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The Client

Valisure’s mission is patient advocacy, consumer protection, and performing advanced research and development to support these endeavors and bring the benefits direct to consumers. Valisure is America’s first pharmacy to chemically validate all its products and do so at no additional cost to consumers. Friends since their Yale days, founders Adam Clark-Joseph and David Light reconnected after Adam suffered serious complications caused by batch variability of his anticonvulsant medication. Shocked that adequate safe guards weren’t in place, he was determined to create a solution. Adam reached out to David, who had a deep background in technology development, in the hopes of forging a path forward. Upon further research, they began to grasp the magnitude and pervasiveness of the problem throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Adam and David brought together a team of like-minded scientists, entrepreneurs, and experts to develop and deploy a solution. The result was Valisure, a company dedicated to preventing anyone from suffering adverse effects from low quality medications.


Existing Problems

Although Valisure had a great idea in validating and signing each lot of every medication sold, they needed a way to display and market their differentiation, as well as certify with LegitScript in order to offer their prescription medications online. They also signed a contract with a new payment provider, which worked with their PrimeRx ERP. Finally, their investors were demanding that they show some significant progress in launching a solution or be at risk of losing their future funding. We didn't create a stressful project, we were brought one. The final problem was that Valisure could only sell specific prescription medications to clients in certain states. They needed a solution that could limit the ability to view or purchase prescription medications based on the state your were ordering for.

Our Solutions

The "tight" deadline the investors wanted was roughly 1 month. Not only had we never launched a custom eCommerce solution in less than 1 month, it had to be HIPAA compliant as well. Fortunately, Clarity had just designed and launched another HIPAA compliant client project, so quickly replicated that environment for Valisure. In order to be quick, the PrimeRx integration was pushed to a future phase and a custom design was dropped. Clarity stood up our Clarity eCommerce framework, integrated the new payment gateway, built out a custom registration process for prescription drug approval and launched the site for HIPAA validation, all within the 4 week timeframe.


HIPAA Compliant Online Pharmacy

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The Benefits

The biggest benefit was launching a HIPAA compliant, eCommerce online pharmacy in less than 1 month! That alone secured the second round of funding with their investors, which will fund an integration of the solution with their ERP, PrimeRx. The solution provides a quick and custom online registration, for approvals to purchase online prescription medications. It also provides the documentation needed so that when a client logs in, only those medications that they can order (state restricted) are displayed, making it easy to order. We added custom product images, showing the medication, description, strength, active and inactive ingredients and the Pharmacist who certified the medication lot, and quick filters and search to make it easy to find what you need. Finally, we implemented advanced eCommerce Google Tag Manager analytics to track all kinds of user behaviors on the site (i.e which products were being browsed, clicked on, added to cart, etc.).




DNN was used for the CMS (Privacy, Terms, Contact pages, etc.). Clartiy eCommerce is the storefront, using MS SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Anjular, Bootstrap and JQuery. Finally, the HIPAA compliant hosting environment is provided by Microsoft's Azure platform.

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