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WooCommerce B2B and B2C eCommerce Solutions

WooCommerce Solutions

Get WooCommerce fully integrated with your ERP, CRM, or EMR/EHR

Discover the power of an open-source platform with a large variety of available plugins. With the line between B2B and B2C becoming blurred, WooCommerce could be the solution for you.

How to Build a B2B WooCommerce Solution Through Back-Office Integration

The line between B2B and B2C eCommerce is disappearing or becoming blurred. One recent article suggested that the B2B-B2C divide is disappearing altogether. [1] One reason is due to the increased importance of developing a great customer experience, which B2C eCommerce platforms handle very well, while B2B platforms tend to focus more on custom business workflows. In fact, analysts predict that B2B sales will outstrip B2C sales by 2020. B2C companies use WooCommerce for nearly 41 percent of all online stores, so it’s reasonable to assume that this open source platform provides a superior customer experience and efficient administrative functions. [2] More and more B2B companies are trying to integrate WooCommerce, but require it to be “brought into their business processes” through integration to their Inventory, ERP or CRM. That’s where Clarity’s Connect platform can help.

How to Build a B2B WooCommerce Solution Through Back-Office Integration
A Better Experience

The Benefits of a B2B WooCommerce Integrated Solution

WooCommerce can be integrated with many back-office applications including Salesforce, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, Epicor, Dynamics (check the list below) and other software that address the special challenges of B2B business processes. They key to success for B2B companies is integrating these software applications fully into the company platforms’ API layer to empower and automate sharing, administrative processes and customer-facing website resources.

WooCommerce offers plugins for many B2B storefront functions including Invoicing, Quoting, Subscription services, but it’s critical to integrate the eCommerce software into the back-office business workflows to get optimal results. B2B companies can process payment tiers, monitor account status, set custom prices, generate real-time inventory figures from sales channels, manage complex inventory situations, produce customer-specific products and much more when the software is fully integrated. Plugins alone can’t do the job, as they simply can’t fully integrate with the back-office applications. You need an integration platform, like Clarity Connect, which is designed to fully integrate with any software application, database, file format, EDI interface and more. Connect also provides the transform of data, as well as communication and message queue. This means that you could transform medical orders information into HL7v2 from a hospital gift store, into the hospital’s EMR application, for example. The queue also provides asynchronous processing if the back-office application is offline for maintenance, so that the end users’ experience is non-interrupted and the site behaves like normal.

Other benefits of the WooCommerce software integration include:

  • Manage complex catalogs, custom catalogs and store-within-store catalogs.
  • Add unlimited products, categories and subcategories.
  • Take payments from multiple processors, and enable offline options such as checks, invoicing and cash on delivery (COD), orders.
  • Automate tax settings for different countries and tax jurisdictions.
  • Manage multiple carrier shipping options.
  • Generate custom sales reports.
  • Assign custom account roles for retail sales, wholesale applicants and approved B2B wholesale accounts.
  • Manage custom pricing tiers, discounts, price quotes and bulk pricing.
  • Process purchase orders, and manage the sales funnel to satisfy the concerns of multiple decision-makers in buying committees.

All these benefits deliver a great B2C experience for customers who expect a high level of customer service from respected businesses. The additional B2B functionality from added plugins are really starting to supply the demanding requirements B2B vendors, distributors and customers expect.

Integrating your CRM and ERP software can produce a dynamic B2B platform that can seamlessly handle multiple sales channels, marketplace applications, store-within-a-store applications, specialized catalogs and custom content needs. Integration of back-end and front-end software enables automated syncing of sales information, better lead management, better productivity and stronger sales conversions. Companies can save huge amounts of time and money by automating business processes, eliminating manual entry, reducing paperwork and increasing customer satisfaction. Other signature benefits of integration include:

  • Dynamic fulfillment processes
  • More self-service options for customers
  • Greater efficiency in product management
  • Better and real-time inventory management
  • Reduction or elimination of rekeying errors
  • Enhanced communication opportunities for customers

Using WooCommerce’s expertise in B2C sales, and Clarity's WooCommerce back-office integration of business processes experience, allows B2B companies access to a platform that’s scalable, user-friendly and easy to update. Customers get access to transparent pricing, product research, a range of shipping and payment options and easy returns, real-time inventory, custom fulfillment, account and order statuses and more, which characterize the best B2C websites.

Versatile, Flexible, & Scalable

WooCommerce Is Open Source

The biggest benefit of using the WooCommerce platform is that it is open source and there are a large number of plugins available for it. IT experts can build a fairly robust eCommerce solution without generating a ton of software costs using Wordpress, free or inexpensive plugins and other open source materials. WooCommerce offers flexibility, versatility, hundreds of extensions, analytics tools and tutorials. [3] However, B2B websites, storefronts, marketplaces, etc. typically have different needs than retailers such as quantity-based pricing, multi-location inventory, warehousing, creating pick tickets, group discounts, and customer-specific pricing. Some actions can’t be completed automatically without approval based on credit history, customizations and approvals from multiple decision-makers. That’s why integrating software and WooCommerce is so important. This strategy automates many business processes, speeds completion of transactions and triggers automated alerts to staff members who must approve certain sales, returns and quotes.

img description

What Makes WooCommerce Integration Possible?

Clarity has their own integration platform, called Clarity Connect, that we’ve used for many years to integrate hundreds of back-office applications and databases with our Clarity eCommerce platform for our B2B customers. Until now, WooCommerce didn’t have enough modules and functionality to be customized to the level that a typical B2B client would need. But with the addition of new functionality and the many 3rd party plugins that are now available, Clarity’s had a number of clients with some pretty heavily customized WooCommerce installations that wanted to integrate to their back-office line of business apps. So Clarity wrote a WooCommerce Integration Connector, which talks directly to the WooCommerce API. With that in place, a WooCommerce integrated solution, using Clarity Connect, can now speak to virtually any and all ERPs, CRMs, EHRs, databases, EDI interfaces and much more. On one such recent project, a Clarity client had tried unsuccessfully to integrate any of their web properties to Epicor Eagle, with a significant portion of that caused by the lack of technical documentation and support from Epicor. Clarity’s background with Epicor and integration platform allowed us to create an Epicor Connector, paired with the WooCommerce connector, which created a single integrated B2B solution. Their WooCommerce front-end can now allow users to view and split ship products to multiple locations, while the back-end can now properly route each item within an order to the closest fulfillment location, automatically calculating individual shipping for each line item, something that they’ve been unable to do for years.

img description
Fully Integrated Solution

What Can We Do With the WooCommerce Integration Connector?

