Company Portals

With the advancements in security and customizations for Content Management Systems, companies no longer need separate websites for client portals, employee portals, service portals, partner get the picture. Also, while companies may still refer to their employee portal as the "Intranet," it doesn't mean that they need to VPN into the network from their hotel to gain access anymore.

Clarity has built and customized many company portals with customization that dynamically protect and share different information based on who logs in. That means that your "employee" portal, with your HR, 401k and payroll information, can be the same portal that partners log into for training, sales and marketing collateral. Dynamic custom portals like these are more powerful, efficient, are centrally managed and cost a fraction of the price for development and maintenance. So whether you want multiple portals that can share resources, images, files, database and are centrally administered, or want a hybrid combined dynamic portal, call Clarity today to find out how to build our your custom company portal.