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Connect Microsoft Dynamics AX & Your eCommerce Seamlessly


Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365 Finance, Finance and Operations or Dynamics 365 Business Central, whichever version you've got, is a powerful ERP solution that allows businesses to streamline processes, deliver better customer experiences, and work smarter in a connected and collaborative work environment. Dynamics AX ERP Integration with Clarity eCommerce via Clarity Connect™ allows businesses to view data and updates in real-time, better manage financial data, and take advantage of business intelligence and reporting. A Dynamics AX Custom eCommerce integration ensures better customer services and a better client experience, leading to longer, healthier client relationships and an an increased business cash flow.

Improving Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration of eCommerce Activities


An integrated Microsoft Dynamics AX eCommerce platform enhances user experiences for B2B customers by working with phone apps, managing multiple billing systems, mastering media and integrating retail and online operations. Integrating the software generates user-friendly business process automation for B2B customers that directly access and control back-office accounting, billing, fulfillment, inventory and line of business systems for authorized actions.

These include providing real-time inventory data, product information, third-party shipping options and customer alternatives for specialized services. These benefits are especially important for global B2B platforms where necessary applications include support for multi-currencies, multiple languages, Web stores for different countries, physical integrations with brick-and-mortar operations and special industry needs.

Integrated Microsoft Dynamics AX eCommerce Software Meets Customized Industry Needs

In today’s competitive and highly regulated B2B sales and marketing environment, suppliers have many specialized needs from their ERP software. Suppliers of medical equipment must comply with evolving regulations from multiple jurisdictions, and software must meet HIPAA compliant security requirements and other guidelines. Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, when fully integrated into a company’s eCommerce platform, can streamline, automate and integrate online store and portal operations to provide a seamless user experience that maximizes customer satisfaction, improves engagement and conversions. The integration benefits for wide-ranging industries include:



Integrating ERP features into the company's online Web store



Integrating online and offline sales and inventory management into customer-accessible applications



Eliminating lengthy ordering processes whether for custom products, large wholesale orders or retail options





Managing inventory more closely when products or data are time-sensitive



Updating prices automatically for companies that have large numbers of SKUs



Creating unique product catalogs and enabling advanced filtering and searching features





Facilitating downloads of technical documents (intangibles)



Upgrading new functions seamlessly through cloud-based technologies



Administering compliance issues and certifications

Signature Benefits of Integrated Dynamics AX eCommerce for Customers

Today’s agile and rapidly evolving business applications often entangle companies with proprietary systems and upgrades with separate customer service protocols that can confuse and frustrate customers. New offices, expansions and emerging product lines can exacerbate this disconnect between separate systems. Siloed applications can cripple growth, infuriate customers who face inconsistent platform features and stymie real-time visibility for customers, staff and company stakeholders. Integrating your eCommerce with your Dynamics AX software, however, offers the following benefits:



Better security for your business and customers

One of the biggest concerns about exposing back-office data online is security. Integrated software allows customers access to advanced back-office data without risking the security of personal information, and providing more granular control and auditing of access.



Greater accuracy through ordering and invoicing

Customers can place orders using self-service portals, forms and wizards products that have complex pricing and customization options. Customers can get accurate invoices instantly, review the information and consult past invoices to assist in placing orders--even when ordering from mobile phones.





Convenient Features for Multiple Decision-Makers

Each decision-maker in B2B purchase order transactions can get his or her questions answered through customized buyer profiles. Each person in buying committees can access those areas that most concern him or her--such as price, safety information, supply chain details, materials used in manufacturing, etc.



24/7 Accessibility

Each customer or buyer can access his or her account 24 x 7 x 365 from any device without worrying about account security. Customers can get information about returns, inventory, account status, payments and many other records.





Outstanding Customer Experiences

Integrated Microsoft AX eCommerce software automates customer-centric features such as customized customer catalogs, special offers and incentives, targeted marketing messages and special features. These include engineering custom dashboards from which customers can manage their accounts and custom displays that intuitively anticipate what customers see when they access the company's eCommerce platform.



Ordering Simplicity

Customers can access back-office records and third-party features to find the best strategies for shipping products, managing split shipping needs, requesting special prices, configuring custom products, consulting order history, researching products, finding alternatives for out-of-stock items and managing orders with 360-degree control. Integrated software streamlines the ordering process in many ways such as providing real-time inventory data, shipping updates, price quotations and backordering wait times.





User-Driven Innovations

Integrated software enables faster upgrades and encourages adapting to consumer trends with greater flexibility. Customers will never have long to wait when new technology becomes available. Clarity eCommerce’s robust API layer easily accommodates new technology, ERP and technology upgrades, mobile apps and third-party connections.



Intuitive Suggestions

Fully integrated Dynamics AX & eCommerce software ensures that each customer receives more relevant suggestions, alternative products, specials on products that a customer has researched in the past, company milestones of interest, new products that match the customer’s buying profile, etc.





Faster Fulfillment

Business process automation works continuously in the background to speed order fulfillment in countless ways. These include making automatic calculations, integrating shipping costs into buying proposals, getting approvals for special orders and calculating taxes and duties for multiple taxing authorities.



Flexible and Scalable Features

Customers can get the features they need to satisfy internal buying committees, stakeholder concerns, customer requests for further information and multiple payment and billing options.





B2B eCommerce Statistics Support Full Integration of ERP Software



About 42 percent of B2B organizations admit that retaining customers is one of the top metrics in their eCommerce marketing strategies. [1] Forward-looking companies understand that customer-centric features are the most powerful tools for retaining customers and fostering customer loyalty. Statistics show that the customer experience, which is increasingly important in B2B marketing, involves all customer interactions with a given business over time. About 78 percent of customers expect to get answers to their questions from self-service applications, and 84 percent of B2B customers become frustrated when customer service reps can't answer their questions immediately. [2] That’s why automated services through eCommerce and ERP integration are so critical for B2B platforms, both in providing answers to customers online, as well as reporting customer behavior back to the company. Clarity specializes in BI reporting, in other words, capturing your customers’ viewing and purchasing behaviors on your site.


The customer experience has become more important than price, and savvy planners are considering the customer experience in every business application and decision. About 60 percent of organizations feel that customer service will be the top criterion in the next three years that differentiates their businesses from their competitors’. [3] Companies can increase revenue by 15 percent, lower costs by 20 percent and increase customer satisfaction by 20 percent by fully integrating their back-office ERP software into B2B platform API layers. Nearly one-out-of-three companies now use ERP software, and Microsoft Dynamics AX software is the top choice of about 20,000 of the world’s largest eCommerce companies. [4]


Best Practices for Using Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Software

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP software generates extraordinary business benefits that include sharing information with business partners, automating customer portals, organizing internal communications and communicating with customers in two-way conversations. Integrating ERP software with Clarity eCommerce reduces security and noncompliance risks, increases transparency for customers, enforces quality and customer service controls and decreases the need to make multiple entries for the same data points.



Integration Fosters Customer Loyalty and Streamlined Operations

The benefits of integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP operations include automating business decisions, streamlining operations, reducing administrative costs and synchronizing all your systems in real-time. You can enter data once, and the software (Clarity Connect) will send it everywhere it needs to go. The hidden benefits of integrated automation include crafting a better customer experience for each user by making enterprise resource planning data widely available. Best practices for integrating your ERP software include finding an experienced developer to collaborate with your IT staff to build advance B2B eCommerce applications. Give Clarity a call and let us show you how we can build an eCommerce marketplace, fully integrated with your Dynamics AX ERP (Dynamics 365 Finance, Finance and Operations, Dynamics 365 Business Central).






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