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what a good sales portal can deliver

Engage Sales with Dynamic Content


Clarity Sales Portal helps support your entire sales staffYour website(s)? Your employees? Your partners, distributors, resellers, etc.? Who makes up your sales force and how do you ensure that they have all the tools and information they need in real-time to “move the needle?” This is the same problem virtually every company faces. Add in the many numbers and versions of collateral that you’ve ever produced and the fact that every person has a different version of each PDF saved somewhere or re-forwarded from another email, and you’ve got an almost impossible task of tracking and ensuring that your staff is providing the latest and greatest information to your hard-earned prospects.


No More Excuses: They Don't Have What They Need


Clarity Sales portals helps you have the collateral you need, when you need itSales is the lifeblood that drives your business and keeps the doors open. This means that executive and marketing staffs everywhere are scrambling to build and provide collateral, fill out RFPs, create videos, attend events and more so that sales can’t blame them for not having the right piece of collateral that could have “sealed the deal.” So we continue to invest time and energy creating and re-creating every piece of conceivable collateral that sales claims the prospects need, without considering a strategy to re-use and update the collateral as the information changes.


Features From 1000's of Sites


Clarity has built 1000's of web sitesThat’s where a well-constructed Sales or Partner portal from Clarity can step up and help. Clarity’s helped hundreds of organizations with their websites over the years, but improvements in technology allow Clarity to use that same web technology to be configured to provide both public-facing information to the masses, as well as dynamically controlled and tracked information to their sales force, both internal and external.

Clarity has built sales portals for SMB to the enterprise. Let us show you how you can better support your sales channel for high performance.