The WooCommerce API is a fully integrated-with-WordPress REST API. The Clarity Connect WooCommerce connector integrates with exposed endpoints, or functionality, that we can call from outside the WooCommerce system to create, read, update and delete information using a JSON format over REST API Authentication methods or calls. Endpoint calls may be over HTTP or HTTPS, but you must be on WordPress 4.4 or higher, WooCommerce 2.6 or higher and change the default Permalinks setting in WordPress so that custom endpoints are supported.

With the above environment, the WooCommerce API and Clarity connector provides us access to most data within the system (i.e. coupons, customers, orders, refunds, products, variations, attributes, categories, shipping classes, tags, reports, tax rates, and more). This means that we can push orders automatically into your fulfillment process, as well as web-initiated refunds and much, much more. As you can see from this list above, there are a number of key items missing, such as inventory, locations, payment terms, tiered pricing, etc. which are usual fields needed for most B2B implementations. Most of these custom fields need to be added to WooCommerce via a 3rd party plugin that would provide that B2B functionality. From there, we can use the webhook endpoint exposed by the API to access that new information in the database and pass it back and forth to the back-office application and business process. This means that we can do real-time inventory validation, split shipping, location-based shipping estimates and inventory, multi-tiered pricing for customer types and much more.

Powerful Integrations Into Your Business

Clarity, over the course of the last 13 years, has developed and launched over 1,000 websites, containing thousands of integrations with hundreds of applications. Many integrations we do are common and easy. These types of integrations would be with applications like UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Avalara Sales Tax, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Infusionsoft and applications that are more of a highly-available API. For these, we’re just making a simple call to get a piece of information, such as a shipping rate or simply capturing an email address in a web form and pushing into an email distribution list. Those integrations are usually one-way, read or write-only, quick and relatively inexpensive. The integrations we’re talking about here are the bi-directional, read and write, with significant business logic workflow integrations. These are integrations where we’re actually integrating the front-office web property (portal, storefront, marketplace, etc.) tightly with the back-office ERP, CRM or EMR / EHR. Here are just a handful of the WooCommerce integrations possible using the Clarity Connect platform:

Level Up Your Business

What Type of Automated Business Processes Can We Do?

The list of possible business logic that we can build into your system is virtually endless, and is only bounded by your company’s own business processes and back-office applications’ capabilities. Here are just a few of the commonly implemented “touches” or integration workflows that we’ve seen within our own implementations:

img description
icon description Tracking Analytics Visitor Profiling & Lead Capture
  • Visitor browses the storefront, doesn’t buy anything
  • Process grabs browser’s IP, posts cookie to user’s system, adds new lead to CRM with record that user @ IP address browsed X products
  • User returns, back-end sees cookie and that they “like” power tools, serves up a coupon for 10% off power tools
  • User purchases, registers user account, system matches cookie to IP address in lead, turns lead into contact record with user and purchase information
icon description Intuitive Sales Insight
  • User browsing, purchasing behavior all recorded as activities within their CRM record
  • System records every visit to site as an “activity” in CRM. Sales can now have “Customers at Risk Report” where [contact < 2 visits within last 90 days = at risk]
  • Sales Reps now can easily see buying habits, patterns, trends, logins or lack thereof, of all their accounts
icon description Real-Time Automation Product / Inventory Sync
  • Your company has all product information, including stock in your ERP
  • Integration pulls / populates all product information into storefront automatically
  • Updates to product, stock quantities, product pricing automatically get pulled every X minutes or hours
  • Multiple integrations can be used to integrate with different warehouses so a single storefront could display accurate inventory stock and process orders to the closest warehouse for
icon description Innovative Account Validation
  • User logs in, system looks up user, belongs to ACME Corp
  • Looks up ACME Corp, is account at risk / on hold? Can user purchase on account?
  • What pricing does ACME Corp get? i.e. Are they a reseller, wholesaler, distributor, VIP customer, etc.?
  • What products are visible to ACME Corp in the store?
  • Does ACME Corp have any unpaid invoices, past orders, etc. to post?
icon description Streamlined Checkout Validation
  • Pull in Company Billing information
  • Pull in Company Ship To Addresses
  • Offer ability to enter PO if client can purchase on account
  • Display printable receipt at checkout
icon description Order Simplicity Invoicing & Payments
  • User enters a PO number at checkout
  • System pushes order to back-office system
  • Either back-office or Clarity eCommerce generates and emails/posts invoice to client
  • Customers can view, print and pay invoices online
icon description Efficient Multi-Vender Drop Shipping
  • Set up EDI integration for each vendor
  • Integration populates each vendor’s inventory stock quantities and pricing
  • User makes purchase on storefront, system splits order items into separate orders, sends to each vendor automatically for fulfillment / drop-shipping
icon description Ease of Use Login Authentication
  • User visits portal, creates a user record (registers)
  • System looks up user in CRM, if exists adds login activity, if doesn’t exist creates new CRM contact

We’ve seen hundreds of custom workflows. Most businesses have some processes that require customization. The Clarity Connect platform is made to customize and build onto its workflow logic. These workflows are meant to automate and improve business processes, as well as help speed up and improve customer services.

A Robust and Dynamic B2B Platform Becomes Increasingly Essential

In today’s competitive B2B markets, customers are demanding the latest self-service conveniences. B2B companies now offer custom products, small-batch orders, multiple company products on marketplace websites and other conveniences to deliver exceptional customer experiences. WooCommerce integration with other software applications offer the kind of user-friendly applications that customers demand. One study found that 93 percent of B2B customers now prefer to close deals online without the intervention of staff or salespeople. [5] About one million salespeople are predicted to become unemployed between 2018 and 2020 because of this trend.

