick order form, custom bulk order importing, punchout card, shopping lists and much more are provided to ensure your users can quickly and easily manage their orders, and re-order quickly and efficiently. If you'd like to see a live demo, please schedule a demo.


Clarity eCommerce™ Admin Overview

This short video will walk you through the Clarity eCommerce administrative interface. Since each client only purchases the modules that they need, the client used for these screenshots is pretty unique, but was chosen due to the many modules they needed (both eCommerce modules, as well as custom ERP, CRM, fulfillment, CSR modules). Nearly every quarter, each release has some new administrative feature or capability, so if you want to make sure you've seen everything, please schedule a demo.

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Clarity eCommerce™ Options to Manage Attributes

Roughly 80% of our clients B2B eCommerce Solutions are the same. The other 20% is custom development we do to build out automation, features and capabilities for each client's unique business needs. This video shows you a few different ways that we've built unique capabilities to manage attributes. Our latest B2B eCommerce Development version allows you to create and manage unlimited attributes, both value type and HTML type. This means that you can add custom videos, documents, values, descriptions, or whatever you want to and assign them as attributes to any product.

Learn more about managing attributes


Clarity eCommerce™ Digital Product Download

Some of our clients sell digital products. These products may allow a user to download a digital version of that product as soon as they purchase. This video shows a quick demo of what a digital downloadable product would look like. You can also add that product to the user's dashboard for X days, so if they purchase maintenance, then they can log in and re-download that product for 90 days, as an example. Clarity also specializes in large downloads, such as DVD downloads, and more.

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Clarity eCommerce™ MS Dynamics GP™ Integration

Clarity is Microsoft Dynamics stack certified. We got this because we do so many Dynamics GP, AX and CRM integrations. This video walks through an implementation where we built a bi-directional, full integration with Dynamics GP. Through the end-to-end checkout process, there are roughly 6 different times the platform, in real-time, connects and interfaces with GP. Each of these "events" can be customized. The most common uses of this would be for pulling pricing tables at login, getting product stock quantities, client account status, pushing sales orders and much more. To see it in action, please schedule a demo.

More information on Microsoft Dynamics GP™


Clarity eCommerce™ Integrating Your ERP, CRM, & Website

This video is a technical overview by one of our co-founders. The videos talks about both the business reasons / values from integrating your back-office ERP or CRM with your website, eCommerce site or mobile application, as well as the technology behind the integration. Clarity Connect is the "middleware" platform that we've built and use to integration hundreds of applications in any scenario (i.e. api, web service, database, XML, EDI, HIPAA, and much more).

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Resources, Documentation and Help Guides

How does your B2B eCommerce platform promote business? The same way a website can, through SEO, CRO, real-time intelligent marketing and more. Clarity, building SEO functionality into our eCommerce platform, adds SEO friendly URLs and page titles, and much more all providing rich SEO content to be found by the search engines.

Clarity eCommerce™ Overview

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Clarity eCommerce™ Manufacturers & Distributors

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Clarity eCommerce™ Storefront UI Samples

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Clarity eCommerce™ Build Tech Sheet

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Case Studies and References

Why pay for an online store full of features that you don’t need? With Clarity eCommerce you start with standard store elements and add features and customizations as your business sees fit. Our modular architecture and APIs for both Clarity eCommerce™ and Clarity Connect™ allows the platform to grow and enhance your e commerce business, instead of blocking it.


Case Study: The Newton Group

The Newton Group is one of the industry’s largest purchasing alliances, leveraging the buying power of over 2,500 eye care professionals with over 200 ophthalmic suppliers, shipping tens of thousands of contact lenses and glasses daily to members nationwide and providing a full range of services and tools to help their partners’ practices thrive. Historically, Newton’s business was that of many phone and email orders each week, as well as a sales portal, which worked pretty well for a number of years. Then with success came volume, translating to thousands of orders each week. Newton needed a way to streamline their ordering process and design a better ordering portal. That’s where Newton partnered with Clarity Ventures to build a custom eCommerce portal that could improve their online ordering process and provide the necessary reports to serve their clients. The ordering portal supplies custom orders for more than 1Million SKUs and processes more than $200Million in orders each year.