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EMR/EHR Integration Automates Secure Health Processes

Integrating EHR (electronic health records) or EMR (electronic medical records) systems with a HIPAA complaint website opens up many possibilities for health providers and their patients.

EMR Integration Allows Patients to:

  • Schedule appointments
  • View lab results
  • Get prescription information
  • Request prescription refills
  • Ask their doctor questions
  • Pay bills online
  • Be more immersed in their medical care

EMR Integration Results In:

  • Better patient care
  • Greater cost savings
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better coordination between medical service providers
  • Improved patient participation in their own care

EHR/EMR integration could fundamentally change your business or even the lives of your customers for the better. Read about one of our Epic EMR integrations below.

Keep Track of Medical Items with Epic EMR Integration

At Clarity, delivering HIPAA compliant sites is a point of pride. One of our clients is using an Epic EHR integration to help keep track of medical instruments in the operating room, to ensure that surgical instruments (e.g., sponges and the like) are removed before closing the patient up.

Thousands of surgeries every year result in surgeons leaving items in patients, and billions of dollars are paid out in medical malpractice suits because of this. This is often due to human error, fatigue, poor communication between team members, and other factors. Retained surgical items in the patient’s body can lead to injury, long-term consequences, and possibly death.

That’s why an Epic EMR integration that will automate these vital processes and leave virtually no room for error is essential for better patient care. It’s no exaggeration to say that this EMR integration could save lives. Our client was even awarded a patent on our solution, along with their FDA and UL certifications.


EMR API Integration with Clarity Connect™

There are several different APIs (e.g., FHIR, Unity, etc.) that are used by the various EHR systems, and Clarity Connect™ was designed to integrate with them all.

Connect™ is a middleware integration solution, also referred to as an ETL, or a system that extracts, transforms, and loads data from one or more databases to a central database. It speaks the language of the EMR API and translates information to and from HL7-v2 (the most common messaging standard for exchanging medical information between systems) for the various end points, as the data is being pushed into and pulled from the EMR system.

Clarity Connect™ stores the relevant data until it receives confirmation that it has been successfully transferred to its end point, then clears its cache. This queuing function ensures that there is no data loss as the communication ensues between the doctor-patient portal and the EHR.

With Clarity EMR Integration, Medical Staff and Patients Can:

  • Log in to view and pay bills
  • View available appointment times to schedule an appointment
  • Access medical records, lab results, and doctor's notes
  • Access a list of prescriptions and details, and request refills
  • Initiate a phone call or telehealth session with the doctor's office
  • Share patient information with a specialist when referred
  • Update and upload their own patient records
  • Download and print medical receipts for tax purposes
  • Meet the Medicare-Medicaid requirement for information sharing
  • Fulfill HIPAA standards
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HIPAA-Compliant Security in Your EMR Integration

The purpose of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliance is to set out the guidelines that dictate your responsibility in protecting the healthcare data of your patients.

Protecting sensitive patient data, often referred to as PHI (Patient Healthcare Information), is paramount to any EHR integration. There are many different levels of HIPAA and as you add additional features and patient data to your integration, the requirements to protect and handle that data change.

Clarity's been designing and building HIPAA-compliant portals for over 15 years. We can help you navigate those requirements to ensure you're taking all the required precautions to be HIPAA compliant.

Any data transfer that occurs through Clarity Connect™ is encrypted using SSL. All data at rest is encrypted in the database, and finally, if PHI is allowed to be edited, there’s an additional level of encrypted logging, recording which users changed what information and when (e.g., Dr. Bob changed Bill's Diabetes from Type I to Type II yesterday at 3:01pm).

Award-winning Medical Designs

HIPAA Development Experience

Clarity Ventures has an abundance of experience developing HIPAA-complaint sites, having successfully designed and launched more than 250 medical websites, portals and mobile apps.

If you are looking at an EHR or EMR integration, HIPAA compliance is likely to be required. Let Clarity help guide you through the process of planning a compliant portal and build the necessary safeguards into your project, so that you and your patients can be rest assured that their information is safe.

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Clarity's been designing and building HIPAA compliant portals for more than 15 years
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