That’s why having a robust and dynamic self-service website has become almost mandatory. WooCommerce offers a free sales platform and hundreds of open source features, apps and extensions that are especially beneficial for building a customer-centric platform.

image description
img description
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  2. 5 Reasons Why a WooCommerce Integrated Wholesale Store is Perfect for Your B2B
  3. WooCommerce the Right Platform to Build a Wholesale Business Website?
  4. Add New WooCommerce Orders to Salesforce as Leads
  5. Top 6 Best B2B eCommerce Solutions to Catch the Wave

Better Insights

Improving sales insights into customer / partner activity

img description

Higher Return Rate

Increasing sales to existing customer (60-70% likely) vs. selling to a new prospect (only 5-20% likely - Marketing Metrics)

img description

Increased Loyalty

Increased customer loyalty - just a 5% reduction in customer decection can increase profits 5-95% (Bain & Company)

img description

Improved Experience

Improve Customer Experience with better data (i.e. order status, online membership renewals, loyalty rewards points programs, etc.)

img description

Effective Marketing

Better / more effective marketing from the information to plan and run targeted campaigns, cross sell / up sell / recommend products, etc.

img description

Improved Sales

Improved Sales - your sales personnel can use the information like YTD Sales, MTD Sales, Accounts Receivable aging, Credit hold, etc.

img description

Smarter Planning

Cross-channel information allows you to better forecast your pipeline and schedule procurement / manufacturing accordingly.

img description

Base eCommerce Website

Expand Panels For More Detail


Core website features

Fixed Price | Incudes: Website + Administrative Portal


Clarity works with a number of CMS platforms, and will recommend a specific platform based on the technical requirements of your project and your specified budget. Most complex sites (i.e. sites that require custom development) are built using DNN, since it's based on .NET and very secure and developer friendly. Simple / marketing sites are often done on WordPress.

  • WYSIWYG editor for easy content creation, editing, updates.
  • Drag and drop module placement for changing page layouts and designs (requires no coding).
  • SEO panel for optimizing search engine meta tags.
  • Unlimited pages, graphics, content (no additional cost).

Site Design

Clarity's designers work with you and / or your team on your site design. This iterative process allows you to see and work with multiple designs from concepts to final mockups, allowing your to review with your team, provide feedback and approval, before any construction on the site begins.

  • Basic design of home page and an internal page, based on your design requirements.
  • Light customization of header, footer, menu and color palette for professional presentation.
  • $100 credit towards free graphics / graphic work to ensure great site imagery.

Responsive Template

Unless specifically building a tablet or phone app, all of Clarity's websites are built on a mobile responsive template. This facilitates an optimal user experience for your visitors, no matter what viewing resolution or device they're on. It also meets Google's mobile experience requirements, to help your site rank higher during keyword searches.

  • Mobile responsive web site for optimized mobile experience.
  • Helps Google rankings by being mobile friendly.
  • Some sites have up to 50% of their visitors on mobile devices.

Mobile Menu

Since each site is mobile responsive, it will need a mobile menu, often visible and referred to as a "hamburger menu." This menu is auto-displayed for smaller viewing resolutions (tablet, smart phone) and facilitates intuitive navigation with little real estate.

  • Addition of mobile menu. Auto-switches for mobile devices.
  • Ensures all mobile users can navigate your site properly.
  • Separate mobile "hamburger" menu included for mobile navigation.

Dev Environment

Clarity works with you to determine the most optimal development platform for your project. Sometimes that may mean that we remotely access your servers, but most of the time, Clarity will create a development instance on our servers, providing secure access to your team during the process. Once the project has passed User acceptance testing, Clarity will provide a launch plan to take the site into production. Finally, a plan for ongoing maintenance, testing and updates will be put in place.

  • Secure IP blocked environment for development.
  • IP exceptions for your team means that your team can monitor or participate throughout the entire project - no surprises.
  • Environment can persist for future update pre-testing and development enhancements.
  • Like driver's education, we actively train and invite your team to participate, so we can hand-off future site updates.

Core eCommerce Features

Fixed Price | Incudes: eCommerce + Administrative Portal

Product Catalog

Clarity eCommerce comes with a highly customizable product catalog, which is designed to be customized to help drive traffic, improve user experience and be tailored to your specific business and process needs. So whether you've got products, services, exploded views, custom configurators, and more, Clarity's product catalog's got you covered.

  • Product image galleries with zoom, default image, and alt tagging.
  • Unlimited dependent and non-dependent categories (nesting) and product attributes.
  • Pricing logic (pricing tables) normally sync'd w/ ERP, but can Clarity pricing module for SMB if no ERP.
  • Unlimited associated products lists - Related or Similar, Up-sell, Cross-sell, Accessories.
  • Tangible and digital downloadable products.
  • Ituitive navigation w/ page breadcrumb links.
  • Custom search engine - parts / model search, predictive auto-fill, search history, index product brochures and PDFs, more.
  • Product Attributes customizable out-of-the-box for brochures, warranty cards, embedded videos and more.


Clarity's platform has your shopping cart (where you add / review products), a mini-cart (right sidebar that follows you through checkout) and a micro-cart (in the header, with sub-total and product count). The shopping cart also includes the checkout process, which Clarity extends, allowing you to customize your checkout process, including adding handling fees, up-sell / cross-selling products, guest checkout and much more.

  • Ability to edit and save carts.
  • Auto-filled in Billing Address if existing customer (may require CRM or ERP integration for account-based information).
  • Discounts, Coupons. Create your own promo codes - start/expire dates, combine w/ others, use limits, per order / product and more.
  • Guest checkout options.
  • Persistent items in cart with no checkout. Items are saved for your customers' next visit.
  • Auto-fill in shipping address(es) from address book.
  • Multiple payment method support (credit card, PayPal, ACH, eCheck, invoice from PO, more*).


Clarity has worked with and integrated with more than 50 shipping carriers. Besides the standard carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL), since we work with many B2B clients, we've integrated with many LTL carriers. The shipping process can also be customized to facilitate custom handling (i.e. packaging to account for specific layers per palette, etc.) to improve the accuracy of your shipping estimates.

  • Shipping integration w/ UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS (optional upgrade to LTL Trucking Companies or Carriers).
  • Real-time shipping costs calculations.
  • Can offer free shipping at the order (i.e. orders over $50), or product level (no sales tax on consumables).
  • Shipping tracking numbers recorded to orders in user dashboard.


Clarity has a built in sales tax table, which will calculate simple sales taxes for each state. For more accurate sales tax calculations, address validation and state sales tax submissions, Clarity is a certified Avalara Sales Tax partner and can integrate Avalara tax into your site.

