Who It Affects

First Step is to Understand What to Fix

Sales Portal | Helping you beat the competition

Scenario 1: Partner Needs


Clarity Sales Portal provides global access to Sales collateralI’m in a competitive situation and need either a competitive brief or video and kill points to help me compete against the other vendor solutions. Either that or I can’t pitch your solutions effectively. Since I’m overseas, no one’s ever in the office when I need them. I need a central repository of sales tools where I can register opportunities, find collateral and schedule assistance to close and implement deals any time I need them.


Scenario 2: Sales Team Needs


Clarity Sales Portal provides access to all Sales collateralAll day I nurture leads, sending them follow-up information to continuously provide value and information to help them select us as the vendor of record. The issue is that it takes me 30 minutes to search four places on the network, my outbox and all over my hard-drive to find a PDF that “I’m sure exists somewhere.” Why can’t I have one master source where I can be assured that the most current collateral and information can easily be searched, found and sent?


Scenario 3: Marketing Needs


Clarity Sales Portals provide comprehensive document managementI don’t get it! Sales blames us for losing every deal. If we don’t have some piece of “magic collateral,” specific to their deal, they can’t seem to close anything. We’ve created hundreds of pieces of collateral for them and I don’t see them even using it. All I hear are requests to re-create the same piece of collateral over and over again. I need a place where we can post and track all the latest collateral and information we build and make it easy to track requests for new collateral.



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