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Clarity specializes in employee, client, partner, channel, sales portalsWith the advancements in security and customizations for Content Management Systems, companies no longer need separate websites for client portals, employee portals, service portals, partner get the picture. Also, while companies may still refer to their employee portal as the "Intranet," it doesn't mean that they need to VPN into the network from their hotel to gain access anymore.

Clarity has built and customized many company portals with customization that dynamically protect and share different information based on who logs in. That means that your "employee" portal, with your HR, 401k and payroll information, can be the same portal that partners log into for training, sales and marketing collateral. Dynamic custom portals like these are more powerful, efficient, are centrally managed and cost a fraction of the price for development and maintenance. So whether you want multiple portals that can share resources, images, files, database and are centrally administered, or want a hybrid combined dynamic portal, call Clarity today to find out how to build our your custom company portal.


Law Office of Stepheson, Acquisto & Colman

HIPAA Compliant Legal Portal

The Law Offices of Stephenson, Acquisto & Colman (SAC) is a law firm that specializes in healthcare litigation in pursuing claims against commercial and government payors with regards to denial and contract claim disputes. Priding itself on being of the most automated law firms in the nation, they hired Clarity to build them a next-generation HIPAA compliant extranet portal called SAC Connect. Clarity built in many capabilities that allows the law firm and their clients to securely exchange medical and legal documents in preparation of their cases, as well as the custom reporting to track the numbers and dollars in cases for each client, each division, and type of claim (insurance, Medicare, eligibility and TARS). The custom reporting engine allows them to quickly and easily generate reports on documents from other cases in any date range for reference. (Clarity client)

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Therapist Dashboard & Shared Calendar

At Shining Star Therapy, we don’t just value children; we also deeply value our therapists. We find that our therapists are able to perform their best work when they feel happy, supported, and free from bureaucratic paperwork. That’s why we’re committed to investing in the latest technology to help our therapists manage their notes and tasks efficiently so they can focus more of their energy on investing in children. Technology that led us to partner with Clarity to design us a new website with an integrated secure therapist portal, including integrations with Docusign and Google to ensure that our processes are HIPAA compliant. The Therapist Dashboard provides all of Shiningstartherapy's therapists access to their schedule, client lists, and more at a glance – and being a responsive design, they can use it from mobile device during patient home visits. Real-time access to schedules, payroll, patient progress reports, PTO request forms and more. Best of all, with the integration, Clarity helped Shiningstartherapy to be completely "green." No more paperwork! (Clarity client)

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LDR | Zimmer Biomet

Sales Support Program Management Portal

LDR Medical is a global innovator in Cervical and Spinal devices. Founded in France, they've grown to hold many patents and Government approval for surgical implantation of their devices in many countries around the world. As their sales team travels the globe scheduling meetings and surgeries, they have difficulty having visibility or ability to any VIP calendars for VIP onsite visits. The application allows VIPs to schedule and display available time on the calendar that a sales person can request for a program manager to review and approve before booking.The sales team is constantly scheduling peer-to-peer product reviews, onsite VIP visits, surgical operating room consultations, and all the regulatory and compliance reporting associated with those activities. Lab visits, compliance forms, operation consultations and more are all easily handled via the portal. Clarity also built an interface for reporting on all their activities globally. The portal also integrates all the forms and workflow to ensure proper compliance recording for audit purposes. (Clarity client)

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Global Partner Sales Portal

NexThink is a global technology company providing proactive network monitoring solutions for IT to monitor and predict network issues before they happen. End users report network issues more than twice as often as the backend monitoring tools. That's because they focus on the network and servers, and forget about monitoring the one place where most of the problems originate - the users / desktops. That's where NexThink shines. Headquartered in Switzerland, NexThink has numerous partners around the world. To manage them all, Clarity built them a Partner Sales Portal that contains all their training material, sales and marketing collateral, global events and news, as well as allowing partners to register their leads. This required Clarity to build a Salesforce integration into the portal as well to handle their leads registration. (Clarity client)

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Global Sales & Training Portal

Pervasive Software (an Actian Company) builds and sells an integration platform which allows companies to integrate to virtually any platform or software application. With over 5,000 pieces of sales collateral, 1,000 videos, white papers, brochures, presentations, training sessions, etc. they needed a way to securely and dynamically share it with their employees, as well as their hundreds of global partners. They partnered with Clarity to build a Salesforce integration for the document management, and custom .NET development for custom white-listing registration for partners and more to develop an extremely powerful and flexible partner portal. (Clarity client)

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Corporate Employee Portal

Delaney Hardware has been providing quality hardware for doors for over 20 years to 500,000 units. Door knobs, locks, sets, hinges, deadbolts and more. With so many products, Delaney wanted a way to securely make multiple price lists available to different types of customers (wholesellers, distributors, contractors, etc.), as well as their corporate collateral (401k, health forms, payroll, handbook, etc.) to their employees. Clarity built them a custom DotNetNuke portal with dynamic access roles and turned them loose. They've been adding content on their own now for all their employees, sales reps, partners and distributors. Quick, inexpensive and secure. (Clarity client)

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LDR | Zimmer Biomet

World-wide Employee Community Portal

LDR Medical is a global innovator in Cervical and Spinal devices. Founded in France, they've grown to hold many patents and Government approval for surgical implantation of their devices in many countries around the world. With hundreds of employees in more than 10 countries, LDR called upon Clarity to help them build a portal that can bring their LDR family together. Big announcements, like their IPO on NASDAQ, monthly employee spotlights, global corporate events calendar, marketing collateral (graphics, source files, animations and videos), HR / compliance forms, are just a handful of the many things Clarity builtin to help improve their global communication. (Clarity client)

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