  • Regional sales tax calculations from table.
  • Real-time Sales Tax calculations (*with Avalara Sales Tax Integration *certified).
  • Tax Free Accounts (may require EIN or ERP for account tax status).
  • Calculated in real-time at checkout.

Customer Portal / User Dashboard

While every Clarity eCommerce implementation is unique, one common feature is the user dashboard. This means that your users can log in and view all their past orders, invoices, quotes, favorites, as well as manage their address book and wallet. Clarity can also customize your dashboard to include user access management (i.e. procurement, invoicing / reporting, ordering, etc.), as well as custom CRO options for upselling close-out items, for example.

  • Date range control for order history and status.
  • Single-click re-ordering individual items from past orders.
  • Date range control for viewing and / or paying Invoices.
  • Personal / Organization Address Book for multiple shipping locations.
  • Personal / Organization Wallet (Securely store and manage credit cards - *PCI DSS compliant).

Product Management

Clarity provides a wide variety of product management capabilities to match your company's needs. This includes multiple product import / creation capabilities, unlimited categorization and product attributes, custom SEO meta tags to improve your search rankings, custom pricing tables for multi-tiered pricing, product kits / bundling, multiple variations and much more.

  • Product import wizard.
  • Unlimited products, customizable attributes, multi-category assignements.
  • SEO configuration per product page.
  • Product kits (Bundles), product variants w/ price uplifting (XXL costs $5 more, etc.).
  • Activate, de-activate, stage and delete products.

Account Management

For clients with CRM and ERP systems, Clarity integrates your eCommerce implementation with your back-office to help automate and improve account management. For SMB or smaller companies with no back-office system, Clarity has built-in modules to provide basic account management, accounts payable and receivable, sales reports, and pricing tables to handle your different account types.

  • Full account management with CRM / ERP integration.
  • Basic accounts / contacts / sales orders / etc. without ERP / CRM integration.
  • Accounts receivable, sales orders, account status, sales tracking and much more.
  • Users and role assignment for procurement / orders or paying invoices.

Inventory Management

Most inventory management is automated with an integration to your ERP, however, if your company doesn't have an ERP, or doesn't maintain inventory stock in your ERP, Clarity eCommerce has a built in inventory stock count capability. This features allows you to specify individual warehouses and inventory counts for each product, which are auto-decrimented according to sales orders.

  • Inventory module to manage stock quantities if no ERP integration.
  • Out-of-stock and automatic in-stock notifications.
  • Built-in perpetual inventory tracking per warehouse.
  • *Custom inventory tracking for kit components required for bundling.


If you don't already know, your product catalog can be turned into an SEO goldmine. Imagine every product page, optimized so that users searching for a product or service could be driven directly to your product or service page. With Clarity eCommerce, you can. We've included full SEO customization and optimization for every product in the catalog, with the ability to auto-build your XML files for webmaster tools.

  • Products Sitemap XML auto-generator.
  • Category Sitemap XML auto-generator.
  • Configure or import SEO title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, SEO URL per product.
  • Configure SEO-friendly category URLs and landing pages.

No Limits or Hidden Fees

Many eCommerce platforms have a base price, manual maintenance, per transaction fees and more. Not Clarity. You pay a one-time fee for only the modules your implementation will use, then a pro-rated license fee when you decide you want to upgrade to a newer version. Your license allows unlimited SKUs, unlimited categories / sub-categories, unlimited product attributes, unlimited transactions, and so on.

  • No limits on coupons redeemed, number of users / accounts / products, etc.
  • Unlimited number of categories, sub-categories and product attributes.
  • No per-transaction fees, monthly usage fees, etc.

Development APIs

Clarity's platform uses only the latest and best technologies. This includes Angular.js, C#, SQL, and much more. Clarity uses Service Stack to expose more than 1,000 endpoints for not only our developers, but yours as well. It allows our clients to highly customize the implementation, matching needs that arise as their business grows and changes.

  • Service Stack means supports JSV, CSV, XML, SOAP, JSON languages.
  • Over 1,000 endpoints exposed means full access to system.
  • Integrated documentation - XSDs, WSDLs included with API.


Monthly Fee | Can be self-hosted, 3rd party or through Clarity™

Development Environment

When you sign up for hosting, it usually means that your site will be one of 80 to 200 sites on that server. Clarity provides hosting options where we limit the number of sites per server to between 10 and 20, to ensure high performance. We also pre-cache high traffic pages of your site, as well as ping your site every 5 minutes. If the site doesn't respond, it pages us 24 x 7, so by the time you know there's a problem, we're either already on it, or have it fixed.

  • Secure IP blocked environment for development.
  • IP exceptions for your team means that your team can monitor or participate throughout the entire project - no surprises.
  • Participating means that, like driver's education, at the end of the project, we hand over the keys and your team can "drive" (i.e. have been trained to handle ongoing maintenance and edits if desired).
  • Environment can persist for future update pre-testing and development enhancements.

Hardware Requirements

Clarity's eCommerce and Integration platforms run on a standard Windows Server 2012 R2 and newer, running MSSQL 2008 and newer (can use SQL Express), IIS 8.5, .NET 4.6 framework, which is available at any hosting facility. The two platforms can also run independently, for scenarios where the eCommerce site is in the cloud, but Connect needs to be in the client DMZ, for example.

  • Industry-standards means you can select almost any hosting provider.
  • Windows Server 2012, IIS, SQL Server, .NET Framework.
  • Based on traffic, site content, security needs, can specify hard drive space, load balancing, cloud config, back ups, disaster recovery, etc.
  • Shared or dedicated hosting plans.


As above, Clarity eCommerce and Connect can be on the same server in the cloud, on premises, or installed separately for custom installations. It's also architected and tested for Microsoft Azure implementations. The architecture also allows it to be hosted on your company's network if needed. This provides flexibility for custom integration or security requirements (i.e. international, banking, etc.).

  • Persistent Development Environment (future update testing).
  • After-hours Production roll-outs.
  • Optional monitoring and 24-hour paging.
  • Based on your needs - development -> staging -> production.


