eCommerce tailored to fit the exact needs of your business.

Your Clarity eCommerce implementation includes the code your developers need to make customizations, updates and changes as they wish. This gives you the freedom most platforms cannot offer, and ensures that your eCommerce technology can evolve alongside your business.

Clarity eCommerces code is built on an ASP.NET framework, and access to the C# code plus access to Visual Studio Solution allows your developers to modify the source code to keep up with changes in your business, updated industry standards and evolving best practices.


Clarity eCommerce™ is a modular platform designed to be customized to fit the unique needs of each of our clients. This means that you can choose (and pay for) the features you need, while maintaining the ability to add others down the road.

When most people hear the word, "custom" they immediately assume that translates to expensive. Not with Clarity's modular platform. Like a set of Legos® or an erector set, you can literally build anything you want, selecting only the pieces you need. That's what Clarity's platform does. Whether a single store, multi-store or a global marketplace, the platform allows us to select only the modules you need.

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Robust Customization Capabilities

Clarity eCommerce™ enables robust template and customization capabilities. This allows administrators, developers, and partners to rapidly and intuitively turn significant variations in functionality and design on or off across the entire site or portions of the site based on intelligent logic such as categorical, product or customer specific roles.

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Don't let your eCommerce platform be the weak link

Clarity utilizes APIs to extend the functionality of our eCommerce sites and deliver a great digital experience to the customer. Integration and customization are the two most important elements to look for in an eCommerce platform, especially for B2B implementations.