Benefits of a Customized eCommerce Platform

Customizing Your eCommerce Platform Now Can Help in the Future 

eCommerce platform customization can make a huge impact on your business

custom eCommerce platformStarting out, using an off the shelf eCommerce platform may seem like the best option because of the money and time that it saves. However, using a generic platform that was built for the masses may end up costing your company in the future. Using a customized platform that is tailored to your business’s specific needs and unique processes can help grow your business and be a huge asset for your company. An eCommerce platform that can be personalized to suit your company’s needs is truly the best way to go.

Customized eCommerce Improves Conversions, Reduces Bounce Rate 

Having a customized eCommerce platform can benefit your business in many ways. Customization allows you to greatly increase your customer’s experience which will lead to more conversions and repeat customers. A customized platform also enables you to present information clearly and make it easy for customers to find exactly what they are searching for on your eCommerce site, which helps reduce the bounce rate as well as improve the conversion rate.

unique business processesHandle Unique Processes 

Most eCommerce businesses have processes that must be completed in very specific ways. Whether a customer needs to be vetted before they can buy an item or a customer’s credit needs to be checked before they make a large purchase, the eCommerce platform needs to be able to make these processes happen quickly and easily. Many off the shelf eCommerce platform just aren’t able to handle highly specific operations, which is why customization is needed.

Integrates Easily with Your Business Systems

An eCommerce business may also need integrations between their business systems and their eCommerce platform in order for the site to operate optimally. A customized eCommerce platform enables you to make sure the integration between the systems and platform is tailored to your business. A seamless integration can be extremely beneficial to your eCommerce business and is usually only possible through customization.

Marketing and SEO Catered to Your Business

Off the shelf eCommerce platforms usually come equipped with generic marketing and SEO features. However, in certain situations those basic features just won’t cut it. A customized eCommerce platform handled by experts ensures that your eCommerce site will be tailored to be search engine friendly.

custom eCommerce checkoutCustomizing the Checkout Process

Many eCommerce businesses need shopping cart and checkout solutions that are anything but the norm. Some need customer specific pricing while others need to be able to process purchase orders. Out of the box eCommerce platforms are not capable of handling these requests which is where customization comes in. A customizable eCommerce platform allows your business to change the checkout process to fit your eCommerce business’s specific requirements.

Finish Strong: Customer Service After the Transaction 

Your eCommerce platform not only needs to be able to handle selling your products and services, it also needs to enable you to help your customers after they have purchased from you. A custom eCommerce platform can allow your customers to easily track their orders, contact you with any questions, and work out any issues that may arise.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we believe that custom eCommerce solutions are one of the best options. We have developed our Clarity eCommerce platform to be a truly customizable eCommerce solution to fit our clients’ wide array of needs. Our team is highly skilled at customizing the eCommerce platform to work for your business. To find out more about Clarity eCommerce and customized eCommerce solutions, call or click to contact us today!