How Custom Website Design Helps You Win Customers

Updated August 31, 2022  |  5 min read

Make Your Business Stand Out

An eCommerce website that stands out and attracts the targeted audience is a key asset in winning against your competitors, even if those competitors have larger enterprises. Having custom website design will help you achieve this goal.

A custom website development will help you showcase your business’s greatest qualities and allow for functionalities that your particular customers expect. It also connects you with new customers. Your website is key to showcasing your brand, so getting it right is important.

custom website design for your business

Upgrade Frontend and Backend Features

Custom development for website design means you can ensure that your backend and frontend work together to create a usable platform.

If your website looks nice on the frontend but doesn’t have necessary functions, and it’s difficult to navigate, users won’t think twice about abandoning the site.

If your eCommerce website functions really well and has good features in the backend, but doesn’t look good on the frontend, visitors probably won’t get the chance to experience all the functionalities because they’ll assume the website isn’t up to par and exit.

Therefore, creating a website that both appeals to visitor’s visual tastes on the frontend and their expectations for features on the backend is ideal to allow your eCommerce business to flourish.

They’ll see your eCommerce platform as reliable and nice to use, and associate that with working with your company. Visitors will be more likely to return, and tell others about your website, if the site design is appealing and functional.

Clarity eCommerce Framework™ can integrate with Microsoft’s ASP.NET platform for programming, and utilize Secure Socket Layers for privacy protection. We can also set you up with DNN. These are all great tools for building a website that customers will want to keep coming back to.

Fit the Layout to Your Brand

custom website layout to fit your brand

A custom website design lets you show the qualities of your work and have everything intuitively laid out in a way that best fits your brand. You can utilize 3D designs with motion graphics, rich internet application development, and more. You can also set up custom logos, color schemes, and page details.

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to modifying site qualities to meet your needs. With these capabilities, it will be easy to have an intuitive layout that lets you showcase your work. Visitors will be able to easily navigate from place to place, and discover more about what you do, and why you do it.

Mobile Application Development

With an ever-increasing number of mobile users, having a mobile-friendly website—even a custom auction website that works on mobile—is imperative to the success of your business. Mobile applications are even better when it comes to client satisfaction. If you have a mobile application, consumers are more likely to download it to interact with your site. Many people exclusively shop through apps.

To have the largest audience possible, a mobile application is absolutely necessary. Not only that, but it needs to be highly functional and aesthetic.

Language capabilities can be programmed into the app, so that people who speak different languages can buy goods without any hassle. People from all over the world will be able to check out your business just by visiting your mobile application. This will open the door to international sales.

Xamarin is a mobile application platform that works for Android and iOS that Clarity eCommerce Framework can integrate with. You won’t have to use two different platforms for two software systems. Customers will get to connect with vendors directly, and supplying orders becomes a lot easier.

mobile website design

A Comprehensive Website for Each Businesses

Whether your looking at web design for startups or have a pre-existing multinational enterprise, what matters is the design of your website and application. These are what customers will interact with, so they need to be functional, usable, seamless, and appealing. Best practices are to implement the latest technology and partner with custom web development who are experts in the industry and work with you to achieve your goals.

ecommerce integration

eCommerce Integration

When it comes to making an exceptional website, even the smallest details matter. There may be subtle features that you don’t realize are a huge part of the site’s appeal. The latest web-based technologies and tools are needed to meet user’s expectations.

Using the latest technologies will often include integrating with other applications to boost your website’s functions. There are several integrations that Clarity Connect™ can perform.

These include integrations with back-office applications or line-of-business applications. With strong CRM and ERP systems like SAP, NetSuite, and Salesforce, or while using less complex social media platforms like Act-on, HubSpot, etc., you can design your own integration system.

The main use of this business integration strategy is to extend and fully utilize the workings of your back-office from the front-office to pair with your website functions. This will allow you to achieve your goals and maximize ROI.

To ensure the security of your website, you can integrate with Intranet and Extranet. For sharing your personal documents with the right personnel this integration is all you need. For small business setups, this simple marketing technique can be used for more visibility of the website online.

Develop Your Strategy

A strategy for how your site will operate is necessary for the highest level of user acceptance and experience. It will help the design and implementation of your website and application go much more smoothly.

website strategy

Global Market Implementations

With a well-designed website, there is no need to limit your business to a local market. You’ll be able to expand and beat international level companies. Custom eCommerce development can make it happen.

HIPPA Development

When you run a business that is based on healthcare or any other medical term, your website must follow HIPPA rules and regulations. Protected health information (PHI), along with other data, must comply with legal regulations and stay confidential.

If your website is not HIPAA compliant or secure enough, you risk dire consequences for your company, not only from a legal standpoint, but also from a data standpoint. Both your company’s data and customers’ health information will be vulnerable to hackers and security breaches.

This will decrease trust in your company and make customers less willing to work with you. You could have fines to pay and other consequences for being negligent with the security of your platform.

To ensure this doesn’t happen and that your platform remains secure and HIPAA-compliant, the best choice is to work with a partner who is an experienced custom website designer and developer.

online marketing

Online Marketing

Online marketing strategies are a good way to promote your products and business without too much expense. One such strategy is search engine optimization, or SEO. Doing this correctly allows you to come up in search results where users will find and click on the link to your website. From there, they will possibly make a purchase.

With SEO, a strategy is to research your competitor’s content and marketing strategies and then look for trendy keywords that you think will make your content stand out among the search results.

The right keywords will improve traffic to your website, since whenever someone searches using that specific keyword in a search engine, your webpage will show up, allowing them to click on it.


Clarity’s Website Design Experts Can Help

If you’re looking for a professional, experienced team of custom website designers and developers, consider reaching out to us and talking to one of our experts. Our team is highly qualified and here to help. Get a free demo and price quote with no obligations attached. We’ll be happy to discuss your ideas, goals and challenges, and answer any questions you have.

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