Locator Maps

Most of us aren't as big as WalMart, where a quick zip code search returns 27 locations within 10 miles of your house. If you’re a smaller company, why would you need a locator? There are a number of simple but powerful answers. First of all, locators can make you look like a large company, which often inspires more confidence in prospective clients or customers. For example, you could set up a locator that displays client projects that span the globe, displaying your “global coverage.” And they aren’t just for the “Contact Us” page anymore; locators can provide much more context than a simple address and phone number. How many customers do you have and where are they located? Don't have time to write case studies? Why not just pin every client site on a map with a quick description of the product or service you provided? You’ve just turned every client into a powerful visual reference! Check out how Clarity has helped our clients think beyond the “Contact Us” page.