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Automate recurring payments with Clarity eCommerce™, which allows custom billing plans that can occur at any interval including daily, weekly or monthly, every X days, weeks, months or times per month. Billing can occur a certain number of times and then cease. With the proper integration, the system can even send notifications to the customer to remind them of an upcoming bill or that the credit card they have on file will expire soon.

Integrated Shipping

Integrate to any and all major shipping carriers to automatically produce shipping labels and tracking numbers that are automatically sent to you and the customer. Available shipping integrations include:

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Intermodal shipping calculation is also possible through Clarity eCommerce.

Member Pricing and Discounts

Clarity eCommerce has very advanced capabilities when it comes to member specific pricing and discounts, which are especially helpful to B2B businesses. Clarity enables you to set discounts on categories, sub-categories and products, set bulk pricing and more. Role based pricing logic makes it so you can apply pricing to groups of customers or based on their roles. Even create shipping or fee discounts per customer. If you can dream up a discount or special pricing scenario, Clarity eCommerce can make it work.

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Tax Support

Integration to your accounting software enables you to calculate taxes accurately regardless of where the customer resides.

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