ERP Configuration vs. Customization

The Fundamentals of ERP Configuration

Weighing the Option Between Custom and Configured ERP Systems

custom erp system If you’re integrating an ERP system into your website, then two words you are likely to hear are configuration and customization. But what, exactly, do these terms mean, and is there a difference? Read on for an overview of ERP configuration, ERP customization, and the fundamentals of how ERP configuration and customization can help your business. If you have further questions about custom website development and integration, contact Clarity.

The Difference Between ERP Configuration and ERP Customization

ERP configuration and customization work in conjunction with one another, but there is a subtle difference between the two. ERP configuration deals with system components but not to your business process needs. Configuring your system components allows them to work within a given environment, which includes language, currencies, time zones, and more. Customization, on the other hand, operates specifically to suit the needs of your business. This can include anything from adjusting views and screens to changing the information that is displayed for a given group.

erp configuration Fundamentals of ERP Configuration

Configuring your ERP system is one of the most important parts of the process. This means changing the parameters that meet your business’s financial, language, shipping, and customer-facing needs. You can also configure your ERP system to recognize revenue by a certain set of specifications, like a geographical unit or product line. Most configurations survive software updates, while certain customizations do not.

The ERP Customization Process

The ERP customization process can be as large a task as the company needs it to be. While the ERP system must be configured before use, customization is optional—though it greatly enhances the functionality of your ERP system. Customization can include company-specific task management processes, expanding the functionality with third-party software, and more. If you’re seeking an experienced ERP configuration and customization company, speak to a Clarity consultant for advice on how we can help your company.

Clarity Can Help

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