San Diego International Airport

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The Client

Serving nearly 20 Million international travellers, San Diego Airport's website is busy! They were already on DNN, but were looking to improve the site to a new responsive design, integrated with all their 3rd party tools, maps and more. They were looking for an experience that more than serviced people checking on the status of their flights, they wanted to be able to provide a better experience for those spending time in the airport terminals as well (where to eat, park, nap, etc.).


Existing Problems

San Diego Airport needed a website that could meet the needs of nearly 20 million passengers each year, before, during and after travelling. This meant providing the ability to find and check flights, rental cars, maps to terminal resources like bathrooms, restaurants, artwork, parking, rental cars, shuttles, events and much more. The site also serves as their career portal hiring as many as 500 employees each year. A significant portion of the site visitors were on some type of mobile device, so bringing the site up to speed on technology was another big requirement.

Our Solutions

Clarity started with DNN’s Evoq Professional platform. This .NET CMS provides a secure development platform needed for the many customizations that Clarity would need to write. Multiple integrations into their back-office ERP, databases and 3rd party tools, such as their interactive map and flight information were also needed. San Diego Airport had already been working with a vendor on the design, but needed a technology partner that could bring that design to life. Clarity built an incredibly robust mobile responsive template, menu and navigation, integrations, and a ton of UI/UX for the millions of site visitors.

San Diego International Airport

Home of the First Ever LEED-Platinum Certified Airport Terminal

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The Benefits

Clarity first upgraded them to the latest version of DNN Evoq, giving them a secure CMS platform to manage the site. Next was to build out the mobile experience so no matter the platform, every user found what they needed. Tons of custom development was done to integrate flight data, restaurant and terminal information, parking and rental car booking data, artwork posted throughout the terminals, as well as a careers section. UI/UX was optimized through custom navigation to provide quick and easy access to thousands of pieces of information to the millions of visitors.




The front-end CMS is DNN’s Evoq Professional. HTML5, CSS3 and Modernizr was used to create the responsive template. Clarity Connect, JavaScript, JQuery, Telerik controls were all needed for various features and functionality, as well as a host of DNN modules, like XMod Pro, Easy DNN News, Rotator and Gallery.

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