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Updated January 3, 2024  |  5 min read

Custom Website Design and Development that Stands Out

Studies show that your website only has 50 milliseconds or less to grab a new visitor's interest. In that brief moment, potential customers form an opinion about your brand and decide whether or not your company seems trustworthy, credible, and capable.

This informs their decision about whether or not they want to do business with your company. That's why high-end web design is crucial for your success. In addition, creating a high-quality feel from the first moment they are on your site is essential to distinguishing your website and brand from your competitors'.

Even if you don't operate an eCommerce store, keeping up with trends and establishing yourself as a savvy business owner means creating a stellar, high-performance website that keeps every customer's attention.

From non-profit organizations to the corporate world and from startup website design to enterprise eCommerce, your potential customers, partners, and prospects will find you online. Given the competitive nature of the web, if your web design isn't up to par, they'll bounce from your site to one that has high quality web design features and functions.

Securing your prospects' interests in your site and keeping them coming back for more can be a challenge, especially with so many competing sites just a click away. High end web design is vital to drawing people to your small business website in the first place—and giving them an experience they'll want to return to.

There are dozens of ways to create mediocre websites that don’t make an impression on potential customers. Choosing high end web design, on the other hand, may be one of the best business decisions you ever make.

Custom website design and development might sound daunting, but the resources put into the project will lead to a better customer experience that brings them back repeatedly.

Impress Your Customers

You want a website that stands out in your industry. Clarity can make that happen with custom website design and development. We're ready to show you some examples of our work.

Back-End Functionality Meets Front-End Website Design

Many firms around the United States specialize in flashy web design, but their ability to perform basic eCommerce and security tasks are usually lacking. You deserve a robust system that does everything you want; when a customer uses your site, every aspect must operate as smoothly as possible. Here’s what to look for:

  • Security: Customers want to know that the information they trust you with remains secure. They might be giving over credit card numbers or entering medical information. Complex web design can offer you the best security option, whether you need shopping cart security or a HIPAA compliant website.
  • Custom eCommerce Platform: A shopping site can look amazing on the front-end and still fail on the back-end. It doesn’t matter if your customer puts something into their cart on the front-end if they don't have a smooth experience once they’re ready to pay. Or maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to put it in their cart in the first place if the back-end inventory management software isn’t keeping proper track of every item. A custom eCommerce platform can make sure the entire process works as smoothly as possible.
  • Expansion: Too many businesses start with a basic cut-and-paste website and quickly find out that it doesn’t meet their needs as they grow. This is especially true with B2C and B2C eCommerce development. Small businesses should choose custom website design and development that allows for expansion if they need to expand.
  • High Quality Web Design: You can’t rely on high end web design to fulfill all your customer’s needs, but it is still incredibly important. We provide the best websites for startups and established businesses alike to help them grow as quickly as possible. The best web design brings customers in, gets them to act, and brings them back again.

It can be tricky to find a web design company that you trust to provide professional support in the complex environment of custom web design and development. Clarity addresses not just design needs but also functionality considerations.

High end web design developers like those at Clarity blend the power of Microsoft’s ASP.NET programming platform with the security and privacy offered in SSL (secure sockets layer) to create a fully functional, safe, and appealing website.

We have our best designers produce a feel for your site based upon your company’s ideas and the competition in your respective market. With Clarity, you’ll get much more than stock photography; you’ll get trained website design experts who can create seamless looks to attract—and retain—customers.

award-winning medical site designed by Clarity Ventures

Work with a Small Business Web Design Company

Do you want a website, or do you want a great website? Clarity Ventures is here to provide web design development to small and large companies alike.

We know that a company that wants to grow understands the need for a website that stands out from all the others. Clarity has created hundreds of high-end websites using platforms such as DNN (DotNetNuke), Sitefinity, and many more.

We specialize in helping small businesses become big businesses with expandable and complex web design sites. We’re a small business web design company that will stand by you until you grow to need enterprise web design. In short, a Clarity website gets noticed and does exactly what you want it to do.

Customized Enterprise Web Design to Meet Your Needs

At Clarity, our web design team includes experts who are experienced in user interface design, motion graphics, Rich Internet Application (RIA) development, 3D rendering, and more. We also offer robust security and eCommerce options to keep your business going and growing.

