Much More Than Just a Contact Page

Locator Maps

Most of us aren't as big as WalMart, where a quick zip code search returns 27 locations within 10 miles of your house. If you’re a smaller company, why would you need a locator? There are a number of simple but powerful answers. First of all, locators can make you look like a large company, which often inspires more confidence in prospective clients or customers. For example, you could set up a locator that displays client projects that span the globe, displaying your “global coverage.” And they aren’t just for the “Contact Us” page anymore; locators can provide much more context than a simple address and phone number. How many customers do you have and where are they located? Don't have time to write case studies? Why not just pin every client site on a map with a quick description of the product or service you provided? You’ve just turned every client into a powerful visual reference! Check out how Clarity has helped our clients think beyond the “Contact Us” page.

Paradigm Spine

Custom Surgeon Locator

Another repeat customer. Lori was the VP at LDR spine and hired us to design their site, which won 3 design awards. Having moved on to Paradigm Spine, she knew who to call when they were ready to launch their new Coflex medical device. Clarity designed another beautiful, optimized for SEO, marketing site to launch in conjunction with their device, which included a Surgeon Locator map to find a surgeon that is approved to implant the device. (Clarity client)

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Mechanics Bank

Quickly Find Branches, Offices & No-fee ATMs

Founded in 1905, Mechanics Bank provides personal banking, business banking, trust and estate services, brokerage and wealth management services throughout California. As a community bank, we invest in the same communities in which we live and work. Travelling around the Bay can be very frustrating, so clients are always needing to find the closest branch or ATM that won't charge a surcharge fee. Clarity build in a custom location mapping tool, that can be used to find branches, ATMs and offices anywhere from San Francisco to Concord. (Clarity Client)

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Project Showcase & Locator w/ Informational Pop-up

Propex continues to pioneer the synthetic fiber and fabric industry with cutting edge facilities in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and Hungary that produce hundreds of thousands of advanced products for a myriad of industries. To help showcase their many projects, Clarity built a custom locator map. It's color-coded to represent each product family, and you can click on any locator pin to get a modal pop-up of more information regarding that project. An easy-to-use admin UI allows the client to add new projects any time. (Clarity Client)

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Global Categorized HMT Locations Map

HMT is a very large global organization with many offices throughout the globe. From the manufacturing facilities, corporate office, regional offices, sales office, agent locations, and inspection offices it became clear when Clarity started to build their locator map that it had to be something special. Clarity needed to make it easy for HMT to visually show their global presence, yet make it quick and simple for visitors to easily locate the type of location and contact information they wanted. Check it out for yourself! (Clarity client)

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Texas Dental Association

Custom Interactive Graphical Locator Map

The Texas Dental Association (TDA), chartered in 1871, is the third largest state dental association in the United States. Currently, the Association has more than 7,700 members and is comprised of 26 component dental societies grouped into four divisions across the state of Texas. When it came time to revamp their website, they chose Clarity. Clarity is not only building them a beautiful responsive web design, but building a highly technology-driven backend to support this large organization. There's also a custom 'Find a Dentist' function where you can search specialties with X miles of your home - click to view (Clarity client)

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R.D. Davis & Associates

Custom Mouse-over Header Locator

R.D. Davis & Associates is a full service petroleum land company that provides quality field services to the majority of basins in the lower 48. To help showcase their office locations and make it easy to see where the Shale and Basin locations that they've worked are, Clarity added a custom mouse-over locator map into the website header. (Clarity client)

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Vision Bee

Rotating Locator Portfolio Map

Bee (Building Energy Efficiency) is a facility energy engineering company. They offer energy analyses and solutions based on the most rigorous applications of engineering science and art. When they decided to start over on their branding, they chose Clarity, who created a new logo, color palette, print collateral templates, business cards, along with a website re-design. One unique item on the site is how Vision Bee shows their global reach through their portfolio. Clarity built a global map, with colored PINs based on the project type. You can zoom and click to learn more about each of their many global clients. (Clarity client)

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Global Portfolio Project Locator with Descriptions

Greengate advises sponsors, financial institutions, governments and investors on the financing of infrastructure projects globally, including some of the largest and most complex project financings. To display their expertise, Clarity put together a series of google global maps, overlaying projects from eight different sectors in a different color. This allows a prospect to click on a sector and see all the projects relating to their business, or to view all sectors and see the global coverage and size of the projects in their region. Clicking on a project, displays a short description regarding the project and its size. (Clarity client)

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LDR | Zimmer Biomet

Triple-Filtered Surgeon Locator

LSR Medical is a global innovator in Cervical and Spinal devices. Founded in France, they've grown to hold many patents and Government approval for surgical implantation of their devices in many countries around the world. The global sales team is constantly scheduling peer-to-peer product reviews, onsite VIP visits, surgical operating room consultations, and all the regulatory and compliance reporting associated with those activities. Clarity has built a custom surgeon locator so by simplay inputting your zip code, you can find the closest surgeons certified to implant one of LDR's cervical discs. Didn't find a surgeon in your area? Try zip code 78717. (Clarity client)

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Professional Women Controllers

Locator for Regional Leadership and Curriculum

PWC is a non-profit nationwide organization representing women in the air traffic control field. They provide support, training and career development for its members through regional programs. Each region has a Director, and its own unique curriculum, events and materials. Clarity built the site to support the login, sign-up and nationwide membership directory, but used the locator map to define each region. Mousing over a region lists the Director and information about the regional program. Clicking on a region drills into that regional program with contact information to the Regional Director. (Clarity client)

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Global Regionalized Locator Links

AirBorn was founded in 1958 manufacturing electronic connectors for the military and aerospace markets. They have since expanded into many vertical and commercial markets. Global coverage was a secondary goal for Airborn. The most important was to make it easy for client/buyers to find the contact information of a distributor or the nearest location, so Clarity designed two distinct pages. The first lists the three main ways to find what a user needs, either a distributor stateside or internationally, or a location if they plan on picking up the part. The second page is very unique. Instead of providing a simple Google Map link, the page contains links for driving directions to the physical offices to and from the local airport, and other helpful links for travelers: hotel accommodations, local dining and entertainment, local weather and a local map.

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Windrock Group

Global Office Locator with Descriptions

Windrock Group is adept at facilitating market growth across industries and geographies, and facilitating the necessary strategic relationships. In a competitive global economy, we offer our clients a way to grow in emerging markets and achieve a global competitive position. Building a solid reputation on servicing clients anywhere in the world is the cornerstone to Windrock Group's success, so much so, that they even named their locator 'Global Footprint' to emphasize what they think of their influential reach. Clarity included mouse-overs to further describe each location's success. (Clarity client)

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