Integration - Multiple Custom Integrations

Does it really have to take a year and $50,000 for a custom integration? No. Then why does it normally? Because when it comes to custom website integration, we're not asking the right questions. Basic integrations involve integrating every piece of data between two applications, but what if all you need is to take a name and phone number from a trial download on your website and have it automatically create a lead in your CRM? Or maybe you’d like a system set up such that when a customer logs into your website, their balance from your ERP system is displayed. No matter how simple or complex the integration, rest assured that Clarity Connect (our integration platform) is bid in hours, not months. Let us help you ask the right questions, so we can get you the right answers, at the right price. Clarity has many clients where we've done multiple custom integrations (payment gateways, CRM, ERP, sales tax calculations, database, web services and more). Here are just a few clients who have multiple custom website integrations done by Clarity Connect.