Improve customer loyalty & engagement through CRM integration

Clarity Connect™ was designed to get the most out of your CRM and eCommerce integration. The agnostic middleware layer is capable of speaking the languages and protocols required to leverage your CRM's capabilities in an eCommerce site implementation. Using Connect to connect to the relevant API allows for a seamless, scalable and secure integration to your CRM.

Put your data to work.


Business Benefits

Connecting your eCommerce platform to your CRM is all about making your business run more smoothly. Here are a few of the benefits of integrating Clarity eCommerce™ with your CRM:

New orders are automatically recorded in CRM

Better utilize the CRMs built in marketing and tracking tools

Save time by automating processes

Reduce unnecessary human error

Customer record accuracy across all systems

Empower your customers to serve themselves

Improve the digital experience


Is your CRM not listed here? With Clarity Connect™, we can integrate with almost any technology.

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