Get Syspro fully integrated with your eCommerce

Improving Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction with SYSPRO ERP Integration of eCommerce Activities

SYSPRO ERP easily integrates essential eCommerce activities for B2B platforms while automating many common business applications. Decision-makers can get even greater value from SYSPRO’s back-office software by integrating CRM and other business software into their platforms. Full integration can automate many time-consuming tasks and improve customer satisfaction by delivering a superior customer experience.

The key to customer loyalty is creating a full spectrum of self-service options that simplify ordering, support product research and make products and services easier to find. Integration automates providing custom displays based on each customer’s profile and enables companies to offer access to third-party resources and more responsive customer service.

Another key advantage of integration is that B2B companies can sell products seamlessly in multiple forums such as online marketplaces. Research shows the following trends in B2B marketing as regards marketplace platforms: [1]


  • About 63 percent of product sellers only sell in marketplace forums.
  • Most sellers—about 72 percent—don’t have an integrated marketplace management application.
  • Those who do have channel-management software aren’t satisfied with its performance 29 percent of the time.
  • 40 percent of all consumers prefer self-service over dealing with people-staffed service departments.
  • 63 percent of online customers abandon companies based on just one poor customer service experience.

Integrating Automated Features to Generate Better Customer Experiences

Integrated enterprise resource planning software with your eCommerce front end streamlines accounting procedures, increases revenue and drives customer loyalty by providing superior experiences for each B2B decision-maker. Internal staff teams can get automatic alerts and respond quickly when a customer issues arises. Real-time connections allow service staff to check on the most important customers anytime one of them accesses the company’s Web pages or platform. Customers enjoy access to a suite of tools to review their accounts, ordering history, contract terms, supply chain details and detailed information about the company’s products.



Companies can leverage third-party resources to optimize each and every customer’s experience based on their buying profiles and position in the decision-making chain.



Automation allows the creation of automated programs that are accurate, repeatable and sustainable indefinitely.





Expanded analytics capabilities allow companies to measure multiple criteria such as customer behavior, expectations, concerns, motivations, feelings and any barriers to customer loyalty and satisfaction.



Strong eCommerce integration creates bi-directional communications that allow customers to communicate up the chain of command and executives to access insights at each level beneath them.



SYSPRO™ customers rave about the organization’s unique focus on customers and its award-winning technology capability for small-to-medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. [2] In fact, 85 percent of B2B operations report that SYSPRO ERP’s “customer experience” focus drives better sales and stronger marketing. However, customer-facing features and basic business processes won’t work as intended unless the software and other business applications are thoroughly integrated into a robust and responsive sales and eCommerce platform, such as Clarity eCommerce™. SYSPRO ERP software offers the following benefits when fully integrated into a company’s eCommerce solution:

Automated processes fueled by integration save time, accelerate the ordering process, improve workflow and maximize marketing effectiveness. For example, custom messages can be triggered automatically when a customer hasn’t ordered recently, when a new product of interest becomes available or prices drop on the goods that customers regularly buy. Internally, alerts can inform company stakeholders when inventory levels drop and shorten response times. Other alerts can warn managers when material shipments are interrupted or trigger an action when items become so severely overstocked that action is necessary to reduce the inventory. Clarity Connect™ provides an integration platform that seamlessly provides that bi-directional communication, no matter whether Syspro or the marketplace is on premise or in the cloud.