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eCommerce Marketing

In this digital era, eCommerce marketing is a game changer when it comes to the scalability of a business. Marketing efforts include notifying customers, often via email, about ongoing processes and their statuses, as well as promotions and suggestions.

An automated email notification will be set up to send the right email to the right customer at the right time. The timing and surrounding context for the emails influences how clients perceive the information, so it’s important to consider these factors. Automation allows you to optimize business processes, data sharing, and the buying cycle.


Benefits of Automated Email Notification System

A great notification email system provides all the options that enable you to easily manage your online store and reach more customers in less time. The benefits include:

  • Letting your customers know about every stage of the buying cycle
  • Notifying an existing customer that they need to complete an ongoing process
  • Informing sellers and buyers about changes in the status of an order
  • Giving awareness to new and existing customers about your business
  • Better personalization for your clients with segmenting and tailoring content to specific customers
  • Easier launches of planned email marketing campaigns
  • Generating more leads
  • Getting detailed reports and analytics
  • Improved understanding of your customers’ intents, expectations, and desires
  • Reduction of errors from doing this manually, since it’s been automated
  • More efficient use of time and effort
  • Reduced cost

Sending Automated Email Notifications

Clarity Ventures offers comprehensive notification functions within their eCommerce platform offering. Clarity’s eCommerce platform is customizable to meet your needs, so you can manage your eCommerce store, generate more leads, and keep customers satisfied. The most popular features of Clarity’s automated email notification system include:

  • Improved engagement with customers
  • Functional & automated execution of operations
  • Overloaded queues don’t slow down the server
  • Ensured whitelisting of your domain
  • Personalized features for customers
  • Efficient follow-ups
  • Inexpensive, efficient means of communication
  • Automated eCommerce marketing activities
  • Effective customer service
  • Numerous options and features
  • Analysis of user behavior

Read on to find out about each of these features in detail.

Improved Engagements with Customers

Sellers and buyers can engage with each other, which they might do so for various reasons. A seller might reach out to a customer regarding an order, or they might ask the customer to complete a necessary step in the ordering process so they can fulfill it.

Customers can also ask sellers questions regarding the specifics of a product if that information isn’t available on the product detail page. This may also give the seller feedback so they can improve their specifications list.

Sellers can give suggestions to their customers to start a new process (e.g., buying a best-seller product) based on other users of the website.

With this automated email notification system, the interaction between sellers and buyers, and the records thereof, stay organized and manageable. This includes sending automatically generated emails containing the details of each transaction to both parties.

customer engagement

Functional & Automated Execution of Operations

automated operations

Clarity’s marketplace eCommerce platform can send automatic emails regarding every operation to the appropriate recipients. This includes operations such as:

  • Managing the product buying process
  • Notifying the necessary parties about status changes and updates
  • Completing transactions and placing orders
  • Monitoring the status of an order, such as whether it’s been processed, shipped, or delivered

Overloaded Queues Don’t Slow Down the Server

Another great benefit of the notification email system is that it does not slow down due to overloaded queues of automated emails. And if for some reason there is an interruption of service in executing the queues, the email messages are safe, since there are constant, automatic backups of files.

operational server and backups

Ensured Whitelisting of Your Domain

whitelisting domain

Clarity’s eCommerce notification integration gives the option to command the system to whitelist the domain so that recipients’ email applications don’t mistakenly send your emails to their junk folder. You can also configure your emails to get top priority in the inbox of particular recipients.

Personalized Features for Customers

Customers have the option to customize each and every aspect of the email templates. They have the option to not only customize the whole email template but also single components. This makes it interesting for them to send and receive emails and engage with the sellers effectively.

personalized ecommerce features

Efficient Follow-Ups

efficient follow up email notifications

When running an online store, it is very important to keep customers in the loop. For this purpose, efficient follow-up, as well as advance notifications, are the best way to keep customers engaged and in the know. Clarity’s automated notification system implements these best practices, so it’s easy to send follow-ups regarding the following operations:

  • Product status change updates, such as whether an item is in stock
  • Changes to shipping details, made by the seller or buyer
  • Expected time until order fulfillment, and other order fulfillment details
  • New or expiring deals, discounts, products, and other exclusive offers

Inexpensive, Efficient Means of Communication

The automated email notification system within the marketplace eCommerce platform is one of the cheapest and most reliable ways of communication between sellers and buyers. It lets the seller market their products and services by an efficient and affordable email system. So, they can get more for less without hassle.


Automated eCommerce Marketing Activities

automated ecommerce marketing activities

Clarity’s notification system helps sellers and website owners automate tasks for eCommerce marketing. You can build a plan of how emails will be sent out and what content each will contain. The content can be tailored to different customers and groups so it is more relevant to them.

Emails containing resourceful content, such as promotions and recommendations, will interest the recipients if the right content is sent to each set of customers. Sellers can also send emails to specific clients about discounts, sales, accessories, or services pertaining to a certain product category.

For instance, a customer indicates they are interested in buying handbags. An automatic email can be generated and sent to the customer about buying handbags on a budget, custom-made handbags, or promotions on the customer’s most viewed handbag. These types of emails can help customers buy products that fit their requirements and help sellers direct more traffic to their online store.

Emails can also provide information about recommended products based on other customer’s ratings. The goal is to help the customer find more useful products that make them happy with their purchase and more likely to return to the marketplace, or even that specific seller.

How-to guides about components of the eCommerce marketplace platform are also valuable to some clients, especially those who just signed up or made their first purchase. How-to guides can include information about how to sign up for a points system or how to install a certain product—anything that helps the user better understand and utilize the platform.

Effective Customer Service

After a customer has completed an order, and while they are waiting for the shipment, they need to be kept apprised of the situation. Automatic emails about the shipment status should be sent at every stage in the process, so the customer doesn’t need to contact the customer support team and inquire about their order. Keeping customers updated will ensure they don’t get frustrated waiting to hear about their order or forget about their upcoming delivery.

Informing about the status of their order in advance is the best approach to ensure customer satisfaction and also an effective way to manage order completion processes.

Effective Customer Service

Numerous Options and Features

numerous options and features in email notifications

Clarity’s eCommerce platform and the notification system can be modified to be an exact fit for your needs. Clarity eCommerce can also adapt to changes later on, so as your needs change, so does the platform. This makes it ideal for businesses looking to scale, whether they be start-ups or large enterprises.

In particular, the notification system caters to the sellers and buyers with multiple options and features that are in accordance with their needs and interests. For example, sellers can receive emails consisting of guides about how to interact with the site and what they can expect from interacting with the marketplace. Buyers can be shown what steps to take to learn about a product’s durability, or how to report any issues they have with the delivered product.

Analysis of User Behavior

This automated email notification system provides the option to track customer behavior. The sellers can set up link tracking and open the analytics to see various details about their customers’ behaviors.

For example, a seller sent an automated email with promotions and set up link tracking. The seller sees that one recipient viewed the email and did not perform any action, another recipient clicked the CTA (call to action) in the email and visited the store but did not complete the transaction.

Using this information as feedback, the seller can adjust the content in the email or the product description or something else, and apply A/B testing or multivariate testing, and improve the content to make it more relevant for users.

This process helps the seller understand the diversity in buying behaviors and further customize marketing content to increase customer satisfaction and leads.

user behavior analysis

Enable Advanced Email Marketing Features

It’s crucial to have the right features enabled for your eCommerce platform. If you want to learn more about this topic or explore the possibilities of what Clarity’s eCommerce platform can do for you, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and talk to you about your goals for your business.

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