Clarity eCommerce: My Account & User Dashboard

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Clarity eCommerce My Account & User Dashboard

When your customer logs into the Clarity eCommerce platform, they are provided with a comprehensive and fully customizable dashboard, including quick views of recent orders, invoices, quotes, and sample requests. Each user has their address book to save shipping and billing addresses, which can be integrated with a corporate address book via back-office ERP or CRM integration. The user wallet allows your customers to enter and store their credit cards securely. Since our platform adheres to PCI DSS compliance, card numbers aren't stored in the database. Tokenized by the PCI provider, users can view orders, invoices, and quotes independently, either searching or sorting by status arranged. Typically our clients have us integrate to their back-office ERP or CRM for processing, but we often add printing or exporting if you need to import them into your systems like QuickBooks. Lists are great ways for users to remember things they want or need to reorder. The wish list is consumable, so it is automatically removed from the list as an item from it is purchased. In contrast, shopping lists can be reused repeatedly for commonly reordered things like paper and toner. If an item is out of stock, the user can mark it proactively when it's back in stock and can be ordered by you.