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  • Clarity eCommerce™: Built for Scalability and Growth
  • Seamless Integration with any Back or Front-Office System
  • Out-of-the-Box Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual
  • Track Sales at All Stages of the Pipeline
  • Native Multi-Store and Multi-Vendor Support
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Clarity eCommerce International Marketplace

Clarity eCommerce™ Marketplace Platform

The Clarity eCommerce™ platform was built in a modular design, which allows us to utilize the necessary components you need for your marketplace project today, while easily being able to add functionality you might need in the future. This keeps you from having to replace a solution because it no longer handles everything you need.

Additionally, our marketplace platform was built so that we can customize our modules to adapt to specific business workflows or features that you may need for your business. So unlike the typical eCommerce “products” available, we can tailor the user experience to your specifications.

Our platform was developed organically out of necessity. Based on the everyday needs of business just like yours, we’ve developed a formidable solution from the ground up, built to handle your needs of today and scale to tomorrow’s desires.

Components of our robust solution include built-in platform independence, complete administrative tools, native SEO tools and architecture, business intelligence and analytics capabilities, and back-end integration of global shipping and tax options.

Powerful API

Customizable & Extensive

A powerful development API (more than 10,000 endpoints) that, unlike off-the-shelf solutions, is fully customized to your needs, and extensible with robust APIs. Tailored to your unique business systems, this will be the last marketplace development platform you'll ever pay for.

Clarity eCommerce Marketplace Development
Fully Scalable

Limitless System Integrations

Clarity's platform is a fully scalable platform that your business won’t outgrow, so it’s the last one you’ll ever need. It's designed to be paired with Clarity Connect™, which can be used to integrate your portal with any CRM, ERP or EMR/EHR software; Sage (100, 300, 500, x3), Dynamics, Infor, eClinicalWorks and more.

Clarity eCommerce Marketplace Integrations
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Clarity eCommerce™
Marketplace Demo

Whether you need a smaller multi-store marketplace, similar to Etsy, or a global multi-vendor marketplace like, Clarity's eCommerce platform can handle the scaled and functionality. One of our recent projects was similar to, but for Africa. goAfrica was built to provide manufacturers in both Africa and anywhere in the world to import and export goods to and from Africa. A custom marketplace integration with an Escrow service provides multi-currency exchange and management so Kenya can securely purchase a million dollars in agriculture equipment from Komatsu in Japan, and both parties interests are protected in the exchange. For more information on this project visit the case study.

The best developers will respond to your needs, incorporate your suggestions, train your staff and create customized solutions to meet your business goals, marketing needs and ability to integrate detailed analytics and user insight. Clarity has been building international marketplaces for over 14 years. Give Clarity a call and schedule a demo to see how we can help you improve your customer satisfaction, while improving profit margins.

Clarity Services


Clarity has delivered design, branding, advertising collateral for thousands of eCommerce marketplaces.


As a certified Microsoft Partner, Clarity develops powerful multi-store marketplace solutions that perform, no matter the requirements.


Marketplace Integrations with CRM and ERP systems including Dynamics CRM, Epicor, Infor, Sage, Syspro and many more.


Clarity eCommerce™ is specifically designed from the ground up for International, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency, and Multi-Vendor capabilities.


Powerful Partnerships.
Advanced Capabilities.

Leveraging powerful APIs and continual partnership based integrations to the platform, Clarity eCommerce delivers a consistently growing set of capabilities your business can take advantage of.


The big plus is they have a very skilled team of developers. They have a broad set of offerings, whether it’s backend development, user interface, finance, and creative design... Their pricing is also extremely competitive, especially considering the quality of their custom development work.

Clarity eCommerce™ Resources

We’ve carefully constructed our marketplace platform with growth in mind. Built on a flexible foundation with the most agile frameworks, Clarity eCommerce™ is made to last as long as your business and grow with it. See below for demos showcasing specific capabilities of the platform, resources and detailed case studies and reference materials.

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