Clarity designed medical portal for Coflex

For some of our state-of-the-art design projects, check out our project portfolio. You'll find some beautiful custom-made designs such as image rotators, 3D video wheels, and more.


Design Matters: Get the Best Web Design Services

The importance of website design can’t be overstated, especially when it comes to potential customers. Clarity can give you the high-end web design you need.



Many developers will tell you that WordPress is the best eCommerce platform to use. It's true that WordPress has many advantages. There are thousands of pre-built design templates, thousands of plugins, a fairly easy-to-use UI for content writers, and simple SEO (search engine optimization) tools to build a site.

While Clarity does build these types of WordPress sites (we have created over 200 on WordPress), we have found that they tend to be the ones that have issues and get hacked more than others.

Two reasons lead to this problem. The first is that there are more WordPress sites than any other CMS. Hackers have a higher incentive to target them because they can use the same exploits again and again. To avoid this, many clients update their plugins to increase security, but this often leads to site crashes as it interferes with another plugin. They then have to hire someone to get it up and running again.

After this happens multiple times, some business owners stop upgrading their plugins to make the site more stable. Unfortunately, that leaves them open to hackers. If you decide to go with WordPress, be sure to sign up for maintenance with an experienced development company and pay them to maintain your site, update your plugins, deal with the update issues, and keep your site secure. Also, know that many companies outgrow WordPress as their business expands.


For companies that can't afford to devote extensive time and resources to their website but need a site to drive business, we recommend a more secure and robust platform like DNN or Sitefinity. If you're planning on adding custom functionality and want customizable growth as your business grows, we feel these two are your best choices. We've built and launched over 1,000 DNN sites, and not one of them has been hacked. A free, open-source version of DNN is available, so the cost is nearly the same but the platform is much more secure and scalable. You can also upgrade it years later when your business takes off! Sitefinity only comes in paid versions and offers features that allow for enterprise web design. Clarity is a certified partner of both DNN and Sitefinity and can design and build you a site on either platform.


The saying, "you get what you pay for," holds true for small business web design. If you want to build your own, there are options out there. However, if you want your site to help drive traffic, convert visitors, and become an integral part of your marketing and sales process, you need a full-service development company to sit down with you and talk about what you want out of the site. We can help show you how we've helped hundreds of businesses grow by choosing site features that help grow their business.

Clarity offers a free consultation for any business to discuss what they need and want from a site. We'll show you examples of sites we've built and guide you on your options, from the leaves expensive to enterprise web design services. We'll tell you how long they typically take, what it takes to maintain them, how to improve and drive traffic with SEO, conversions through CRO, and more. If you want your site to help grow your business, you need to invest in it. If you only need a site to "be online like everyone else," there are inexpensive ways to accomplish that. Know your options before you start spending your hard-earned money. Give us a call or fill out the form below for a free consultation.


Most sites on the web offer one of two things: information delivery, or the ability to purchase something. One thing they have in common is that both are trying to get people to interact with them, to act. Maybe the point is to get a customer to put something into a cart, or it could be to lead them to fill out a contact form. No matter which type of website you need to be built, Clarity can create one that will boost response and client interaction with the site.


You want your website to impress, and it must impress quickly. It’s likely that a potential customer or client will turn away if it doesn’t affect them on some level. On top of that, interaction must also be smooth so that a customer doesn’t get frustrated and move on to a different website.

Any Clarity website you choose will provide an experience that you can’t get with the most inexpensive options. Let us show you what our high-end websites can do for your business.


Each covered entity — such as a physician, hospital, or pharmacy — must take steps to protect PHI. Failure to follow HIPAA security best practices can lead to very real consequences for any covered entity that needs a HIPAA website. The three most common repercussions are:

  • Fines from OCR: The Office of Civil Rights is the department that levies fines for any covered entity that doesn’t take steps to comply with HIPAA regulations. The most common violations occur when the medical provider doesn’t follow the HIPAA website requirements regarding security.
  • Reputation loss: HIPAA breaches must be reported to each affected individual and, in many cases, to the press. This negative publicity can cause a covered entity to lose clients and make partners and business associates distance themselves from the offender.
  • Lawsuits: Most states pass laws that work in tandem with HIPAA regulations. A person can sue a covered entity that fails to protect PHI.

Following HIPAA security and logging requirements isn't something to be taken lightly. Make sure you choose the best HIPAA compliant CRM software to pair with your custom website design and development.

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