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23 Electronic Medical Billing Software Options in 2024

Published January 4. 2024  |  8 min read
Key Takeaways
  • Medical billing software is a digital program that makes it easier for healthcare and medical professionals to manage their billing and administrative processes.
  • This type of software can save medical organizations time by automating tasks such as insurance eligibility checks, generating patient statements, tracking insurance payment status, posting payments to patient accounts, and more.
  • Billing software also helps ensure accuracy in the billing process by reducing manual entry errors.
  • Medical billing software solutions can be integrated into nearly any ERP or CRM.
Medical billing services can save medical organizations time and money.

Choosing the right electronic medical billing software is crucial for healthcare providers. A good billing software can streamline the billing process and increase revenue, while a poor one can lead to revenue loss and compliance issues.

In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know to choose the best medical billing software for your practice. Then we'll discuss many of the most popular medical billing solutions out there. At the end, we'll talk about your ERP, CRM, or EHR integrations.

The best medical billing software will reduce errors and increase revenue.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Medical Billing System

It can be hard to know what to look for when it comes to a medical billing solution. Here are the top factors to consider:

Features and Functionality

When looking for HIPAA-compliant billing software, it's essential to consider the features and functionality that you need. Some of the key features to look for include:

  • Electronic Claims Submission
  • Automated Patient Payment Processing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR)


The pricing of customizable medical billing software can vary greatly depending on the provider and the features offered. Some providers charge a percentage of collections, while others charge a flat fee per provider or per claim. It's important to consider your budget and ensure that the software you choose is cost-effective for your practice.


Medical billing software must comply with various regulations, especially adhering to HIPAA eCommerce standards. It's important to choose a software provider that prioritizes compliance and data security.

Customer Support

Good customer support is a vital part of the medical billing process. Look for a provider that offers phone and email support, as well as training resources and implementation assistance.

Medical billing services can also include a patient portal for receiving patient payment.

How to Choose the Best Medical Billing Software

Choosing the best medical billing software can be challenging, especially with so many options available in the market. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Define Your Requirements

Before you start your search for medical billing software, it's essential to define your requirements. Make a list of features that you need, such as electronic claims submission, automated patient payment processing, financial reporting, appointment scheduling, and integration with your electronic health records (EHR) system.

Consider Your Budget

The cost of medical billing software can vary significantly, depending on the provider and the features offered. Some providers charge a percentage of collections, while others charge a flat fee per provider or per claim. Consider your budget and choose a software provider that offers flexible payment options.

Research Software Providers

Research different medical billing software providers and compare their features, pricing, compliance, and customer support. Look for providers that are HIPAA and HITECH compliant, offer excellent customer support, and have a good reputation in the industry.

Read Customer Reviews

Read customer reviews and ratings of medical billing software systems to get an idea of how well the software works in real-world situations. Look for reviews from healthcare providers that have similar needs and practice sizes as yours.

Request a Demo

Request a demo of the medical billing software to see how it works and if it meets your requirements. During the demo, ask the provider about their implementation process, training resources, and customer support.

Make Your Decision

After researching and evaluating different medical billing software providers, choose the one that meets your requirements, fits your budget, and offers the best customer support.

Medical billing software programs can improve financial and administrative processes.

The Top Medical Billing Software to Investigate

Here's a list of the most popular medical billing solutions on the market and a brief description of each so you can quickly compare them.


athenahealth is an electronic medical billing software tool that simplifies the complexity of managing a healthcare business. It provides comprehensive billing and revenue cycle management, patient scheduling, and financial reporting tools.

Athenahealth is excellent at organizing billing codes for a medical practice.


DrChrono allows healthcare organizations to streamline their workflow through automated processes for patient documentation, appointment scheduling, payments, and analytics. It also features integrated e-prescribing and direct messaging capabilities.

DrChrono helps with revenue management for various levels of care providers.


RXNT is a user-friendly practice management system for outpatient care providers. It includes features such as automated insurance eligibility verification, claims processing, patient statements, collections tracking, integrated SMS reminders, and more.

A medical practice can rely on RXNT to help with medical billing.

Kareo Billing

Kareo Billing provides a robust set of time-saving billing tools designed to maximize revenue while minimizing paperwork. The platform allows users to track payments in real time, send electronic claims, and manage authorizations all in one place.

Businesses can optimize financial stabiltiy with companies like Kareo Billing.

NextGen Office

NextGen Office helps practices save time on administrative tasks with its top-notch EMR platform. This cloud-based solution offers easy-to-use workflows that integrate both clinical data and financials into one unified system.

NextGen office can help with credit card processing.


ChartLogic EHR enables clinicians to streamline their workflow through its intuitive interface design paired with powerful functionality for managing patient information quickly and accurately. The system includes features such as e-prescribing, lab integrations, and order sets built specifically for OBGYN practices.

Medical coding with ChartLogic is a vital part of sending patients their bills.

Compulink Healthcare Solutions

Compulink Healthcare Solutions provides a suite of tools designed to improve the efficiency of medical practices with integrated practice management software and EHR systems connected by a simple patient portal. With Compulink’s integrated payment processing module, users can get paid faster while eliminating manual data entry errors in the process.

A flexible system like Compulink Healthcare Solutions can be an important part of collections management.

Practice EHR

Practice EHR is an advanced electronic health record (EHR) system that combines comprehensive clinical records with powerful administrative components like appointment scheduling and practice management tools in one intuitive platform.

Practice EHR offers billing services for outpatient care providers.


