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AngularJS for eCommerce Website Development

Why to use AngularJS for eCommerce website development

eCommerce Development With AngularJS

AngularJS is can best be described as an open source framework, despite being lighter than most, that can be used to develop dynamic and highly scalable web applications. Unlike HTML which is used to create static pages, AngularJS can be used to create dynamic pages. Developers can use HTML as a template language and extend the syntax to express application components. This results in a expressive, fast to develop environment.

Benefits & Technology

Why People Choose AngularJS

Great MVC

Multi-view-controllers (MVC) are used to implement user interfaces(UI). They work by splitting up your applications into various components. Usually with other MVCs, you’d have you split your application and then assemble them together again. AngularJS essentially takes out the last part, and manages and connects the various components for you.

Declarative User Interface

Because HTML is a declarative language, it is only fitting to have a declarative user interface. HTML is a more intuitive language than most other languages, such as Java Script, and is much easier to reorganize. The interface makes web application development much easier than coding; the approach is like WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). This helps developers improve on the overall flow of the project.

Less Code

Less code is always good. Because of the MVC, as mentioned above, developers do not need to write their own MVC pipeline. Data models are also easier to write. Regarding directives, because they are separate from the application code, other developers can write them and integrate them with minimal issues. There are also filters that permit you to modify data without changing controllers.


AngularJS remains open for attack and is not invincible, however so is everything else out there. To combat this, AngularJS comes with built in protection from security holes such as cross-site scripting and HTML injection attacks. Another great thing is that AngularJS was purposefully designed to work well with other security measures such as HTTPS (SSL/TLS) and server-side authentication and authorization. Overall, AngularJS will reduce possible attack and provide top end security.


Modularity and dependency injection (DI) are two major features of angularJS. Dependency Injection manages your scope and controllers; mock data can be used by the controllers and the application can be tested. This is overall much more effective and efficient versus testing single components of an entire application by creating individual test pages and interacting with it to see if they actually work.

Real-time Module Communication

AngularJS and eCommerce

When combined with other scripts, such as HTML and JQuery, a user interface can be constituted. AngularJS can serve as a basis for an effective backend. Together, a highly capable, powerful application can be created. There are many possibilities with AngularJS. Learn more.

Angular Development Specialists

Clarity Can Help

Creating a full fledged web application is no easy task. At clarity, our team is trained to deliver high performance applications. We can help you create a scalable platform, host customizable offerings for your products, integrate back end systems and more. For more information, contact us today!


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