Multi-lingual e-Commerce Solutions


Reaching & Attracting International Customers

Multilingual Websites are attracting the attention of a large number of businesses and consumers today as the internet continues to develop as a global marketplace. For this reason, we at Clarity offer multilingual, custom-developed eCommerce solutions that help meet the interests of your customers from all over the world.

With the help of our multi-currency integrate eCommerce solution, you can create an online store that caters to worldwide target customers with international taxes, shipping and currency calculations. The internet offers the opportunity to reach out to an exponentially larger audience, and making your website multilingual is the crucial first step in broadening your reach.

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Multilingual eCommerce Online Stores

"We use the latest techniques to produce the multilingual software that promotes global commerce."

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Unblock Global Sales

With a multilingual integrate online store, you will be able to translate the content on your website into multiple languages. What this means for your business is that rather than restricting the sales of your company to the local markets, you can have access to customers speaking different languages across the world. This will open doors to an exciting world of opportunities and provides global internet users the chance to learn more about your products and purchase them from your site. If you're looking to develop an international eCommerce solution, building a multi language website is the best place to start.

Accelerate eCommerce Transactions

When you compare online stores to brick and mortar, online eCommerce sites not only reach more potential clients faster, but have the added value to provide customer reviews and ratings in real-time, helping the customer to make an informed decision faster. Being a multilingual site that can display the local currency for each country helps alleviate worry of risk since the feeling is that you understand and do business "in" their country, improving the percentages of deals that close.


Multilingual Solutions for eCommerce Help Your Business Grow

"It is vital to use multilingual solutions to meet the needs of your potential customers."

Global "Local" Commerce

Multilingual eCommerce solutions, as well as a multi-currency eCommerce integration, helps your business develop and expand by providing people from different countries the ability to read more about your products and order them from your specialized store. Without this functionality, your website would be restricted to the local market and your business can incur some potentially extreme opportunity costs. Recently, we worked to develop a custom, multilingual website for one of our top clients, Walt Disney World Florida, to help them reach an extended demographic of clientele, which in turn generated highly favorable financial results. Another client, LDR produces medical devices that sell in each country, only after the equivalent to the United State's FDA has approved them. Those countries will not approve the use of their devices without having all data and product information in their local language. Customers seldom purchase products or services from a website where they do not understand the language. For this reason, it is vital to use multilingual solutions to meet the needs of your potential customers.

Multilingual, multi-currency eCommerce solutions by Clarity eCommerce
Make Your Website Accessible to International Users

Multiple Language eCommerce Solutions Provide Global Access


The first step in making your website accessible to international visitors is to introduce a program that is capable of translating the text on your website into multiple languages. Once you provide the text, the translation in each language you choose will be produced for you. Your eCommerce website will also contain different options and descriptions for every language, content pages, categories and products. At any stage, you will be able to view your website in any language that you want. Your website should also contain a function for multi-currency eCommerce so that your users are able to place their orders and pay in their relevant currency. This simple step will have a dramatic impact on your potential revenues. For more information on developing a custom eCommerce website that meets your diverse needs, please complete the request for quote form below!