Over the course of launching 1,300+ web properties, Clarity has worked with hundreds of hosting providers. Clarity works with each client's project requirements and budget to recommend options for hosting. Clarity also has their own dedicated servers that they've purchased at their favorite hosting providers, giving them better access to provide better support for those clients wanting active monitoring.

  • State-of-the-art, card access controlled, secure data centers.
  • Onsite 24/7/365 technical support and security personnel.
  • Redundant cooling, clean power, air filtration, back-up generators, Tier 1 bandwidth providers.
  • SSAE-16 / SAS70 / ISO Certifications.

Project Services

Fixed Price | Includes: Basic Discovery, Core Implementation, and Core Project Management & QA

Strategy Consultation

Every Clarity project begins with a web strategy session, where we define each site's marketing and sales goals, visitor personas, as well as, overall goals and design elements of your project. We also discuss the many analytics tools that are available to you, to ensure that we can define what success is, and what metrics we want to capture to monitor it. Finally, notes from this meeting are provided to both teams, so that any resource that joins the project, can review the document and be "up-to-speed" on what the key goals of the project are.

  • Visitor / Personna definitions - review content for accuracy.
  • Sales & Marketing goals and calls-to-action defined.
  • Site metrics, success definitions.
  • Conversions, SEO strategy discussed.

Project Managemnet

Each eCommerce, mobile or integration project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager. This person will be responsible for your project's communication and coordination. They will also allocate and monitor all resource and hourly usage and reporting. They will also host your Sprint reviews, as well as, provide ongoing project status reports.

  • Dedicated Project Manager.
  • Online Project management portal.
  • Bi-weekly Sprint reviews.
  • Monthly Project Status Reports.
  • Live access to the development site.

Technical Discovery

Simultaneous to the wireframing and design phase, there will be technical resources that will be putting together the project's technical specification, infrastructure design, hosting options and more. Similar to the architect drawing up the blueprints (design), and the construction manager putting together the construction manual (functional spec) of how that design will be actually built, Clarity ensures that before any actual construction, we have an approved design, detailed technical specs, approved / adjusted budget and a detailed Gantt chart.

  • Multi-track discovery and design process.
  • Technical research into hosting, security, integration(s), shipping, taxes, business logic and workflow, etc. Output is a functional design specification.
  • Designer works with team, style guide, ideas and inspirational elements. Output may produce wireframes, prototype and design mockups.
  • Project Manager reviews all estimates based on completed designs and specifications. Output is updated proposal, Gantt chart and workback schedule.

SEO Consultation

As a full-service firm, Clarity is SEO (search engine optimization) certified and can help to ensure that is you build it, it can be optimized to drive traffic to it. SEO is coupled with an equal effort in CRO (conversion rate optimization), and Clarity can help to design and address the necessary elements to improve site conversions

  • 301 Re-directs to protect existing SEO rankings.
  • Clarity is SEO certified to help consult on both past performance and future strategies.
  • Free SEO consultation to discuss auditing, planning, strategies and execution.
  • Website micro-audits for ongoings site health and performance.
  • Clarity is happy to either help with auditing, planning, executing or training your team to do the work yourselves.

Team Training

As an extension of your team, Clarity treats the project build time as "driver's ed" so once the site launches, we want your team to be trained and familiar with the site, able to handle daily updates and maintenance. Clarity can, if needed, handle any and all ongoing maintenance and updates, but wants that to be your decision. If at any time your team needs additional training, Clarity is happy to step up and facilitate that.

  • CMS training included in every project. We enable your team to maintain your site going forward.
  • *Optional develper training for programming against our API.
  • *Optional DBA training for SQL report building. Dev Express report builder license included with any purchased eCommerce license.
  • Training sessions are done by screen-sharing and can be recorded and provided to your team as training videos, for either review or getting new employees up to speed with your site.

Maintenance / Support Plans

Once your project is "in production," ongoing maintenance is done at your agreement's hourly rate. The agreement provides you with a relationship with Clarity where we continue to provide you free estimates and consulting, only billing for actual hours worked as you request. Clarity does have an available SLA (Service Level Agreement), where you can pay for guaranteed response times for site issues, for those companies with critical availability needs.

  • No ongoing "use it or lose it" fees.
  • 12-months maintenance locked in at project rates.
  • Only pay for work performed.
  • *Optional SLA available for guaranteed response times.
  • *Optional upgrade, security, performance plans.

Bench / Fractional

As a full-service firm, Clarity has resources for everything you may need for your project. This includes designers, SEO and marketing consultants, front-end developers, project managers, back-end developers, integration specialists and testing (QA) engineers. As an extension of your team, you're allowed to "hire" or use only those resources that you need, or that your project will require. So even if we're building you a mobile app, if your marketing team needs an SEO consultant, you've got access to our full technical team.

  • SEO / CRO consulting.
  • Wireframes, proto-types, design mockup designers.
  • Front-end web and mobile app developers.
  • Back-end, custom coding developers.
  • Line of Business application integration specialists.

Optional Features

Expand Panels For More Detail

Line of Business Application Integrations (ERP, CRM, EHR/EMR etc.)

Variable | Modules available for fixed cost + services for customization


Clarity has done thousands of integrations to hundreds of different applications. Each project, even if we've done that integration before, is unique in that it's not the integration that's difficult, it's what we do through the integration to help facilitate improving your site's business processes. The goal being to either help automate and improve business processes, or to help drive and increase business growth.

  • Real-time and / or batch, secure communication w/ LOB applications.
  • Automate custom business processes.
  • Sync to improve data quality - no more manual entry in multiple locations, causing typos, duplicates and dirty data.
  • Improve UX to drive and close business.


ERP's (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications are used by which a company (often a manufacturer) manages and integrates the important parts of their business. An ERP system integrates areas such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources. Facilitating real-time integration of your website (eCommerce site, Portal, mobile app, etc.), allows users to become a part of your business system. This can be from real-time inventory stock counts, automated in-stock notifications, automated sales quotes and orders, and much more.

  • Automate perpetual inventory.
  • Sync product meta data.
  • Pull customer type and pricing class data.
  • Pull account status updates (is client account on hold?)
  • Process order fulfillment, sales order processing, and more.


