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Clarity's HIPAA eCommerce solution provides everything you need and more. If you're looking for a versatile, HIPAA-compliant eCommerce platform for your organization, you've come to the right place.

How HIPAA Compliance Secures Your Business

HIPAA compliance is crucial for your eCommerce platform to succeed in the medical industry. However, it's also a complex subject, and can be challenging to implement. That's why we focused on creating the most secure, reliable, and easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant platform that can be customized to your business's needs.

When a HIPAA-compliant website has everything you and your partners need, business operations run more smoothly and you don't have to worry about incurring fees and loss of reputation from non-compliance.

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Make Things Easy for Yourself & Your Customers

By working with HIPAA eCommerce development experts, you'll be saving yourself a lot of time and trouble, and possibly legal fees, in the future. You can rest assured that HIPAA compliance is taken care of by working with Clarity.

Integrate Your EMR-EHR

eCommerce platforms work best when everything syncs up. That's why we built a seamless integration solution to make sure everything on your site, and in your back-office software, is up to date and HIPAA compliant.

Self-Service HIPAA Website

Most people want things to be easy to use and easy to find. Give customers what they want and enable self-service for your HIPAA eCommerce site, which is all about offering simple, robust search functions and an intuitive interface.

Benefits of Our HIPAA Solution

Business logic workflows are fundamental to the integration, as this is where all the business processing happens. Certain events automatically activate different procedures. This means that the front-end website has real-time or batch communication with back-office application data and logic.

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Improved Sales

Your sales personnel can access reports for year-to-date sales, month-to-date sales, accounts receivable aging, credit holds, and more.

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Higher Return Rate

Increase sales to existing customers—which is 60-70 percent likely while selling to a new prospect is only 5-20 percent likely (Marketing Metrics book).

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Increased Loyalty

Just a 5 percent increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25 percent (Bain & Company).

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Improved Experience

Improve customer experience with accurate, up-to-date order statuses, online membership renewals, and loyalty rewards points programs.

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Effective Marketing

Utilize marketing tools and data to plan and run targeted campaigns, cross sell, upsell, and recommend relevant products.

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Better Insights

Get data-driven sales insights into customer and partner activity with data analytics and reporting tools.

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Smarter Planning

Cross-channel information allows you to better forecast your pipeline and schedule procurement / manufacturing accordingly.

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Integrated Solution

When integrating eCommerce to your line-of-business applications, you enhance your customers' experiences while reducing overhead, creating more top-line and bottom-line revenue.

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Powerful Integrations Into Your Business

All our integration solutions can be customized to work alongside back-office infrastructure. Click the options below to explore all the benefits.

Tried-&-True HIPAA Compliant Website Solution

Our robust, enterprise-class eCommerce platform, which we've developed for 16+ years, is the base for our HIPAA eCommerce solution. We've built HIPAA eCommerce storefronts, doctor-patient portals, online pharmacies, and more for our clients using this solution.

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Doctor-Patient Portals

Need a way to connect doctors and patients? Not a problem. Patients can access their dashboard to see bills, lab results, and even request refills on prescriptions. Doctors can review patient notes, labs, prescriptions, and diagnoses.

Online Pharmacies

An online HIPAA portal allows pharmacies to receive prescription requests electronically from the doctor or patient and fulfill those requests for the patient to pick up when they're notified it's ready.

Labs and Imaging

Companies that perform lab tests can post results via a HIPAA lab portal, which can connect to the doctor's office or be delivered directly to the patient. Wearable devices can also be accessed via a portal or mobile app.

Phase 1: Delivering the Product

In this stage, we deliver a comprehensive HIPAA eCommerce website to your specifications.

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Website designer

Phase 1: Delivering the Product

In this stage, we deliver a comprehensive HIPAA eCommerce website to your specifications.

Configuration Checklist

You get to choose which features, credit card processors, and shipping providers you want on your site.

We then take your configuration checklist, logo, and color preferences and set up a fully functional HIPAA environment and storefront.

We create your admin account, provide training resources, and submit the HIPAA platform to you for your approval.

From there, you can add your products and contact information. If you choose, the site can be launched into production. Or you can continue right on to Phase 2 to add further customization.

Phase 1 Product Features

  • HIPAA compliant storefront
  • Comprehensive admin UI / PIM
  • Credit card payment processing (PCI compliant)
  • Integrated shipping
  • Mobile responsive website & CMS
  • Base branding package
  • HIPAA privacy center (patient data removal)
  • HIPAA data encryption & logging
  • HIPAA compliant hosting solution

Phase 2: Customization Services

If you decide that you'd like further customization for your HIPAA eCommerce platform, we can take your site to the next level. This is where we offer customization services to further tailor your HIPAA eCommerce platform.

