Let Customers Sort By What they Value Most

Product Selector-Configurator

It's hard enough to get people to come to your website; you don’t want to watch them get frustrated and leave when the purchasing process isn’t intuitive. People are creatures of habit who follow the path of least resistance. They take the shortest route to work, pick the fastest drive-through line, and are looking for the easiest way to find a product and make their purchase online. How do you make it easy to find a particular part out of 100,000 if the buyer doesn't know the part number? Simply create a wizard or an auto-filtering select process. Remember the CarMax ads? They asked you to pick a price range, type of car, and color; and it returned a precise make, model, year and vehicle that you should buy. It might even have given you ideas about brands you hadn't considered. On another note, have you ever made a purchase on Amazon or eBay and explored the "people who bought this, also bought..." or the "other suggested products" lists? Clarity has built this style of product wizard for many of our clients, which helped them increase their sales dramatically. Let us show you how you can get buyers to purchase more and more often from you.

Manufacturing Client

Custom Product Selection Wizard / Configurator

The biggest issue we had to figure out how to deal with was the non-standardized product data with the literally hundreds of custom fields and attributes for each product. Once we had a content architecture and standardized product data, we built out a custom eCommerce implementation with tons of custom attribute filters. This was not optimal, but required by the client as their clients have been purchasing that way for decades. So Clarity built the filters, but then backed it up with a Product Selection Wizard as well. This wizard walks the customer through answering a few questions, which automatically selects the attribute filters and narrows down their results, which are now done in seconds versus minutes. (Clarity client)

Parts 4 Heating

Custom Product Selector

Although, still under construction, this site is amazing. Over 50 Million SKUs in the database, with most of the small parts (o-rings, washers, gaskets, ignitors, etc.) with no part number on them, make it very difficult for a plumber to search for part replacements. Clarity, on their Clarity eCommerce platform, customized a wizard-driven parts selector, that allows the plumber to answer just a few questions, by selecting images that match what they're looking at to find their replacement among those millions of parts. (Clarity client)

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Prince Manufacturing

Custom Order Configurators

Prince started in business in 1941, as a U.S. manufacturer of hydraulic components specializing in cylinders, mobile valves, gear pumps and motors. When Clarity designed and built their site, one issue that they commonly had was that a client wanted a custom size unit that would require it to be quoted and scheduled for construction. Clarity helped design and build a product configurator that would allow a user to specify their custom requirements, then receive both a quote and estimated time to build, as well as the ability to save the quote to PDF. (Clarity client)

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Product Selection Multi-path

For Just-LeaseIt, Clarity customized the eCommerce design to provide multiple product selection paths to help users find exactly what they need quickly. For example, you could look for a laptop by category "Computers," or by brand "Sony," or from any computer, click on any attribute like "16GM RAM" to view only those devices with 16GB of RAM. (Clarity client)

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The Newton Group

Creative UI Makes Product Selection Easy

Newton is one of the industry’s largest purchasing alliances, leveraging the buying power of over 2,500 eye care professionals with over 200 ophthalmic suppliers, shipping tens of thousands of contact lenses daily to members nationwide and providing a full range of services and tools to help your practice thrive. Their website serves up a product selector UI to these 2,700 visitors that makes it quick and easy to place an order from over one million SKUs. (Clarity client)

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Meetings Data Lists

Custom Database Search Selector

Built from more than 20 years of research, Meetinglists.com is an easy-to-use, searchable online database consisting of high-quality intelligence on groups and meetings taking place in the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Clarity had to build an appointment selector (built on their eCommerce platform) that would allow a user to find hundreds of meetings from tens of thousands of meetings that meet their criteria, then easily purchase and download that information. (Clarity client)

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Matrix Medical

Operating Room Surgery Tracking

The ability to quickly and accurately select and track products is extremely important for this client. Clarity built a surgery tracking application for Matrix Medical that will allow a nurse to quickly scan any medical device, or specify items like sponges and scalpels as surgeons place them in a person. This allows the nurse to track and make sure the items that were place in the body that are not supposed to stay there, come out before the surgeon completes the procedure. (Clarity client)

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