CRM's (Customer relationship management) applications are used by companies to capture leads and track them through the sales cycle. This includes all activities related to leads, opportunities, contacts and accounts. The thing that's normally missing from a CRM is actual client activity data that's without typos, etc. Integrating your site to your CRM allows the system itself to record all client activity (visits, product views, forms, downloads, orders, new user sign ups, etc.) and add it as activity records automatically in the CRM. This removes human errors and provides improved sales insight for your company.

  • CRM can be used as the eCommerce authentication.
  • Sync account and contact data (can logged in user purchase on account, etc.?)
  • New purchasers can create new Account / Contact records in CRM.
  • CRM Contact / Account info can auto-populate shipping / billing addresses.
  • Contact behavior can be pushed to CRM as activities for Sales Reps.


EHR or EMR's (Electronic Health / Medical Records) are applications used by medical staff to document the health, diagnosis and treatment of patients. The EMR is usually only used within an organization (such as a hospital), whereas the EHR is meant to be used by all clinicians involved in a patient's care, no matter the organization (primary doctor, surgeon, lab, specialist, etc.). Clarity has built a number of HIPAA portals and mobile medical applications that upload data to a patient's record (i.e. daily glucose readings, etc.). Integration with an EHR facilitates the needed flow of data to improve the patient's course of treatment.

  • Sync patient care, past health and online billing (patient portal).
  • Share patient health information between providers.
  • Integrated push / email notifications based on lab results.
  • Decrease medical coding errors.
  • Create self-help patient policies, procedures and care instructions.

Supply Chain

A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. Integration of your supply chain can facilitate automated inventory management, drop-shipping, and much more. Because there can be many organizations involved in your supply chain, integration can be difficult and sometimes expensive. That's why Clarity Connect supports many connection types (i.e. EDI, XML, API, DB, etc.) so we can facilitate integrating your entire supply chain.

  • Improve ability to respond to external events quicker.
  • Streamline your inventory management (decrease inventory requirements).
  • Reduce costs, drive margins with tighter supply chain management.
  • Increased efficiency / predictability with more real-time visibility into your suppliers.
  • Eliminate mistakes in orders, confirmations and invoices with automation.


Most companies have multiple back-office applications (i.e. CRM, ERP, Finance, HR, etc.), which many times are installed on premises behind their firewall. When their eCommerce or Portal is installed in the cloud, this poses a unique set of communication and security challenges for data collection. So Clarity will often create a caching database (mini-data warehouse) that can be used to collect and cleanse the data from all the line of business applications.

  • Enrich your data with multiple sources.
  • Lower dirty data by automated data entry / population.
  • Provides better reporting since all collected data is in your format (database).
  • Cleanse, secure, and provide access to your data more easily.


Variable | Modules available for fixed cost + services for customization

International Shipping

International shipping brings with it a myriad of responsibilities and overheads, many of which typically reduce margins and increase lead-times significantly. With the appropriate eCommerce platform and integrations with shipping partners, these overheads can provide you with a strong advantage against competitors in the same space. Clarity eCommerce delivers a fully customizable solution for the following key areas (to show a few) related to international shipping.

  • International customs documentation
  • Commercial invoices & Bill of Lading
  • Picking and packing lists and forms
  • Restricted International Product (RIP) management

Customs / Duties / Taxes

Customs and Duties require significant effort to get right - specifically because the landscape of international shipping requirements is constantly changing. Due to the dynamic nature of international customs & duties, Clarity eCommerce leverages 3rd party integrations that make the latest international shipping forms, documentation and resources available to each of our international enabled eCommerce projects.

  • Shipper’s export declarations & forms
  • Commercial invoices & bill of lading
  • Export packing lists
  • Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) and Delivery Duties Unpaid (DDU) Capable

Multi-Lingual Support

Multi-Lingual eCommerce is a key requirement for any international commerce platform that needs to saturate global markets. The multi-lingual architecture of the Clarity eCommerce platform enables Clients to take advantage of fully customizable system languages (with many common defaults) as well as highly customizable content localization options as well. Below are some of the key facets of the multi-lingual commerce platform Clarity offers.

  • Fully customizable labels, system screens, etc.
  • Default languages to speed delivery
  • Robust management screens to enable 3rd party translation groups
  • Easy to use language selector with different styling and designs
  • Right to left friendly design
  • Advanced integration capabilities with Google Translate

Multi-Currency Payments

Multi-Currency eCommerce is a key component of enabling a low-friction interaction throughout international eCommerce transactions. Customers from all over the world will each have different "default" currencies and as a result, the most competitive international eCommerce platforms offer these default currencies to their customers. The Clarity eCommerce platform enables robust delivery of multi-currency eCommerce cabalities including but not limited to the below items.

  • Currency conversion and periodic rate polling or real-time polling
  • Detailed logging of sold currency and converted currency
  • Robust capabilities for integrating language and currency selection options
  • Advanced multi-currency payment provider partnerships - reducing risk for transactions
  • Capabilities for escrow and pay-upon-delivery type of options for customers

Multi-Store / Omnichannel

Variable | Modules available for fixed cost + services for customization

Filtered Catalog

The product catalog system enables multi-store and channel specific filtering. This can be location specific, channel specific, brand, division or site-domain specific (and more). Due to the highly customizable nature of the platform it can effectively deliver a filtering capability based on any data within the system.

  • Advanced filtering with multi-filtering and infinite category/sub-category capability
  • Show/hide categories based on store, domain, brand, etc.
  • Responsive user interface based on device / channel
  • Specific pricing, availability, inventory locator, etc.

Customer-Branded Portals

The eCommerce platform enables a very robust branding capability by portal/site. This allows Clients to give access to their customers to self brand or for Clients to use their administrative dashboard to customize each of their customer's sites (logo, colors, styles, product availability, pricing, etc.).

  • Robust customization per customer
  • Customer specific dashboard to enable logo, branding, content, product customization
  • Customer specific pricing, inventory management, etc.
  • Allow customers to set roles within their organization for access to different levels of capability (i.e. view only, finance, purchasing, executive, etc.)

Distributor Stores

Distributor stores typically need the ability to cater the specific content, product data and many times the branding to enable their specific presentation to display as expected.

