Don't Just Market to a Community; Join It


It's one thing to have a social marketing strategy, but it’s a whole other challenge to build a social community. One that comes to you, asks questions, talks to others about you, shares their experiences with you, and best of all, lets you into their inner circle. It’s much easier to influence what is being said about you when you are part of the conversation. That's where forums can help. They provide a “meeting house” where your community can talk about everything going on, both good and bad. You, on the other hand, get to moderate, edit, post and respond to comments. If you don't provide a platform for customers to vent, they'll find another way to do so, and you won't be invited. Let Clarity help you create and participate in your own vibrant community.


Dynamic, Moderated Community Forum

InduSoft designs and builds SCADA software that uses the web to access data stored on industrial devices, testing and measurement equipment. InduSoft products can be run on personal computers, cell phones, pagers, etc. essentially turning them into industrial automation and test / measurement systems. Clarity designed and built them a high-tech, multi-lingual website, as well as building a community forum platform for their partners and clients. (Clarity client)

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Online Social Extensible Forum Software

vBulletin offers a ton of features for servicing a community both on your site, as well as mobile devices. For the company with multiple languages, vBulletin is a great solution.

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Active Social

Active Social Community Forum Software

With features including customizable user profiles, groups, private messages, and events, Active Social offers all the tools needed for an online community. Designed as a module, Clarity can install and configure it natively into your website. Setting up a community has never been this easy.

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