What is a Punchout Catalog, Punchout Catalogs for eCommerce eProcurement Systems

Punchout Catalogs for B2B eCommerce

Part of a series on XML, cXML, Punchout Catalogs, and their role in eCommerce Integration.

ECommerce Punchout Catalogs, the new solution to eProcurement integration

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eProcurement has increased in strategic importance continuously since businesses started to realize that a eCatalog system can drastically decrease spending on Catalog Management.

This, as well as increasing demand from buyers has given rise to widespread use of eProcurement software. This has been relegated to the Catalog Interchange Format (CIF) until the release of Punchout Catalogs. Punchout Catalog's customization and customer variation quickly proved essential in today's business to business eCommerce marketplace.

Punchout Catalogs vs CIF for Enterprise ECommerce

Ariba, who had already developed the CIF standard for Catalog use, realized that although CIF performed admirably when a catalog is static, contains less than 1000 items, and is displayed the same to all clients. For eProcurement software to truly find acceptance in the eCommerce world, they needed to replace multi-person systems that tailored prices and product lines to individual clients.

Enter Punchout Catalogs based on cXML; designed specifically to enable eProcurment software to offer customized prices, productlines, distribution, and more.

Benefits of a Punchout Catalog for B2B eCommerce Automation

Punchout Catalogs not only save money and time for Suppliers, but make it easier and quicker than ever for Buyers

With the Buyer side of eProcurement finally embracing Punchout Catalogs, the entire procurement system can be streamlined. Suppliers can pre-approve product lines, amount in stock, prices(both single and bulk), and completely automate their product offerings.

This further enables Buyers to embrace the same eCommerce automation that is in use by the Suppliers. Buyers can automate a purchasing schedule that takes into account delivery time, price, and other factors that may be important to the Buyer's purchasing decisions. Click here to learn more about the benefits of a Punchout Card System.

Punchout Catalog Implementation

cXML eProcurement for enterprise e-Commerce

As with any eCommerce solution, implementing a Punchout Catalog is a development task not to be taken lightly. Even more so when dealing with a system that controls prices and automates sales. It is absolutely crucial to work with an eCommerce development firm to ensure that every piece of your eCommerce integrated system works together as it should.

Additional oversight of the eProcurement process can be achieved by integrating your CRM, eProcurement, and ERP systems.

What's next?

If you're considering Punchout Catalogs, or would like more of an understanding of how to make eCommerce Integration more accessible using Punchout Catalogs, Clarity can help.