  • Distributor-unique store content customization
  • Capability to upload products specific to the distributor
  • Branding and design customization per distributor
  • Inventory, pricing and display rules that are distributor specific

Store within a Store

Marketplace or store within a store (multi-store) allows users to create buyer or seller accounts. The seller accounts are able to upload products and present them for sale within their own customizable store. The system enables aggregate searching across all sellers' offerings - and then store or seller specific filtering

  • Robust marketplace capabilities with approval process for new content
  • Advanced filtering and store within a store drill-down
  • Buyer & seller contact and chat, review order details and escrow-return processes
  • Seller can specify different payment, shipping, and other options


Franchises typically will want to pull in standard sets of content from their corporate marketing team while still being able to cater the offerings and content they show on their site to match their specific franchise. Clarity eCommerce allows Franchises to pull content from their parent organization while enabling Franchise specific overrides and tokenization. The platform also enables Franchises to "subscribe" to receive updates from the corporate or divisional regions for marketing and product data.

  • Content management to enable subscription (Auto-approve, manual, reject) from parent organization
  • Advanced tokenization and override capabilities to enable specific fine-tuning of content by franchise
  • Franchises can "subscribe" to products and product categories to show as well as override pricing and inventory levels
  • Franchises can specify different payment, shipping, taxes, branding and other options

Design (UI / UX)

Variable | Modules available for fixed cost + services for customization

Logo / Branding Design

Clarity's branding, design and logo capabilities allow our Clients to engage not just for a technology solution but also a full branding solution.

  • Overall branding and design discovery
  • Full branding, style guide and corporate branding guidelines
  • Logo discovery and design
  • Logo useage and guidelines

Full Custom Site Design

Clarity's full custom site design work allows your team to explore different site design options with our experienced, seasoned professionals. We deliver on dozens and dozens of projects per year and have delivered on hundreds and hundreds. We'll design a site, with your team's feedback, that delivers on your company's vision.

  • Experienced design professionals
  • Complete site customizability
  • Detailed design and discovery process
  • We distill our decades of experience into your project

Custom UX Wireframing

Clarity's team of design and user experience experts pour over and study user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) best practices. We're constantly working on improvements that will reduce friction and enable users to take action. As a result we bring these skills into each wireframing and UI/UX process we engage in.

  • Immersive, friction reducing user experience
  • Deep industry knowledge to deliver best practices while crafting to your vision
  • Advanced wireframing tools to help discovery process flow seamlessly
  • Customizable UI wireframes for standard screens to streamline process for core screens

Content Styling

Content styling is critical to enable improved CRO (conversion rate optimization). As a result, Clarity will bring team members to bear on your project (if you'd like) to help train you/your team or directly execute on content styling work to ensure the site content is compelling and results in action from site visitors.

  • Conversion rate optimization reviews and recommendations
  • Content styling training or direct work available from Clarity
  • Advanced version control and templating to allow re-use of content and recovery from typical scenarios
  • Action oriented content - leverage calls to action that match your businsses' Clients

Wizards / Product Selectors

Wizards / Product selectors are a vitally important component for many Clients who offer products that aren't commonly known, are challenging to find using traditional means or simply don't make sense to some or all site visitors. Clarity has delivered dozens of wizard/product selector components and will bring those solutions and experiences to bear.

  • Category, sub-category, product, variant, etc. drill down
  • Step by steps questionairre possible to drill into detail
  • Progress indicator and highly customizable design to show very little or significant detail
  • Final result can show a category, product, catalog display with results or other options

Project Prototyping

Clarity's design and development team will typically recommend a project prototype of some form for any medium-large sized project that involves rather unique or complex functionality. If this is the case, the prototyping allows your team members to review and visit a "mock" version of the site that doesn't have advanced business logic nor live data but that does represent a very similar experience as what site users would find.

  • Advanced design to show prototyped scenarios
  • Clickable interface to allow your team to simulate visiting the site and interacting with it
  • Helps eliminate "bad ideas" before they get out of design and into development
  • Helps reduce timeline and budget most of the time when used

Marketing (SEO / CRO)

Variable | Modules available for fixed cost + services for customization

SEO Consulting

Clarity's team of experts have delivered on hundreds of Client projects with organic search engine optimization (SEO) as a major focus. As a result, our team is constantly improving our skillset and brings that to bear on your project - be it eCommerce or otherwise. There are many detailed facets of SEO that include on-page optimization (meta information, indexing, sitemaps, robots.txt, internal linking, etc.), off-page optimization (link building, link monitoring, competitor reviews, keyword rank-tracking, etc.) as well as analytics and reporting.

  • WYSIWYG editor for easy content creation, editing, updates.
  • Drag and drop module placement for changing page layouts and designs (requires no coding).
  • SEO panel for optimizing search engine meta tags.
  • Unlimited pages, graphics, content (no additional cost).

CRO Consulting

Conversion rate optimization is a key strategy focus to ensure that visitor's friction to taking action is as minimal as possible. There are considerable studies and resources available that our team continuously reviews and keeps up to date with to help make precise recommendations and improvements. We then will help provide tracking and analytics that will monitor for the conversion rate optimizations that yield the best results and continue to orient toward those.

  • Experienced conversion experts
  • Recommendations based on industry research and best practices
  • Detailed A/B and multi-variate testing platform to ensure oriented toward optimal long-term configuration
  • Streamline flow from visit to results

Marketing Consulting

Clarity's marketing team provides services and support for many Clients who range in their needs from minor recommendations on a quarterly basis to more hands-on consultation where we're engaged in immersive projects and weekly if not daily reporting. No matter where within that spectrum your company's needs may lie, we're happy to bring our decades or marketing (and specifically - digital marketing) experience to bear.

  • Decades of digital marketing experience
  • Search Engine Marketing (Pay per click, banner advertising, mobile marketing, social media marketing, etc.)
  • Email marketing, re-targeting, exit intent marketing, etc.
  • Robust reporting and analytics to help enable marketing decisions and objectives (target vs. actual with recommendations to ensure moving toward objectives)

BI (Business Intelligence) Reporting

Variable | Modules available for fixed cost + services for customization

Business Intelligence

Clarity's business intelligence platform enables robust dashboards and specific, role based access and reporting. Specifically, the platform has advanced counters that can be turned on for any/all business processes as well as very granular site visitor tracking (for example did they view a product detail page but not add an item to the cart, etc.). This level of detail allows Clarity's team to leverage the data obtained in aggregate through the site and per user to offer enhanced results and interactions with the site that leverage personalization and in some cases machine learning.

