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Benefits of a Powerful .NET eCommerce Platform

Development and the .NET eCommerce Platform

Benefits of a Powerful .NET ecommerce Platform

Building a strong B2B platform takes time and money. Integrated software and powerful business applications are essential for creating great customer experiences. It’s difficult to design a functional website with all the necessary tools. However, .NET ecommerce developers can code faster with .NET’s built-in functionality, robust API for integrations and developer-friendly tools. Companies save time and money while building a functional platform faster than ever before. That’s why Clarity chose .NET as the base for their ecommerce platform over 10 years ago.

Choosing a Developer-Friendly Platform

Platform developers--whether in-house staff or outside consultants--work better with a robust platform that has built-in functionality, programming tools and a vigorous API layer with which to connect automated, integrated business applications. The benefits of .NET ecommerce solutions include:

Reduced Coding Time

  • The built-in web development model for Microsoft ASP.NET provides a healthy framework that results in needing less code.

Increased Functionality Out of the Box

  • The platform has extended functionality as soon as the software is installed. Features include early binding, caching services and native optimization.

Accelerated Deployments

  • B2B organizations can enjoy accelerated deployment of top resources such as Microsoft 365, Google apps and third-party cognitive services.

Energized Monitoring Capabilities

  • The .NET framework provides continuous monitoring of all the company’s applications, web pages, software and components. It’s not necessary to register most components because they’re built into the system. [1] Continuous monitoring can detect infinite loops and memory leaks that indicate illegal activities, and the system will restart itself.

Empowered Staff and Customers

  • Integrating the .NET platform with business applications empowers staff members and customers. Every Computer Science Major graduating from college knows the platform and can develop on it. Using and manipulating big data integrations easily, users can leverage various platforms to create reports, design sales presentations and even add games and videos to impress clients. Customers enjoy extended self-service options. Interoperability is the key that drives hundreds of potential business, marketing and management applications.

Secured Work Environment

  • Built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration abilities create a secure working environment so that users don’t need to worry about security issues.

Automated Access to the Visual Studio

  • Designers and coders have access to the Visual Studio and its selection of resources such as a rich toolbox. Automated deployment, drag-and-drop controls and WYSIWYG editing are just a few of the developer tools available for designing, coding and building company apps.

The advantages of ASP.NET development include the ease with which users can perform common tasks such as configuring websites, authenticating clients, deploying new applications and creating submission forms. It's easier to write and upgrade web pages because the source code and HTML are grouped together and executed on the server. That generates more processing power for loading and using the pages. Developers can integrate resources seamlessly including Microsoft's Power BI, the analytics application that processes massive quantities of data to generate insights into market trends, economic conditions and competitor actions. It’s also easy to integrate .NET with an IIS server when it’s necessary to enable accelerated business growth in a short time.

Using .NET ecommerce solutions to Improve Customer Experiences

The customer experience is critical to marketing success, and analyzing the customer journey is now ranked as the top method of conversion rate optimization, or CRO. [1] about 89 percent of companies feel that they must compete in providing great online experiences, but only 23 percent of B2B marketers develop a customer-centric platform structure. .NET ecommerce solutions provide the type of features and self-service tools that deliver outstanding customer experiences. Some of these features include:

  • The ability to delight customers with fast account updates in real-time, automated form filling and intuitive recommendations
  • Accepting multiple payment options including POs, bank transfers, checks, CODs and transfers from third-party payment services
  • Customizing experiences for a plurality of decision-makers and stakeholders within the same customer organization
  • Managing contacts with customers based on respondent maps that outline the rules about how, when and why each person should be contacted
  • Solving customer problems proactively such as providing background research about new products, showing transparent details of the supply chain, providing relevant content at each stage of the customer journey, etc.
  • Personalizing marketing messages to surprise and delight customers such as remembering a birthday, company milestone or annual promotional event
  • Making feedback a cornerstone of operations based on each customer’s profile and preferences for emails, surveys, text messages, etc.

The customer experience depends on full integration and reams of integrated data that help companies better understand their customers. .NET ecommerce solutions include many ready-to-go features, easy deployment of Microsoft resources and faster integration of third-party customer-facing features. Only about 17 percent of B2B companies enjoy fully integrated customer data, and B2B organizations often score below 50 percent in critical Customer Experience index ratings. [2] Hiring .NET ecommerce developers is one of the fastest ways to build B2B sales, curate exceptional customer experiences and manage all business applications seamlessly.

Development and the .NET ecommerce Platform

You can give your company a boost and hit the ground ready to run when you build an integrated .NET ecommerce Platform, like Clarity ecommerce. The benefits include out-of-the-box functionality, easy deployment of business applications and faster integrations with less coding. Give Clarity a call today to see a demo.


[1] The 10 Biggest Advantages of ASP.NET

[2] The Future of Customer Experience in B2B

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