Global eCommerce Solutions

  • Multilingual Product & Marketing Messaging
  • Complex Business & Shipping Logistics
  • Taxes (VAT), Customs, Duties, Forms, etc.
  • Handle Multi-currency Payments

Multilingual eCommerce Helps Businesses Go Global

Gone are the days when a business is restricted by where they are located. The world has seemingly shrunk to allow everyone an opportunity to interact with one another. Once complex, conducting business across the Earth is now much simpler. It might be time for you and your team to consider expanding your potential client base and revenue by taking advantage of International (multilingual and multi-currency) eCommerce with a multilingual website.

Clarity has the expertise to provide your business with a comprehensive international eCommerce solution. One client, Orange Octopus, commissioned us to build them an affiliate international website that could handle any shopping cart order from any affiliate and offer real-time shipping calculations in over 200 currencies, as well as calculate the appropriate taxes. Ultimately, the site would package up the order, create a shipping label, send it on for fulfillment and attach all the tax and duties forms for the appropriate country.

Features & Benefits of an International eCommerce System


A global eCommerce solution comes with features that help translate your web content into various languages, making it easily read by potential customers across the globe. This can extend sales possibilities to customers worldwide. You also have the ability to conduct multi-currency eCommerce, performing international tax and global shipping calculations through the use of a multilingual integrate online store. International users feel safer when shopping in their own currency, as they know exactly how much they are spending up front, which reduces hesitation. This will lead to quicker conversions (clicks-to-cash) on your website.


When compared to a brick-and-mortar business, online businesses have an increased ability to reach more clients and potential customers, regardless of where they operate. If you have an multi-currency integrate eCommerce system, this will ensure that your visitors are able to understand your website and feel comfortable purchasing from you. Developing a bilingual or multilingual site helps you connect better with your potential customers. A multi-currency eCommerce solution makes it easier to conduct transactions in various countries. Together, they can take your business to an entirely new level.

Creating an International eCommerce System

To create a global multi-currency eCommerce integration solution, the website owner must first introduce a program that has the ability to translate a piece of text into a variety of languages. Your website will then be equipped with options that allow readers to choose the language they would like to view the website in with all the various product descriptions. Another option is to create a customized site that automatically defaults to the user's local language and currency based on the location they are accessing the site from. To see an example of some recent multilingual website conversions we have done, check out our work for LDR Spine.

It is important to incorporate a reliable multi-currency eCommerce solution into your website if you intend to run an international business. This will undoubtedly help you gain more revenue from your website. This will also enable your international users to feel confident as they conduct transactions in their own currency. Although currency conversion is easier online, being able to gauge the total cost in their own currency gives customers a clearer look. International shoppers might also be able to avoid unnecessary charges from their credit card company if they are able to use their preferred currency.