  • Robust role based dashboards
  • Extremely powerful tracking and counter system to monitor specific business workflows and trigger action based on those
  • Robust user level tracking to determine goal pipelines, provide personalization as well as enable global "intelligence" in the site
  • Ability to enable internal triggers based on thresholds to notify of low-inventory, low conversion, show higher margin products more often, etc.


Clarity's reporting platform enables off-the-shelf standard reports as well as the ability to clone those reports and modify them -or- the ability to create new reports from scratch. The reporting platform has a role based access capability to restrict access to the report builder. For those with access, they can create reports by joining logical entities, applying filters and logic and creating auto-generated reports that get emailed to a distribution list (if desired) or that are available on demand from the dashboard. The reporting tools will also export to standard formats including but not limited to Excel, CSV, PDF, Word, etc.

  • Advanced reporting engine with report builder
  • Auto-email distribution list at periodic intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Export formats include Excel, CSV, PDF, Word, etc.
  • Robust role based security capability

So, What Does It Look Like?

Components, modules, structure, and all the fun tech that plays together

Clarity Connect™ was built to speak to all of the various APIs that a seamless integration requires to be successful, and to translate the information for use on your front-end website, portal or eCommerce store-marketplace. These APIs allow for the integration to be scalable and secure. Clarity Connect’s architecture provides a robust platform that allows your front-end web property to be connected to your line-of-business applications, which allows you to automate and improve both data sharing, as well as automating business processes.

The architecture is a queue-based model that can cache data for validation or translation when being transferred between the applications. The robust API speaks many languages so integrations with databases, supply chains, databases, web services, APIs and more are all out-of-the-box, supported connection types.

For each new application that is connected to, a connector is created. This connector provides the mapping schema for the application, the connection type that is needed (i.e. REST, SOAP, JSON, XML, etc.) and any translate-transform code needed. This means that someone could purchase a product from an online store, like a prescription, and it could be automatically converted to HL7v2, and inserted into the patient record in their doctor’s portal for approval.

  • img description
    Storefronts &
  • img description
  • img description
    Portals &
  • img description
  • img description
Storefronts & Marketplaces
Sub Applications
Services (API)
Business Logic
Providers (Modules)
Models & Mapping
Data Access
  • Oracle
  • My SQL
  • img description
  • MS SQL
  • Azure

What's in our core?

Components, modules, structure, and all the fun tech that plays together

  • Caching
  • Encryption
  • Registry Loading
  • Utilities
  • Files
  • Paging
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Grouping
  • Tagging
  • Searching
  • Name Value Pairing
  • Serializable
  • Type
  • Status
  • State

Plus Much More!

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Using The Data

The Data Access layer enable an ODBC compatible database storage capability. MS SQL is the default database type supported with the platform, however, the Data Access layer architecture enables it to support MySQL, Oracle, Azure, NoSQL for specific use cases, and more...

image description
img description


The Provider (Modules) layer enables robust customization of the core business logic layers without directly modifying the platform's code. It includes:

img description

We’ve partnered with the most trusted names in shipping & logistics

img description
Payment Providers

Confidently run your online business knowing that payments are secure

img description

Our integrated tax partner has done all the hard work so you can start selling faster

  • Pricing
  • Files
  • Memberships
  • Sites & More

Integration Videos

It’s time to stop wasting your resources on the “one size fits all” approach and invest in a platform that will support your current and future business needs properly. The Clarity integration platform is designed to connect any line-of-business application, database, file, EDI feed, API and more with your web portal. It allows full customization of integrations, allowing you to automate and improve many of your business processes, improve data integrity, improve customer satisfaction, order accuracy, custom quoting, invoicing and term payments, multi-tiered pricing...the list goes on.

Clarity Connect™ Integration

Sage X3™ Integration

This short video will walk you through a Sage X3 integration. This integration happens to be to our Clarity eCommerce platform, but it could be any other web portal (WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Sitecore, HIPAA-portal, or any other line-of-business application (Sage X3 <--> CRM, EDI, etc.).

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Clarity Connect™ Integration

CRM-ERP Integration

This short video is an overview of the Clarity Connect platform and covers both the platform and core concepts around using Connect to integrate multiple line-of-business applications, such as your CRM and ERP.

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Clarity Connect™ Integration

Integration Models

This short video discusses the four basic types of integrations, from a traditional ETL (Extract, Translate-Transform from Datasource 1, Load to Datasource 2) model, to Direct API (API to API) model, Hub & Spoke (LOB <--> Central Hub <--> LOB) model and Service Bus (Queue <--> LOB, LOB, LOB, LOB) model.

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Clarity Connect™ Integration

Microsoft Dynamics GP™

This short video will walk you through a pre-production implementation of a custom B2B Clarity eCommerce site and Dynamics GP ERP. The video shows both sides of the integration, demoing how multi-tiered pricing works automatically with a Clarity Connect integration between the applications.

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Resources, Documentation, and Help Guides

How does your ecommerce platform promote business? The same way a website can, through SEO, CRO, real-time intelligent marketing and more. Clarity, building SEO functionality into our ecommerce platform, adds SEO friendly URLs and page titles, and much more all providing rich SEO content to be found by the search engines.

Case Studies and References

Why pay for an online store full of features that you don’t need? With CEF™ you start with standard store elements and add features and customizations as your business sees fit. Our modular architecture and APIs for both CEF™ and Connect™ allows the platform to grow and enhance your business, instead of blocking it.

Case Study

The Newton Group

The Newton Group is one of the industry’s largest purchasing alliances, leveraging the buying power of over 2,500 eye care professionals with over 200 ophthalmic suppliers, shipping tens of thousands of Contact lenses and glasses daily to members nationwide and providing a full range of services and tools to help their partners’ practices thrive. Historically, Newton’s business was that of many phone and email orders each week, as well as a sales portal, which worked pretty well for a number of years. Then with success came volume, translating to thousands of orders each week. Newton needed a way to streamline their ordering process and design a better ordering portal. That’s where Newton partnered with Clarity Ventures to build a custom ecommerce portal that could improve their online ordering process and provide the necessary reports to serve their clients. The ordering portal supplies custom orders for more than 1Million SKUs and processes more than $200Million in orders each year.