Optimization & Enhancements

We offer services to further optimize and promote your HIPAA eCommerce site that involve driving traffic, improving sales, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Content Management

While in Phase 1 we provide you with a CMS and training resources so you can get started, as part of Phase 2 we can assist you in optimizing and posting your products to your storefront.

On-Call Support

Our services don't have to stop at launch; feel free to call on us anytime to help with anything you need. We can add further customizations and integrations anytime and provide support with content management.

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Phase 2 Custom Features

  • Patient onboarding
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Patient dashboard
  • Provider dashboard
  • Distributor portals
  • Prescription refills
  • Telehealth services
  • Doctor-patient messaging
  • EMR-EHR integration
  • Custom design & workflows
  • Custom pricing rules
  • Multistore & multivendor
  • Multilingual & multicurrency
  • SEO services
  • Product configurators

Out-of-the-box HIPAA eCommerce Features

Patient & Provider Dashboards

Patients and providers have their own robust self-help dashboard that provides them access to orders, online bills, and optionally, appointments, lab results, prescription tracking and refill requests, telehealth sessions, prescription approvals, HIPAA messaging and more.

Dashboard Details
In-Stock Notifications

Improve conversions by allowing your customers to subscribe to an alert which will email them the second that the product they've been waiting to order is back in stock.

Notification Details
Shopping Lists

Custom shopping lists can be created on the fly for “monthly office purchases” or “annual copy machine maintenance.” There’s no end to the benefits of creating and managing your own custom shopping lists.

Shopping List Details
Product Information Management System

The ability to export, import, and manage all your catalog products. Specialized settings for shipping, inventory, pricing, images, SEO-related up-sells, and much more.

Product Management Details
Quick Add / Re-ordering

There are eight out-of-the-box ways your customers can easily reorder from you: wish lists, favorites, shopping lists, past orders, invoices, sales quotes, bulk XLS import and a quick-add SalesPad UI. Plus, they can subscribe for automatic reordering.

Reordering Details

Clarity HIPAA eCommerce provides a mechanism for prescriptions. This works very well for supplies and memberships and helps provide stable, recurring orders, refill requests, and provider approvals.

Prescription Details
Custom Products

Clarity allows you to create your own custom product variants, as well as kits and bundles. You can also create and set your own pricing and inventory handling (i.e., reserve quantities for kits).

Custom Product Details
Split Shipping

Whether purchasing items from different fulfillment vendors or buying multiples of a product where some number is shipped to each of multiple locations, Clarity HIPAA eCommerce provides out-of-the box split shipping.

Split Shipping Details
LTL Shipping

We’ve integrated hundreds of less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping carriers. Whatever your shipping needs are, we've got you covered.

LTL Shipping Details
Intermodal Shipping

Ship HIPAA eCommerce products by train, boat, ground, LTL containers—or all of the above. Connect with various shipping providers through the HIPAA eCommerce software and turn on key functions for fulfilling orders.

Intermodal Shipping Details

Clarity HIPAA eCommerce has invoicing built in. Whether you need to create PDFs and let your customers download them, send them notifications to pay their invoices, or allow them to pay their outstanding invoices online, we’ve got you covered.

Invoicing Details
Multi-tiered Pricing

Clarity provides both role and customer-based pricing so that when your clients log in, all or some of the prices for products and services automatically adjusts for them.

Multi-tiered Pricing Details
Sales Tax Calculation

Clarity Ventures is a certified Avalara partner so you can integrate their sales tax tool right out of the box. Track, manage, and receive regular reports so you never have to worry about incurring fees.

Tax Calculation Details
PCI-DSS Compliance

Clarity eCommerce is PCI DSS compliant, so users can save credit card info without you ever storing it on your system, due to a process called tokenization. Tokenization is the most secure, reliable way to operate a digital wallet.

PCI DSS Details
Headless eCommerce

Have an existing website that you want to use, but it can’t offer purchasing, checkout, or invoicing? Clarity eCommerce provides headless functionality and can be embedded into your existing website.

Headless eCommerce Details
HIPAA Environment

With more than 15 years and hundreds of medical portals deployed, Clarity brings the experience needed to ensure you peace of mind. We also offer HIPAA compliant web hosting.

HIPAA Environment Details
Advanced Analytics

Clarity provides an integration with the new Google advanced ecommerce analytics. This makes it quick and easy for you to track your ecommerce performance out of the box.

Analytics Details
SEO for Products & Categories

The admin UI provides a single-click option to generate both product and category sitemap.xml files for registration with Google. There’s also an out-of-the-box WYSIWYG editor for creating dynamic and robust category landing pages.

SEO Services Details

Built for Customization

If you’re looking for a HIPAA solution that is designed to be customized and grow with your business, look no further. Clarity HIPAA eCommerce is just the solution you’re looking for. Get a free discovery session with our experts to discover what features would best suit your business's needs. There's no risk and no obligation, so why not give it a shot?

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