DocVilla features automated billing operations along with self-service patient portals for securely accessing medical records from any device or location worldwide. Additionally, it includes an inbuilt analytics suite for better insights into how healthcare businesses are performing over time.

DocVilla is an options when you want to streamline medical billing codes.


ModMed assists physicians in managing their practice operations efficiently by consolidating multiple applications into one system accessible from any internet device or browser window anytime anywhere including Mac PCs or Windows desktops or laptops as well as iPads tablets iPhones or Android devices.

ModMed can help with denied claims and other claims management problems.


CharmHealth provides deep data analytics capabilities from within its comprehensive Cloud-based platform which shares information between various stakeholders within the healthcare industry ranging from patients to providers pharmacies laboratories hospitals research organizations & more supporting quality improvement initiatives aimed at improving outcomes & reducing costs associated with other competing solutions.

CharmHealth can send out bills after providers submit claims.

Azalea Health

Azalea Health offers next-generation cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) systems & services including population health management financial & accounting software plus secure secured messaging virtual care & telemedicine telehealth solutions all designed to help deliver value-based care.

Azalea can help a practice with medical billing codes.


AllegianceMD empowers independent physicians to take control of their operations enabling individualized patient care greater flexibility streamlined processes enhanced security quicker reimbursements deeper insights & improved collaboration across provider networks.

AllegianceMD can take patient intake forms and prepare them for medical billing.


Harmony Medical is a full-featured medical billing solution that enables providers to manage multiple office locations simultaneously from one single platform leveraging real-time analytics & optimized workflows helping optimize engagement throughout the entire healthcare team.

Harmony can pull together billing reports in additiona to EHR billing features.

WRS Health

WRS Health focuses on helping small practices stay agile and competitive through its intuitive modular design and customizable clinically driven suite technology stack. This gives users unparalleled access to critical intelligence, identifying areas that need improvement.

WRS Health can help small practices with insurance verification.


CollaborateMD makes it easier than ever before for clinics physician group practices hospitals urgent care specialty practices and quickly submit professional claims accurately track their accounts receivables manage future cash flow more easily resolve complex coding issues.

Medical offices rely on companies like CollaborateMD to handle an insurance claim.


Nexus enables medical facilities large or small (private offices hospital-driven satellite clinics multi-specialty groups) the ability to go paperless via pharmacy connect integration e-prescribing digital forms sharing imaging results communication optimization.

Medical coding is annoying, but it can be made easier by using Nexus.

Mahler Health

Mahler Health's end-to-end enterprise service leverages innovative technologies such as machine learning natural language processing artificial intelligence robotics automation visual recognition. This provides intelligent digital assistant capabilities coupled with powerful dynamic algorithms for predictive prescribing, imaging ordering, diagnostics extraction, radiology, etc.

Mahler Health helps keep all medical records and financials HIPAA-compliant.

Nextech EMR

Nextech EMR is an award-winning electronic medical billing software suite, with powerful tools and features that empower healthcare professionals to manage patient records, prescriptions, appointments, and financials. It has been designed to simplify the administrative burden of running a healthcare practice while providing the highest level of convenience, accuracy, and security.

Nextech EMR takes clinical documentation and patient registration to start billing operations.


MedEZ assists primary care physicians groupings specialists ambulatory centers private practitioners practices nursing homes emergency rooms state correct info institutions pharmacies vendors customers regulatory agencies pharmaceutical companies insurers distributors parallel parties mass marketers employers universities thru a complete set of electronic forms compliant documentation permissions payments actionable.

Medpatient can help inpatient care providers with each and every medical claim.


CureMD is an electronic medical billing software that provides integrated revenue cycle management, patient engagement tools, and practice management solutions. It features flexible cloud-based and on-premise deployment options, allowing care providers to tailor the software to fit their specific needs. Plus, it offers a range of HIPAA-compliant functionalities such as claims submission and analytics for more informed decisions.

Billing companies like CureMD medical billing software can help stabilize the financial health of medical organizations.


AdvancedMD is an all-in-one electronic medical billing platform designed for small and medium practices. It offers affordable subscription plans with easy-to-use claims processing, cost tracking, patient scheduling, and other administrative tasks. With its intuitive user interface and powerful reporting capabilities, AdvancedMD is helping make managing medical records easier than ever before.

AdvancedMD can help get your billing workflows in order.


CentralReach is an advanced electronic medical billing system that helps streamline the processes related to submitting insurance claims electronically. It facilitates faster claims filing by automating processes like data entry and check writing, enabling health providers to collect payments in a timely manner. CentralReach also enables care providers to track how much they’ve been reimbursed during each payment cycle so they can manage their businesses better.

CentralReacy brings billing functionality to healthcare organizations.



EMS billing software is a specialized medical practices billing program designed specifically to manage the billing and administrative processes of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). This type of software helps EMS providers streamline the process of submitting, tracking, and managing EMS claims, including patient transport information.

This practice management solution also includes features that simplify insurance eligibility checks, patient statements, tracking of Insurance payment status, and much more. In addition to saving time by automating tasks, EMS billing software also helps ensure accuracy in billing by reducing manual entry errors.


EMR, or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in billing is the process of using digital, cloud-based technology to store and manage patient records and facilitate the billing process. This type of software can help streamline the administrative tasks associated with medical practices billing such as submitting, tracking and managing claims as well as insurance payments.

EMRs, similar to electronic health records, are secure and provide accurate documentation of patient information which improves accuracy in the billing process. Also, EMRs can address compliance issues related to electronic storage of records and HIPAA compliance.

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