Measure Your Traffic & Measure Success


Measuring sales is pretty straightforward: "How much revenue did we bring in as compared to our projection?" Tracking your marketing impact, on the other hand, is much more difficult. What do you measure? Site traffic, page visits, bounce rates, e-mail opens, click-throughs, goals, funnels, conversions, PPC, organic and page ranks, SEO / SEM – the list goes on. And what's that A/B split testing we keep hearing about? Not only does Clarity understand it all, but we can help you understand these analytics, too, and formulate a strategy to help you measure and improve your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics

Website Analytics Tool

Do you have two different calls to action on the same page which lead to the same destination? Do you ever wonder which one is more successful? Event tracking can accomplish this and more. Event tracking allows you to understand behaviors on your site like nothing else can from visitor flow, to CTA success, to form participation.

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Visitor Tracking Tool .

Are you looking at those totaled visitor statistics in Google Analytics and wondering who those people are? It's possible to know who your visitors are and contact them, even if they don't convert (only 3% of visitors do). With these softwares, Clarity can implement tracking and deliver this information right to your email inbox every hour, day, or week.

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Split Testing Tool

If you have ever struggled deciding which call-to-action, button, form, or other element to publish on your site in an attempt to convert more visitors, A/B and/or multivariate testing is for you. This type of analytics allows you to publish and track the success of different types of elements on your pages. If you A/B test a page for 200 visitors, and Test A converts 30 visitors versus Test B's 10, you then have empirical proof of which element works better.

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User Behavior Tracking Tool

Used by more than 70,000 companies, Visistat drills into the actual user experience on your website to provide predictive analytics and true usage. You can record actual user sessions, watch and see what they do on your site. Get heat maps of where the users' spends time on each page to ensure that is where you put the most relevant data.

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