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Custom eCommerce Platform

eCommerce Demo Videos

Every business is unique and has certain workflows that are most efficient when supported and catered to by the software. A business should not have to struggle with its operating platform to get things to work.

An eCommerce platform is meant to run seamlessly with a company’s workflows. To get this, though, most companies will find that a one-size-fits-all software won’t be nearly good enough.

That’s why we created Clarity eCommerce Framework™, an eCommerce platform that is entirely customizable. You decide what features you want to have, and we offer to go through a discovery process with you to help you decide which features are best for your particular workflows.

Our goal is to provide an eCommerce platform that fits your business’s needs, even as you scale. Our platform is also designed to adapt to new technologies because innovation is constantly turning.

Clarity eCommerce Framework™ allows for full customization of integrations, reporting, styling, tracking, inventory, analytics, design, applications… the list goes on.

See below for demos showcasing specific capabilities of the platform, detailed case studies, and reference materials.

Clarity eCommerce Framework™

Product Catalog

This short video will walk you through the Clarity eCommerce Framework™ product catalog. Products are displayed using intuitive features to help users easily navigate to what they want. These features include categories, attributes, filters, and more.

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Optimize your product pages

Product Details

This video shows how you can use the eCommerce product details page to display your products in a helpful way. Customers will be satisfied with image galleries, image zooming, videos, brochures, product specifications, and a related products list. They can easily add items to their cart, wishlist, or shopping list. You can optimize each individual page for search engines to help drive site traffic.

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Adding subscription options

Product Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a great way to improve revenue predictability for your company, and they positively affect investor and stock valuation. This video demonstrates how Clarity added a basic subscription option when choosing a product, and an upsell opportunity for subscriptions during checkout.

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Find a store near you

Store Locator

This video will show you some of our store locator possibilities. Store locators can have many different looks and capabilities, including live integration with Google maps, setting a default store to your account, using mileage ranges to search by zip code, purchasing online and having it shipped to a store for pickup, and much more.

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Customize your cart functions

Multi-Cart Options

Clarity eCommerce Framework™ offers multi-cart options from shopping, mini, micro, and sample carts. Carts can be customized for different customer types. Depending on which features you need, we’ll add B2B- or B2C-specific functionality.

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Convenient User Dashboard

My Account

This short video walks you through the Clarity eCommerce Framework™ user dashboard, or My Account. It covers reviewing sales orders and invoices, the shipping and billing address book, user wallet, wishlists and shopping lists, reordering, and in-stock alerts.

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eCommerce Functionality

Sales Orders

Order management is a key part of eCommerce business operations. Search, find, and manage all orders, which provide custom B2B reordering. Quick order form, custom bulk order importing, punchout card, shopping lists and much more are provided to ensure your users can quickly and easily manage their orders.

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eCommerce Framework Features

Listing Products

This brief video walks you through editing a product listing. Add images, attributes, description, price, and more. Divide products by categories for easy search and find. Products can be set up automatically via manual or automated import. Manual works by importing products from a populated spreadsheet, while the automated method usually pulls the products from an integrated back-office application, like a CRM, ERP or inventory management solution.

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Self-serve reordering process

Re-Ordering Products

Self-service features increase customer satisfaction because they improve convenience, ease of use, and efficiency. We built in six out-of-the-box ways that your customers can easily reorder singular or several products. This has been proven as the most effective way to improve conversions.

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Detailed Outline of Clarity

Resources, Documentation and Help Guides

How does an eCommerce platform promote business? The same way a website does, through SEO, CRO, real-time intelligent marketing, and more. We built SEO functionality into our eCommerce platform, such as SEO friendly URLs and page titles. With rich SEO content, search engines will recognize its value and show your webpages to those searching relevant topics.


Clarity eCommerce Framework™
Clarity eCommerce Framework™ 

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Clarity eCommerce Framework™
Manufacturers & Distributors

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Clarity eCommerce Framework™
Pricing Models

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Clarity eCommerce Framework™
10 Things to Look for in an eCommerce Solution

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What Clarity Can Do For You

Case Studies & Reference Sites

Why pay for an online store full of features that you don’t need? With Clarity eCommerce Framework™, you start with standard store elements and add features and customizations as your business sees fit.

For both our eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce Framework™, and our middleware integration solution, Clarity Connect™, our modular architecture and APIs enable the platform to grow and enhance your business, not block it.

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Video Case Study

The Newton Group

The Newton Group is one of the largest purchasing alliances in the industry.

They leverage the buying power of over 2,500 eyecare professionals and 200 ophthalmic suppliers to ship tens of thousands of contact lenses and glasses daily to members nationwide.

The Newton Group provides a full range of services and tools to help their partners’ practices thrive.

Historically, Newton’s business consisted of many phone and email orders every week. They also had a sales portal. This process worked well for them for a number of years.

However, with greater success came increased sales volume, translating to thousands of orders each week. Newton needed a way to streamline their ordering process and design a better ordering portal.

To accomplish this, the Newton Group partnered with Clarity Ventures to build a custom eCommerce portal that would improve their online ordering process and provide the necessary reports to serve their clients.

This eCommerce portal supplies custom orders for more than 1 million SKUs and processes more than $200 million in orders each year.

Case Studies

Here are links to a few Clarity client Case Study-Reference Sites. They cover the projects from start to successful completion.

Zimmer Biomet case study icon

Designed award-winning product site, sales portal...7 websites over 7 years.

Handimedical case study icon

HIPAA compliant online store. integration with ERP for medicare, medicaid, insurance co-pays.

Leon County, Florida case study icon

Mobile government site, custom built for the 300,000 residents of Leon County, Florida.

Mechanics Bank case study icon

Custom banking website. integrations with branch & ATM locators, account mgmt, more.

Highlands Ranch Denver HOA case study icon

Award-winning HOA. Clarity designed and built a custom site for more than 30,000 families.

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