Display Forms That Will Convert Traffic, Not Drive It Away

Custom Forms

Forms are tough. Sure, they can be easy to design and build, and they’re a quick way to gather information. But they can also promptly scare off prospects because you're asking for their phone number, revenue, number of employees, or other very personal information. It really doesn't matter what information you need; chances are, you'll never get your forms perfect. It takes years of experience and rolling out thousands of forms to know how to design one, when to prompt your prospects to fill them out, what the right number of fields is, and how to obtain information without asking questions that seem presumptuous or personal. That's where Clarity can help. Let our years of experience help keep your prospects focused on clicking that “submit” button.


Metric Conversion Calculator Form

HMT designs and builds above-ground storage tanks for businesses around the world. As such, many of their locations deals with metric measurement instead of the traditional standard measurement set. As such, to help their staff anywhere in the world to be able to quickly convert any value back and forth between the two, they had Clarity build them a custom metric conversion calculator. Now this isn't just a simple calculator. This custom form provides conversions for pressure, temperature, length, weight, volume and area. It also instantly provides all conversions - enter a value for cups and it provides the conversions for milliliters, liters, fluid ounces, pints, quarts and gallons. Try it for yourself! (Clarity client)

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LDR | Zimmer Biomet

Mobile-Friendly Contact & Request Form

LDR Medical, although starting in France a short 15 years ago, has designed and patented almost 20 devices for cervical and thoracolumbar (spine) disc surgeries. As each product is approved, the company has the challenge of marketing it to every surgeon in the country / region where the device is approved. As you can imagine, hundreds of clinical tests must be conducted for each country that they want to apply for "FDA" approval. When the surgeons come to this site and want to register for a surgical consultation or a cadaver lab visit, LDR needed a mobile friendly form to quickly capture their request and provide them with their contact data. (Clarity client)

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ASI Signage

Custom Project Survey Form

ASI’s consultants work closely with each client to thoroughly evaluate the architectural signage needs of each client and project to uncover the risks from the beginning and ensure that the solution is comprehensive and cost effective. Very similar to the way Clarity works, ASI designs custom solutions to meet the exact need of each of their clients. When they wanted a custom website, they came to Clarity and had us help automate their lead generation through a custom survey project questionnaire. (Clarity client)

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Transportation Management Solutions

Custom Forms with Payment Registration

Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) was created with the ever changing market demands in mind. With a clear understanding of the cost of transport these days, TMS has brought together both shippers and suppliers into one online shipping community. Have a truck with room to carry something else? Looking to hitch a ride for some supplies? Have a truck and are looking for loads? Then TMS's website is where you need to be. Clarity built an extensive backend, integrating dozens of shipping company rates and routes, and creating custom forms to handle registering as a shipper or supplier or processing loads and routes. Click here for another form requiring a security code (CAPTCHA). (Clarity client)

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Rareview Macro

Secure Subscription Payment Form

Rareview Macro was founded by some of wallstreet's brilliant minds. Building a new advisory firm to some of the world’s most influential investors and the publisher of the daily newsletter Sight Beyond Sight™, the founders each have more than two decades of financial success, having worked for Merrill Lynch, Bankers Trust, UBS Investment Advisors, Goldman Sachs, just to name a few. To provide access to their online investment newsletter, they hired Clarity to design and build them a website that was clean, easy-to-navigate, and could handle monthly and annual subscription payments from thousands of users. (Clarity client)

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Relevate Auto

Dynamic, Auto-routing Select List Form

For more than 35 years, Relevate Auto has been providing some of the world's most prominent brands with robust data solutions and data management services. As their clientele has grown globally, so has their need for updating their website to serve their growning mobile audience. For their contact us page, Clarity integrated with Google maps, but did it as their background banner. Then we added their office locations, and topped it off with a trick dynamic contact us form. From the drop-down, depending on which category or type of request is being made, through integration, Clarity auto-routes the email to the appropriate person or department to improve efficiency and shorten the time needed to get back to prospects. (Clarity client)

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Footer-based, Clean Design, Styled Form

Just changing the look of a form or number of fields on a form can increase the response rate by 100%! While some forms have to be big (user registration, etc.) most forms don't, especially those where you're trying to get users to register for a white paper or a product trial. Let Clarity help you increase your conversion rates with custom forms.

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Continuus (formerly Southwest Family Care Alliance)

Customer Feedback Form

Over ten years ago, Teri Buros (CEO), was privileged to participate in the transformation of the long-term care system in Wisconsin with the birth of the Family Care program. Throughout these years many dedicated individuals and organizations participated in the development and ultimate expansion of the Family Care program from one pilot county to our current service area of Crawford, Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, Juneau, Richland, and Sauk Counties. Although the dedication of these individuals and organizations has been instrumental in our creation, the driving force has always been and remains our commitment to the idea and value of providing member-centered, outcome-based care to the people we serve, our members. We continue to strive for excellence in the care we provide while being good stewards of public resources through a robust provider network and a skilled workforce at Southwest Family Care Alliance. (Clarity client)

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