Sell to international & multilingual markets

With the rise of the information age, the world has become an open market. No longer are consumers forced to buy products locally, or even nationally. Consumers are demanding more than ever before, and expect your business to be in their native language, with checkout options in their local currency. Every year companies lose money and opportunities because they have not optimized their business for the global marketplace. If your business hasn't gone global, now is the time.


Clarity eCommerce™ translates your web content into various languages, making it easily read and trusted by potential customers across the globe. Multilingual eCommerce extends sales possibilities to customers worldwide, which helps grow your global reputation.




Along with multilingual features, Clarity also gives you the ability to conduct multi-currency eCommerce. International users feel safer when shopping in their own currency, as they know exactly how much they are spending up front, which reduces shopping cart abandonment.

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International shipping involves performing currency conversions, integrating insurance costs, tracking shipments, assessing and forwarding taxes and customs, and comparing various courier options to find the best shipping value. Clarity allows your business to integrate a variety of shipping options including UPS, FedEx, DayTon, Freight, ABD. YRC, R&L, Conway, and Super Regional.




Customs / Duties / Taxes

It is extremely important for companies to know the customs and regulations for each country it serves. Clarity equips businesses with eCommerce integration that helps you quickly navigate shipping and customs information, ship items in the quickest way possible, and establish an effective reporting system. Clarity's built in tax support with real time tax calculations allow for quick customer checkout.

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