Product Selector-Configurator

It's hard enough to get people to come to your website; you don’t want to watch them get frustrated and leave when the purchasing process isn’t intuitive. People are creatures of habit who follow the path of least resistance. They take the shortest route to work, pick the fastest drive-through line, and are looking for the easiest way to find a product and make their purchase online. How do you make it easy to find a particular part out of 100,000 if the buyer doesn't know the part number? Simply create a wizard or an auto-filtering select process. Remember the CarMax ads? They asked you to pick a price range, type of car, and color; and it returned a precise make, model, year and vehicle that you should buy. It might even have given you ideas about brands you hadn't considered. On another note, have you ever made a purchase on Amazon or eBay and explored the "people who bought this, also bought..." or the "other suggested products" lists? Clarity has built this style of product wizard for many of our clients, which helped them increase their sales dramatically. Let us show you how you can get buyers to purchase more and more often from you.