Automating Secure Health Processes Online

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Integrating Electronic Health Record (EHR) or EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems with a HIPAA complaint website opens up many possibilities. It can allow patients to schedule their own appointments and pay their own bills online. It allows for better patient care, cost savings and increased efficiency, better coordination between medical service providers and greater patient participation in their own care. If you've come here to learn about EHR integration, you may very well have an idea that will leverage this technology in a brand new way that could fundamentally change your business or even the lives of your customers.

At Clarity, delivering HIPAA compliant sites is a point of pride. One Client is using an Epic EHR integration to help keep track of medical instruments in the operating room. It's no exaggeration to say that this integration could save lives.

Clarity Connect provides EHR, EMR integrations

Clarity Connect

There are several different APIs used by the various EHR systems, and Clarity Connect was designed to integrate with them all. Connect is an agnostic middleware solution that speaks the language of the EHR and translates it for the various end points the data is being pushed to and pulled from. Connect stores the relevant data until it receives confirmation that it has been successfully transferred to its end point.

Secure Integration

Protecting sensitive patient data is paramount to any EHR integration. Any data transfer that occurs through Clarity Connect is encrypted using SSL.

HIPAA Compliance

Clarity has a wealth of experience developing HIPAA complaint sites, and if you are looking at an EHR integration HIPAA compliance is likely to be required. Let Clarity help guide you through the process of planning a complaint site and build the necessary safeguards into your project, so that you and your patients can rest assurred that their information is safe.