Pay For Hours, Not Months

Integration - Multiple Custom Integrations

Does it really have to take a year and $50,000 fora custom integration? No. Then why does it normally? Because when it comes to custom website integration, we're not asking the right questions. Basic integrations involve integrating every piece of data between two applications, but what if all you need is to take a name and phone number from a trial download on your website and have it automatically create a lead in your CRM? Or maybe you’d like a system set up such that when a customer logs into your website, their balance from your ERP system is displayed. No matter how simple or complex the integration, rest assured that Clarity Connect (our integration platform) is bid in hours, not months. Let us help you ask the right questions, so we can get you the right answers, at the right price. Clarity has many clients where we've done multiple custom integrations (payment gateways, CRM, ERP, sales tax calculations, database, web services and more). Here are just a few clients who have multiple custom website integrations done by Clarity Connect.

Management Concepts

Complex Education Registration for Government Accounts

For over four decades, Management Concepts has been providing advanced training to government entities on Career and Professional Development for Individuals, Performance Improvement Solutions for Teams, and Workforce Development Solutions for Organizations. When they approached Clarity, it wasn't the storefront or website that was the issue, it was the complex government checkout and scheduling of courses that needed a lot of design, but then Clarity used their Connect platform Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration and Dynamics AX integration for accounts and fulfillment processing. (Clarity client)

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ERP, CRM, Shipping, Database Integration

Offering same-day shipping from 22 domestic locations on over 1 million parts, Relectric is a premiere electronic parts supplier. The parts are entered as meta data into their CRM system and synchronized to the website database every 30 minutes. (Clarity client)

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NetSuite ERP Integration

Over the past 20 years Poolsure has become the leader in chemical treatment products and related services for commercial aquatic facilities of all sizes from waterparks to multifamily apartment homes currently serving the Texas, Florida, and Louisiana markets. To manage the services, warranty work, chemicals used, etc. Poolsure uses NetSuite ERP and Aqua Tracker. Clarity built a custom management portal integrating all the customer CRM data, pool data, warranty information through a custom web service integration. Clarity then integrated Aqua Tracker, which allows their service department to schedule warranty work. The custom portal calculates and reports on the most efficient customer routes, warranty work performed, chemical usage and trends and much more. Let Clarity help you manage more than just your website. (Clarity client)

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The Newton Group

Database, ERP, CRM Integration

Newton is one of the industry’s largest purchasing alliances, leveraging the buying power of over 2,500 eye care professionals with over 200 ophthalmic suppliers, shipping tens of thousands of contact lenses daily to members nationwide and providing a full range of services and tools to help your practice thrive. Their website serves up the UI to these 2,700 visitors, but the data is all integrated and processed through their backend CRM/ERP systems, which Clarity has integrated with the website. (Clarity client)

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Zebra Imaging

ERP and CRM Integration

Zebra Imaging is the leading holographic display and visualization technology company that develops and manufactures state-of-the-art 3D holographic prints and displays. They have an extensive community that shares and deals in art projects of all kinds. To automate their business from their website, Clarity provided integration into both the back-end CRM and ERP systems. (Clarity client)

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Database, Web Services, Application Integration

APPIC (Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers) resources assist students seeking quality internship and postdoctoral training. The APPIC Match (built by Clarity) assists psychology training programs to find the highest quality applicants. The APPIC Website gives students access to: the APPIC Match, the National Matching Services, the APPIC Directory On Line and the online APPIC Application for Psychnology Internship (AAPI). All of the internship data is housed in a back-end SQL database that Clarity integrated with. (Clarity client)

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Pervasive Software

Salesforce, Database, Web Service Integration

Pervasive has an extensive sales and marketing organization with over 5,000 pieces of collateral. The Pervasive Sales portal, provides a way to serve up that collateral from one location, but dynamically and securely provide access to certain collateral, be it employees, partners, distributors or strategic partners. The contents are uploaded to Salesforce, and all the document management is handled in Salesforce. The integration synchs the content every 15 minutes into a SQL database accessed from the website. (Clarity client)

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Word of Comal County

Custom Web Integration

Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal County (W.O.R.D.) is a park and recreation district created by the Texas Legislature in 1987 and voted for by the residents of Comal County in 1988. The purpose of W.O.R.D. is to improve the environment and welfare of the district by conserving natural resources, improving public health, promoting water safety, and operating public parks located in the district. One major benefit WORD provides is up-to-date (refreshed every 15 minutes) water levels at the four locations they serve. Clarity pulls that information from (U.S. Geological Survey). The issue, is that they don't provide an API or web service to get the data. Clarity had to build a custom integration to pull the data every 15 minutes and populate it back into Word's site. See how Clarity can help you with your integration project. (Clarity client)

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Transportation Management Solutions

Shipping Web Services Integration

With global strains and leaner operations, companies are seeking to simplify the transportation functions while enhancing their efficiencies. TMS provides the ability to accomplish any logistic need at the lowest possible cost. Clarity enabled TMS to provide this service by writing integrations to dozens of shipping companies to calculate comparative shipping rates in real time. (Clarity client)

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