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What's one of the best ways to consistently improve your site rankings, connect with new customers, and build loyalty with existing ones? According to Google, it's to add fresh, new, and relevant content to your website every time it gets crawled. That's where a Blog, if integrated into your website, can provide the most value. Not only does it give you a platform to publish new and fresh content to build on your domain authority, but it's another place where you can use internal linking strategies. Moreover, it can bring an enormous "thought leadership" value to your company. Writing interesting and relevant content is the best way to keep visitors compelled, which keeps them on your site.

Dude Solutions

Custom Searchable, Filterable Blog

At Dude Solutions, we serve the operations leaders who make life better for everyone else. We help them do the best work of their lives - so they can accomplish more than they thought possible. And with them, we've created a cloud platform that's continually improving - so we can optimize the operations of millions of places we depend on. A significant part of what they provide is information. Clarity built a custom Resource Center that has thousands of invaluable pieces of searchable, filterable, easy to find articles, blogs, and more. (Clarity client)

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CFM Distributors

Custom Resource Center, Blog Archive

CFM Distributors is not only a fast growing, expanding company. They've expanded into the digital age by adding online eCommerce to the many physical stores they've already got. Working with Clarity, we've embarked on a strategy of driving traffic to their new online store by implementing a heavy SEO-driven content Resource Center and blog. (Clarity client)

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Integrated SEO-rich Blog

Provance ITAM University Blog. The Provance ITAM Blog provides their clients with advice from their consultants, tips / tricks / best practices in IT Asset Management, Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management & Licensing Compliance and Microsoft System Center implementation. Clarity customized their site with an integrated blog. Their blog not only provides their clients and prospects with great information, it establishes them as a thought leader and provides constantly fresh and SEO-rich updated content for Google, Bing, and Yahoo to crawl to help improve their organic search rankings. (Clarity client)

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Multi-lingual Corporate & Employee Blogs

InduSoft designs and builds SCADA software that uses the web to access data stored on industrial devices, testing and measurement equipment. InduSoft products can be run on personal computers, cell phones, pagers, etc. essentially turning them into industrial automation and test / measurement systems. Clarity designed and built them a high-tech, multi-lingual website, and to match their multi-lingual site, they wanted numerous blogs. Clarity built them an employee blog, and blogs in Spanish, German, and Dutch. See the right Categories for the different languages. (Clarity client)

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Affair Recovery

Multi-Author Integrated Blog

Our story took root in 1984, when founder Rick Reynolds and his wife Stephanie struggled to move past the pain of his infidelity. Even as a marriage counselor and family therapist, Rick had trouble finding resources and programs that could help them recover from the affair and save their marriage. Rick drafted the curriculum for EMS Online (originally called 911 Marriage), and began to use the materials in his own private marriage counseling practice. An important part of that curriculum is the ongoing help provided in their blog. (Clarity client)

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Southern Medical Association

Multiple Filtered Blogs (Podcasts)

SMA built their blog strategy into their website. The blog makes up most of their website, then other menu items go into the blog, but filtered by category, such as: podcasts, news, etc. (Clarity client)

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