LDR Employee Portal

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The Client

LDR Medical is a global innovator in Cervical and Spinal devices. Founded in France, they've grown to hold many patents and Government approval for surgical implantation of their devices in many countries around the world. With main offices in France, America, China and Brazil, the company has the daunting task of trying to build a global corporate culture.


Existing Problems

LDR highly values their employees’ life balance, valueing and celebrating in everyone's successes, new additions to their families, the company stock doing well, new patents being awarded and being able to allow anyone in the company to publically thank and recognize co-workers' accomplishments. They invest heavily in corporate events, where all the families are involved. They strive to build a corporate culture that literally spans the globe with teams in seven countries. They also re-locate many employees and have many traveling to meet with teams in other offices. They wanted a communication hub that could deliver on all those fronts and more.

Our Solutions

Clarity, known for building custom portals, was tapped to design and build an employee portal. Almost the entire portal was custom built and included a global events calendar, Facebook-style information feed, temperature for the France and America’s offices, stock ticker to monitor how their IPO is paying off, multiple company directories to make it easy to find the Comptroller in China, an Employee of the Month spotlight, floor plans to every office so you can find anyone in any office, company surveys, galleries of company events, department sections for HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, Accounting and much more.

LDR Employee Portal

Building a Global Culture

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The Benefits

The two home page feeds (News, Company News) showcase what’s going on in their industry along with who’s had the newest birth. The directories are split out by country and allow searching by name, title, department and more so you can quickly find your counterpart anywhere in the world. The floor plans make it easy to get around when you’re traveling to other countries. The community section provides local re-location help, local events, real estate agents, etc. The company calendar and galleries keep everyone up to speed on upcoming events and showcase how much fun was had at the last one. Finally, Clarity integrated an Employee Recognition platform. Each quarter, every employee is given points to allocate or “award” another employee for outstanding service, going above and beyond or anything. The points are reported in a feed along with a testimonial about the award, and a store has company swag, gifts, electronics and pizza parties where the employees can redeem their points.




Clarity SmartSchedule™ was used for the event calendar. Easy DNN News was used for the multiple feeds. ASP.NET (custom code) was used for most of the site. XMOD Pro for the forms, NAV XP for the menus, Bravo! For the points redemption with custom code on the front to manage the points and recognize others. Various APIs and modules for the stock ticker, weather feed, local news and more.

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